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  1. As much as I despise gamblers, i really can't condone this while it's been in the game for nearly a week and not a single announcement has been made about it on the forums. I can get on board with the idea of a "warning shot", but in a game built around interacting with others, being unable to talk for two days is a bit more than a warning, and it should at least be possible to be aware of the rule without either hearing it through rumours/hearsay or being punished for breaking it. And it's not doing a good job of screwing gamblers over anyway, because now they just use Quickchat to advertise their services.
  2. Dream Mentor is a requirement for WGS, too. :P
  3. This is one of the rare occasions where I disagree with you. Canonically, it's assumed that you will do them. This is feasible for one simple reason: RS does not allow you to make decisions that irreversibly lock you out of doing those quests. The only other option would be to have the player say "I'm never going to do those quests, give me the different story" and then you have a paradox if the player changes his mind. Or a frustrating gameplay experience for someone who has locked themselves out of that content. Continuing to restrict access to the game's main storyline, spanning 10+ years, wasn't sustainable in my opinion. The requirements for WGS are still no walkover, nor are the requirements of ROTM, and RS would end up coming across to people as even more elitist if people couldn't experience the main story of the game without meeting those requirements. If anything, my only beef with this "hard reset" is that Jagex shouldn't have put it off for as long as they did, since it's the sort of thing that gets more awkward the later you do it This also doesn't herald the end of high level content. The 140 combat requirement isn't exactly tough to meet but isn't trivial either, and I'm willing to bet that this questline will eventually produce a high level quest -- what if the hard reset hadn't taken place? That super duper quest would pretty much have to require a max cape in order to seem impressive. And that's without pointing out that the majority of recent low-level content has had additional rewards for high level players, which both gives newbies an immediate goal to strive for and gives the "old guard" a reason to do the content. I feel like I'm very much in the minority saying this, but I'm fine with the "current regime", and I'm willing to put up with pandering to new players and monetising the game if what I get in return is the dramatic improvement in the quality of content that we've seen over the last two to three years or so. </rambling> EDIT: From the FAQ:
  4. The slayer areas... people are trying to kill the things for the gloves and leaving some insane value drops behind. Made 600k in like 10 minutes earlier by just picking up other people's leftovers.
  5. Anyone found the post-quest rewards with quest requirements yet?
  6. Lucky I wasn't arguing that, then, wasn't it? It would be nice if the conclusions you're trying to refute were ones I've actually put forward, though my experience with these forums suggests that's generally too much to hope for. I don't know whether the maulers I've faced have had berserk on or something but I find myself getting hit for 4000s fairly frequently and it's not at all rare for a mauler to crash me at a boss by unloading a constant barrage of 4k+ hits on a boss about midway through. And the overall point is that a mauler can hit incredibly hard and fast -- I shouldn't be able to wield a weapon like that and swing at full power by waving it around like a windscreen wiper on a very rainy day. I mostly do safe PVP, so the people I'm facing are probably using better equipment. I'm pretty confident you're exaggerating about hitting constant 1.3ks, if only because hitting that high with many abilities is flat-out impossible. I'm sure it can be done with Asphyxiate (one of the few magic abilities worth using) and MAYBE Impact, but Wrack, which is what you'll presumably be using at least half the time? No, not unless things have dramatrically changed in the last couple of weeks. You can't be competitive with magic in PVM at any multicombat boss, even if the bosses are so easy that using it is now viable in a vacuum. And yes, SOA was overpowered in PVP. I thought it was a reasonable balance to the fact that you had to risk a LOT to use it effectively and the entire rest of the magic skill was a complete joke in both PVP and PVM (ancients were decent but the game had long surpassed them), but I suppose an argument can be made either way.
  7. Why would you assume I'm talking about batwing ragging when I specifically mentioned more than once in the OP that I have the best magic gear in the game? I've never used anything worse than subjugation since EoC came out. Every time I've maged recently, it's been in virtus, which does crap all against either drygores or the chaotic maul and is only a bit better against godswords. (Apparently I was mistaken about the best gear: I don't have sea singer, but I shouldn't need it to stop most melee weapons and I'm told it's just as crap against drygores as everything else in the game.) It's simply not possible to hit well over 1k consistently with magic abilities. I have overloads, torment, 99 magic, full virtus, and everything I can think of in the game that can conceivably increase your magic damage output, and while I can hit 1k, I can't do it consistently with anything other than autoattacks. Wrack almost never hits over 1k, Impact does fairly infrequently (due to a bug that causes its damage to trigger on a non-stun-immune opponent), and Asphyxiate does less than half of the time. Hitting 2k with a magic ability is basically unheard of without using an ultimate (unless you're fighting glacors or ice strykes with fire magic, obviously). The reason why people use ragging gear is that level 80 weapons are trivial to obtain and the exponential curve update has rendered everything below level 80 useless against them (including gano). In other words, there's zero point using any armour worse than Nex gear and even that won't be effective enough to justify risking hundreds of millions for a marginal advantage over someone protecting a level 80 weapon and wearing bad armour, thus risking essentially nothing. I guess PVM is a little better now than it was before, though IMO that's just because bosses are generally easier rather than magic being any better in comparison to the other two styles. (In the old system, Storm of Armadyl might have been decent if every boss in the game didn't have impenetrably high magic defence.) The way I'm interpreting the March BTS, it seems like they're fixing the issue with magic abilities not scaling up properly with either weapon speed or the damage boost from staves, so the only problem then will be that drygores will be so much better than everything else that Armadyl GWD will be the *only* place in the game where they aren't just obviously the best option.
  8. I didn't mean to say that Dungeoneering was a bad piece of content, by any means. I enjoyed it a lot while I was playing and with good friends is probaby the most fun thing to do in this game for me. It was meant as a light-hearted joke, but I should probably justify it: I just don't think it's particularly well implemented as a skill, even if the concept is sound on the most fundamental level. Despite being about delving dungeons, it's only trained within one specific dungeon which is almost entirely isolated from the rest of the game. Your skill levels matter to some extent (I say not entirely because the bulk of the content is scaled to your level), but your items don't matter at all. Levelling the skill itself provides almost no benefit aside from the ability to further train that skill more efficiently -- I think it's quite telling that I got a few noisette triangle keys from the SOF a few weeks ago and have yet to figure out any use for them at all.* The only rewards you get from the skill are items which can only be obtained with tokens which you only get from training the skill and are implemented exactly like, say, Fist of Guthix tokens. The way those rewards are costed means that, with one exception, your level in Dungeoneering is only tangentially relevant to your ability to obtain those items. To me, until Dungeoneering level itself starts being more relevant to the main game, it's a (rather good) minigame. And I feel like it might have been better as a minigame, since I probably wouldn't then have to repeat the same floors a thousand times over in order to complete the content for the sake of balancing skill levelling. *(If they can be taken into Daemonheim, which I haven't tried, they might be useful for unlocking floors prematurely. They could also theoretically be used to partially bypass the arcane stream necklace's level requirement, assuming you don't also need 70 dungeoneering to actually equip it, but this won't work for any other reward. Finally, you could use them to access resource dungeons, but all of those are accessed WAY below the skill's maximum level.)
  9. How could that possibly become a skill? It's going to be a mini-game, much like the Duel Arena. The same way Dungeoneering is a skill.
  10. Why? Drygores are already highly valued because despite the dual vs 2h thng they are sufficiently better than chaotics (maul specifically) to be worth using. Only where accuracy matters. Now they'll be strictly, unconditionally the best weapons in the game everywhere.
  11. I just bought a virtus wand this morning after saving for it since EoC came out. I'm happy.
  12. I think muggi was trolling you on purpose. :P
  13. No, just that they wouldn't have advertised it as over-the-top aggressively. There was always going to be advertising, sure. I just never expected them to create a giant banner covering the front page, create two huge buttons on the main site layout encouraging people to vote (as opposed to encouraging them to decide whether to vote), cover the news feed exclusively in posts about 07scape for well over a week (go look at the archives; IIRC, 14 of the last 16 posts were about old school, one of the others was about a bot nuke and the one remainder was an admittedly excellent quest teaser), do much the same thing in just about every social media outlet imaginable and also add an obnoxious pop-up on login that (presumably due to a bug) couldn't be permanently disabled.
  14. I'll go one further -- I don't think they *should* settle for the 250k tier. I personally have no interest in 07scape, but I think it will have a dedicated fanbase, and it's only going to be viable if the membership fee is comparable to the current one. The poll was (nominally) to indicate economic viability, and they've obviously decided that they can get enough money out of this to be worth it.
  15. The week's not over yet. I'm willing to at least wait until there's nothing on Friday to reserve judgement. Remember that whatever this is, it was probably programmed in a hurry.
  16. Huh. I didn't know that; thanks. I'd class that as a negative utility interaction though, if I'm right in thinking you can no longer summon it on demand from the menagerie, and yeah, no utility otherwise.
  17. The pets would run away from you... Fair point. I don't really count the menagerie, because pets themselves are more or less completely cosmetic (SGS ones not withstanding, but those have zero interaction with the menagerie), but I can see why others might and the summoning obelisk is useful even if only modestly so.
  18. Construction was fine at the time -- even training it at low levels wasn't cheap and the utility that stuff like mounted glories provided was really nice. The issue is that it's a skill that's a) nearly seven years old and b) has not received a single meaningful utility update since its inception.
  19. Sorry to hijack this topic, but is it possible to mono-style the Fight Kiln, or is it really a requirement to use all three?
  20. To be honest, I stopped caring much about the "it won't affect the main game" promise deceiving me into voting when I realised that the vote is basically irrelevant -- Jagex is going to release the tier 4 2007 game regardless, and have made it abundantly clear that the vote is basically as irrelevant as the initial free trade one. If the "small surprise" is a neat teaser of any sort, then I'm satisfied. This stuff can take a while to program and I'd rather have something "cutesy" than a buggy mess. EDIT to add probably the most important thing: we know we're getting an update this week. That means the dual wielding fixes etc are probably not going to be delayed.
  21. I suggest looking all over the EoC, where pretty much anyone who so much as hints at liking it is immediately barraged with abuse from ten thousand clones of DClawUrMomsAssOpen or whatever they call themselves nowadays. Most major CCs can't go an hour without having someone come in and vomit incoherent spam all over the place about how much better 2007scape is. So no, I'm not doing this thing where I'm not allowed to have any opinion of the general pro-07 community without having a 5000-page academic dissertation to back it up.
  22. ] That's not everyone on 2007scape. But it is a large enough portion that a vote will never pass without their approval.
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