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  1. My favourite comma example is: I helped my uncle, Jack, off a horse.
  2. doomy


    All blacks and the Warriors won! such an awesome day!
  3. doomy


    Went ice skting yesterday and ended up going paint balling this afternoon. [bleep]ing awesome weekend so far! And am about to go watch the rugby (NZ France, riots if we lose! and have a few beers. Life's good.
  4. doomy


    Holy crap, yesterday we had a physics lab about atomic spectra and we ended up having to stare at the bright lights for most of the 3 hours... Holy headache batman! Today... Hm... Friday... gotta get dow..no. Have a couple of lectures and have a fb invite to go ice skating so I guess I'll do that. Still flat hunting as well.
  5. It works better said then it does written.
  6. Oh yes! Can't freaking wait!!!
  7. Ireland you beauty! I didn't watch the game. Ireland have taken their cricket world cup upsets over to the rugby field, love it!
  8. Ireland, thats all I have to say.

  9. Horray for insomnia! 6am sleep every day waking up at 9am for uni! Funfunfunfun.......
  10. doomy


    I was wondering this, I seriously have no idea. Do other people feel really awkward when they aren't saying anything? I always feel really freaking awkward whenever I havn't added anything to a conversation or even if I'm walking with a friend and nobody talks for like half a minute. I dunno, I just always wonder about other people - there seem to be people who can talk about absolutely anything out there, the people you wonder "how the hell did they even think of that". There are people I could talk to forever, not even kidding. Usually people I know well and feel super comfortable around, just there are a lot of people where the comversation will be like 3 setences long.
  11. doomy


    I havn't really followed it but they don't seem to be doing too awfully lately. Then again, Pakistan, Bangladesh and soon to be New Zealand must be some of the most inconsistant teams to come up against so who really knows how well they're going.
  12. It sounds like zergling infestor (with NP) would work against that?
  13. I'm now 30-18 in my matches this week :) 8-10 in PvP 9-6 in PvT 13-2 in PvZ Just held off a 1-1-1 using that immortal build. Was wondering what you look out for when scouting a 1-1-1. Probe tends to die after the marine completes and I never see a factory go down. PvP I just lose because I suck at timing it and one gate doesn't finish before warp gate and then I try build units but they stack up in one gate and it's a huge mess... And my proxy pylon always dies or the probe dies :< Just generally a huge fail. I must be getting closer to diamond. Also High Templar. Good unit.
  14. I tried out that protoss immortal build. Absolutely destroyed a terran with it but I felt bad because he wasn't even 1 basing. Did come across the 1-1-1 today. Not a fun experience. only went 8-5, mostly lost to me screwing up 4 gate in PvP (need to sort timing out...) And ran into my real life friend on ladder, screwed up really badly and got roflstomped. Might not hear the end of it for a while. Promoted to platinum also! My plan is diamond by the end of the week which should be ok as I was facing diamonds when I was in gold league so I guess my MMR is around high platinum level.. And had some funny terran tears after I "void ray all-in'ed him" even though I expanded behind it, did a fair amount of damage and then destroyed him in the macro game. The only thing I can say to that is to make ghosts wtf man!
  15. So, couldn't sleep so I decided to play 1v1 all night. Playing seriously on my SEA account (i.e not playing random). Went 13-3 overnight and I guess boosted the low MMR I started with to about a mid plat level (plat is harder on SEA server then NA I feel). I'm still in gold but that should change soon, my friends and I are in a race for diamond so yeah, I'm at a disadvantage even though I'm better then they are (they're already in plat). Played 8 PvZ matches, won them all. I just started fast expanding and wow it's amazing. FE into 5 gate blink stalker or into a heavy robo build. I have some pretty nice blink micro so that went well for me :P Oh also had an awesome moment when I trapped a terran's units in with awesomeFF's, he loaded up the units into 3 medivacs to move them onto high ground and I feedbacked them all which killed them. Was pretty proud of that lol.
  16. Meh. Youtube is ok with me. Pretty much all I have to say on this.
  17. I play random on my SEA account lol, I'm so awful with Terran it's depressing. Playing protoss on my NA account, finally back on good internet and sitting on 160 bonus pool. Havn't been 1-1-1'd yet, might be because I only am facing high plat to mid diamond players though.
  18. doomy


    I was gonna watch it, but nobody else would. And I've already seen it too.. Spoiler: Facebook becomes quite a big thing on the interwebs.
  19. doomy


    Ugh I forget how bad my internet is, spent the whole day trying to watch the live stream of MLG Starcraft 2, but I just can't :/. My parents just think me being mad about not ebing able to watch other people play games is crazy talk haha, but I can't play online games usually either. I miss my uni internet haha but I'm going back this friday so it's all good. Need to spend more time with friends before then I think.
  20. Rofl. NZ send a B team over to South Africa and we lose. Then we pull out a better to take on Aus and we still lose. I'm not a huge follower of rugby but going by our recent form and our world cup history I'm not too confident...
  21. doomy


    We still buy these at my house now :P. so good.
  22. doomy


    Had a pretty good time last night, went out with friends that I hadn't seen for quite a while. Might do it again tonight as my friend is leaving to his army training again tomorrow. I kind of prefer just chilling and drinking or friends having parties but hey, was still a good time.
  23. I don't seem to grow facial hair either. But I ain't even mad.
  24. doomy


    Nah lol, I played the trial for a bit this year though. I play From the Pavillion which is kind of a real time team management game. Have a team of seniors and youths who play a youth one day, senior one day and senior t20 match each week. Pretty fun to see how your players do and to build/train your team up.
  25. Public speaking without having the words right in front of me I just can't do. My memory sucks and the pressure of having to remember what to say without getting a chance to think I just can't do. Unless it's something that I know a lot about then I'm ok with it. It's weird because I don't feel nervous, I just naturally screw up a lot? :P
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