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  1. Can you still powertrain magic and range at Ape Atoll monkeys? If so, what supplies do you need?
  2. I'm pretty sure the books we get for it in the beta are different to the ones we're getting for the main one. You're still getting your 10xJoT from the beta sometime this week, but if you do it again, you get a crapton more. (21xJoT for Legend ranking everything.)
  3. There's a dragonfire shield for magic, so I assume there's a standard anti-dragon shield for mages too. Have you tried talking to the guy you get them from?
  4. Has anyone tested Penance's prayer restore rate? In the beta, it was still 20% -- with HP basically multiplied by 10 and prayer points staying as they were, I could restore my prayer from zero with a couple of hits from Corp. If it's still like that, prayer level and restoration is basically irrelevant. EDIT: Could someone also confirm that dying in the wild lets you keep 3 items no matter what?
  5. Polypore staff is a level 75 weapon now, as promised. The chaotic staff is the best staff, and the Armadyl Battlestaff is the best nondegrading one. Speaking of which, the ABS got a graphical update...
  6. I'm getting my next batch of points on the 24th. Once I have them, I'll be 125 points short of being able to buy Supreme Runic Accuracy at the sale price. I can afford Dark magic, but it's utter crap. Sigh. I'm so glad Penance obviates basically every other aura in EOC.
  7. Magic is meant to be twice as fast with dual wielding but half damage (75% per spell for DW, 150% for 2h). Virtus wand/book currently has 2 more accuracy than polypore (which, stupidly, is superior to the chaotic staff in every way), but otherwise, using a staff is advisable. I think the best DPS currently is still Storm of Armadyl with the ABS (which give that spell a 10% damage boost), but only marginally. Finally, staffs let you use free runes, and the ABS in particular is pretty good for that. I think the preferred way of killing Corp will be to have one person in ranged armour tanking Corp's attacks/stunning the Dark Core (I hope it can still be stunned, because it's pretty much invincible otherwise) and the others maging it. Void in particular offers a 30% accuracy boost, which is colossal and contrary to what jagex said seems to work with abilities.
  8. Except it's members only. What about us poor non mems? :( I *think* you can use a normal catalytic staff for the same effect.
  9. Celestial catalytic staffs provide infinite of all elemental runes now (apparently), so no need for a mage ammo bind.
  10. What's that ranged ability that just instantly kills you no matter what? I keep having it used against me in the Wild by people using 2h bows (so no, it's not Unload) and generally magic armour. My character is stunned, covered in explosions, and I take rapid hits of 900-1100 that deplete my entire health bar before I can do anything even if I'm wearing full Nex armour and had eaten to full.
  11. Sorry for all the annoying questions, but I've just had another thought... if other armour no longer provides offensive bonuses and void/Barrows sets are keeping their effects, isn't Void strictly the best gear now unless you need the defense? In particular, void magic's 30% accuracy boost might be worth it for the loss of HP even compared to Virtus. Same might be true of void range to a lesser extent, although that's already amazing.
  12. Importantly, what does this mean for Divine Storm/SoA? Divine Storm is inferior to Air Wave. SoA is inferior to Polypore Strike. But SoA still does the most damage if you use the ABS for the 10% damage increase. How does the DPS compare between SoA with the Armadyl Battlestaff and SoA with the Virtus wand and book?
  13. Do the new robes of subjugation have any sort of attack bonus in the beta, or are they strictly inferior to Virtus gear? And how does Storm of Armadyl work? I can't see why you'd bother using it over the significantly cheaper ancient spells.
  14. How do they work? Is it *all* boosts that don't work on multiple targets, or just potion boosts? In other words, if I use Ice Barrage with a chaotic staff and arcane stream necklace, what will my max hit be on targets other than the main one?
  15. Unfortunately, the very existence of the runecrafting skill is predicated on magic being prohibitively expensive, so that would need to be overhauled to the point of being an entirely new skill.
  16. What are leech floors, and how do you make money with a skill that doesn't interact with the economy in any way whatsoever?
  17. OK, how much is the Armadyl Battlestaff actually going for?
  18. It's not boostable. I tried it, and you need the natural level. I assume the same goes for crafting.
  19. I never said they actively wanted to shut down pures. Just that they're ignoring them, as in, not specifically catering to them. Like I said, there's something wrong when a build intended to maximise PKing efficiency needs to campaign for specialised updates in order to keep that build being efficient. If you're trying to maximise PKing efficiency, it's your job to adapt to changes, not for the game to keep the status quo in place. ROFL. There's far more gear at level 40 defence than at any other level, except arguably 70. Besides, most pures don't have 40 defence, so this is really just you whining that the update doesn't cater to your very specific brand of combat formula abuse.
  20. The point is that pures are intended to abuse the combat formula -- it's foolish to expect updates to revolve around your attempts to do so. Jagex's policy, which is and always has been quite a sensible one, has been to ignore pures. If your build is now locking you out of useful PKing content, then it's no longer the optimal one and you need to adapt accordingly.
  21. From the way the shards make runes OR orb for staff I'd assume staff just = infinite runes @Tact DKQ That would be grossly overpowered, TBH, and would make the surge spells completely redundant.
  22. Do we know how Storm of Armadyl interacts with the staff yet? If it's capable of hitting 450 even without it and the runes are even remotely affordable, it could very easily surpass barrage in many places. Since it's a god spell, I wonder if we can affect it with Charge somehow.
  23. [spoiler=The new spell and concerns...]100 shards for an 18m staff? Either the spell is going to cost an insane amount of money per cast or that staff will end up being obscenely cheap.
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