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    Cummins looked good in the T20 Big Bash when I watched some of the games. Clearly 3 FC games probaly not enough though... NZ beating Zimbabwe pretty easily. Havn't been able to watch as its being showed on the wrong channel and I can't find any live streams online though.
  3. doomy


    So... I've slept for 2 1/2 hours since exactly 2 days ago and I'm not even tired. If for some reason I get super tired and fall asleep before the rugby match tonight I will be super mad. Also, speaking of rugby, tonight should be awesome. May or may not drink as theres an alcohol ban at my hall because its study time (my friends got their boxes of beer taken off them on Friday even though we only wanted to watch the rugby casually). Until then, gotta study... Exam on tuesday and wednesday, then a nice break till saturday and the last one on monday the week after.
  4. Well, it's past the 21st here so clearly the only explanation is NZ missed the entire rapture, damnit, why are we never invited to these things.
  5. doomy


    Studying for exams... First one Tuesday next week... I am not prepared! Apparantly I missed a probability catch up leacture today, which sucks bewcause our lecturer during the semesetr was not clear at all and this lady who was taking todays lecture made everything so much easier. Also, probablity should be easy yet everyone until this thing today was super confused because the terminology is super confusing. Gonna lock myself in my room for most of the week and study I think, though am doing some group study with friends at some points. Still awaiting some results, wrote a massive formal lab report the other day because I'm freaked out I'm going to fail physics. Electricity/magnetism doesn't make much sense to me at all :| In other news... I wish my building had a microwave, I miss eating noodles. Drunk people thought it would be a good idea to throw our floors microwave down 2 flights of stairs a few weeks ago. I seriously can't understand why people do stupid stuff like that, but oh well. Also cricket on tonight, NZ vs Zimbabwe, too bad we don't get the channel it's on here so will be wasting my internets on a live stream online :|
  6. Yeah agreed. A big call in that sort of situation :/ Funny how Wales still outplayed the French the whole game after that, even though they lost in the end.
  7. Yeah some NZ player kicked the ball, right down the touch line, Quade caught it. NZ player dipped his head and smashed Cooper. Textbook stuff. NZ really played a smashing game. Blood and sweat. Think it was Kahui actually. Blood mostly from the Aussie players noses that game lol.
  8. doomy


    I'm a bit late, but I've been drinking 1.5L a day for like the last 2 years, I'm not kidding I was addicted as [cabbage] to that stuff. I think its been screwing me up so I've given it up for the last 2 weeks and I feel a crapton better as well... Although I replaced with with drinking more beer. Anyway, today I watched Starcraft, chilled with friends, had pizza for dinner and then watched the rugby with some mates. The sort of day that makes me feel good about everything. Though I think I should have fit some study in there.... crap, gotta get onto that.
  9. The tackle on Cooper being the one where not sure who it was, Corey Jane I think knowing the game he had, charges at him not even going for the ball, just stuck his head down and smashed em bro? :P The hate on Quade Cooper here is awesome haha. Awesome stuff by the All Blacks, that game was pretty much the final I reckon. Stoked with the result! My mates now 180$ down the drain for an AB shirt. bring on France!
  10. Gutted about that game last night. Wales definitely outplayed France I think. Just the early red card and the missed penalties and conversions cost them too much. Oh well, France will be an easier win for NZ once we beat Aussie and make the final, right Jimmy?
  11. Didn't see Aus vs SA :( NZ vs Argentina was definitely closer than the scores suggest (2 late game tries). Until then it was only penalties keeping us in the game. Hooray for Piri Weepu actually being able to kick. Far better then Colin Slade kicking I have to say.
  12. doomy


    We have a flat :D Now I really need a summer job, but I live in the middle of nowhere and even if I get a liscence the fuels gonna cost me a crapton which sucks. My life had been pretty dull since last friday, I'm looking forward to the weekend.
  13. james jim jimantha

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    Awkward moment when the only thing that doesn't agree with your answer is the program that's marking it... Even wolfram alpha is giving me the same thing as what I put... Meh. Today I had a few lectures of the boring mathsy kind, went to the shop and chilled in my mates room for a few hours, zzz. Also:
  15. doomy


    I probs should head to the shop today but I can't be bothered :P Theres rugby and league on today which should be good ^^ Need to get started on my computer science assignment too, bah.
  16. So, I just want to get this off my head. There was a girl recently who I met during the start of the year and got a long really well with, we had some awesome conversations and got dinner together (at my hall of residence not going out anywhere) fairly often. Anyway she was fairly quiet and not as social as me (me being not that social myself) and really didn't do much except for sometimes hang out with her best friend. We were friends for a bit maybe saw her at meals every 2-3 days. Anwyay, during the second semester her best friend left the hall for some reason which I'm not too sure of and this girl I'm talking about ended up sitting alone alot. So for whatever reason I thought it was a good idea to go down to dinner later and sit with her, which she didn't mind as we were fairly good friends and got along really well. Then things went a bit wrong because I liked her quite a bit and then with about 2 weeks till the end of term she started sitting with this other random girl, which is when everything went kind of wrong. So my only guess is this new person didn't like me much or something because I was till turning up later on to get dinner with them. One night it snowed and this girl I liked and I spend hours together building a snowman and had an awesome time until half past 1 in the morning. Then I get lunch with her the next day and don't see her till next week. But the next week she wouldn't talk to me or reply to any texts and acted freaking weird around me whenever I tried to say anything. Anyway she does this the next day as well and the day after I send a text to ask if we could talk to which she just replied with a "no". Anyway I just wait till about a week later and try another text to go down to lunch and she replies with this text saying to stop texting her and stop sitting at dinner with her because it made her 'uncomfortable'. Anyway I thought it was complete bs because only about 3 weeks before she even text me to come to lunch with her and it was even more recent when we had the awesome time in the snow... Anyway then I did the stupidest thing and send some confused as [cabbage] upset/angry message apologizing and asking why she was acting like she was (not a good idea...). She replies with the [cabbage] "don't message me" stuff and then I unfriended her on FB because I told her friends didn't act like that. Anyway it was the last week of term so a few days later I asked her if she would talk to me in real life because it shouldn't be hard to sort out, but she replied with "there is nothing to talk about". Tried texting her 2 weeks later, no response, then next term started but she's left the hall. then I tried a few days ago (like 1 1/2 months late) no repsonse. Anyway, she lived in the same hometown as me so maybe I'll run into her sometime. I feel this other friend she met has made her think I'm a terrible person or something which sucks super hard. It sucks because the last time we even talked in real life we had a pretty good conversation. If she could actually get into my head I don't think she would feel this way about me, it just feels she's forgotten everything we ever did and everything I did for her (which is mostly keep her company, and I got her a birthday present...). I could email her, thugh she may think it's a bit weird that I know her email address (it was on her fb page which I added a long with all my other friends to a contact list, I'm not that weird :P). But I don't know and I don't think I could say what I really need to say though email, because I think the whole problem is she's acted on a huge misunderstanding. The worst part is I had a chance with 2 other girls during this whole thing - one asked me to a ball and the other my friend tried to hook us up because the other girl thought I was cute. Awesome regrets everywhere! Anyway - Not a very interesting story but I just need to get it off my head because it has been driving me crazy and my confidence is half shattered lately. Need to go out there and be awesome and get over this stupid stuff. I don't know where or when or if I'll ever meet another cute and quiet girl like her though... Or how haha generally things just happen in my life. I've just been thking about it a lot because my friend (who's a girl but goes out with one of the best people I know) was saying that I should have a girlfriend because I'm really nice and apparantly I'm cute (possibly not the best compliment for a guy >.<...), and I don't know, it got me thinking I guess.
  17. If you see someone drop $100 and you just take it that's a terrible thing to do...
  18. card games on motorcycles!?

    1. D. V. Devnull

      D. V. Devnull

      That DOES sound like a doomed prophecy... Next to be heard would be "People playing card games on motorcycles end up in hospital; Cards end up all over the place"... o_O

  19. doomy


    Good stuff man, great to hear. Remember TIF is always here for ya :P If you cut the coke you're doing better then me, I drink an unhealthy amount of that stuff.. Today I had a headache, sucks, so I decided to avoid people all day. Now I've gotta tidy my room.... More of a mission then it sounds, may eventually dig deep enough to find the floor. Completely unrelated but I wish I had a laptop. Not being able to play games/study with friends has been super terrible this year.
  20. doomy


    The thing that bugs me is you say things like "i never got to", you're freaking 21, man! I don't realy know your situation sorry but, You say you wait for invites to things, maybe just try asking people things like what they're up to on the weekend or something? I'm not much of a drinker but I find there aren't many weekends where nobody is doing nothing at all. It's probs best [bleep]ing and whining here though, rather then irl, but only if you're actually going to do something about it. Though to be honest waking up in your own vomit is kind of overrated anyway...
  21. doomy


    If it makes you feel any better I fairly recently managed to do this without any alcohol at all! :P I feel theres always going to be that one person you screw everything up with, [cabbage] happens, you meet new people and life goes on... It's kinda hard to stop thinking about the "what if?" though... Anyway, looked at a flat today which I think looks good, nice and close to uni and to the mall. Nice sized lounge and nice size backyard. I really hope I end up staying *somewhere* next year hah.
  22. Had a haircut today: Teeerible quality! I have the worst webcam of alltimes. My face has been a bit of a minefield lately as well. Might have some photos of me at ice skating to compare to if they get put up on the facebooks. Also, I have a friend who's beard is heading in the same way as your brother's Dreamtongirl... He's ginger and everything too... Except he has awesome dreads. (beard isn't close though) I would try but I can't grow a beard :P (my photos there are like 2 months since I last shaved).
  23. Haha the French play like it was a game of soccer, faking injuries everywhere :P Was actually a bit of a boring game.
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