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  1. Does Nex armour, for example, degrade six times on one use of Combust?
  2. Unlock a memory. No, I mean, what's in the memory? And do you get another XP lamp, or is that just for doing the miniquest originally? I assume you also get some sort of Balmung recolour.
  3. I don't feel like wading through 163 pages, so could someone briefly summarise why this is the case? The damage bonus on Nex armour doesn't seem that significant and weapons are getting to the point where the extra defense seems necessary. Even with the accuracy penalty that comes from wearing a full set of off-class armour, drygores cut through virtus like a hot knife through butter, and I imagine monsters aren't much better in that regard.
  4. Do you need the kiteshield to get the full set effect, or can the set effect work using a 2h weapon? And is the smithing requirement still assistable?
  5. LOL. Overs and unders on that getting upgraded next week? P.S. Pictures, please.
  6. I have to find 20 dominion pages? I've killed like 250 bosses and haven't encountered a single one.
  7. Since when was Virtus the standard armour for anyone with over level 80 defence/mage? Yep. Them making that kind of assumption would be insulting even if they weren't simultaneously bending over backwards with direct price manipulation to ensure that this is not the case.
  8. Fairly mundane question, but with these stats: Is it possible to consistently make in excess of 1 million per hour without flipping? What about 2 million? I've got decent enough combat gear (particularly for magic) if that helps.
  9. Zuriel's staff offers a fairly significant damage boost to all magic attacks, from what I can see.
  10. Has this minigame added any requirements to the Completionist Cape?
  11. K'ril is weak to fire spells. Dharok's is still vastly superior to Bloodfire Barrage there.
  12. And because Magic's best ability is a threshold, not an ultimate, you can fire it off a lot more often. Comparing it to Dharok's isn't really fair, because Dharok's is currently bugged and incorrectly works with abilities as well as autoattacks.
  13. Weird. I used to be able to make 3k per hour (I spent hundreds of hours doing it this time last year) and I'm almost certain that can no longer be done.
  14. Ya, definitely nothing to complain about (and a necessary nerf). Is it just me or are unfinished potions slower to make than they used to be? I think they used to take 1 game tick; they now take 2.
  15. Haven't seen any mention of this anywhere, so for those with the Penance aura, be aware that it only restores 10% of your damage in prayer points now. The description incorrectly still says it restores 20%. On the plus side, the Blazer effect in Dungeoneering has been buffed to do 100 damage for each combust hit rather than 20.
  16. It is. It's always been the case that if your total weight is below zero and you never stop running (not sure if this is necessary), traps will never trigger. I used this to do the quest first try in 2007, and I'm surprised it's not common knowledge.
  17. If the boss does manage to get under the fountain to heal, Asphyxiate seems to interrupt the healing. I don't think other stuns do.
  18. Where did you find the sword of Absolutely Guaranteed To Hit Every Time No Matter What? I'm using an autoattack that stuns with maxed out accuracy and even I can't stop him healing reliably.
  19. It's a puzzle boss. The solution is to cast Ice Barrage at it for four hours and not splash with a single cast while tanking a monster that hits harder than Jad.
  20. I'm not fussy about the cost or how long it takes, but... can it be done in EoC? My melee and range stats are lame and I don't have good equipment. Plus I'm just not good at style switching.
  21. Because you can't powertrain runecrafting. Right. I would LOVE to know how to get 200k runecrafting XP per hour. I'd pretty much donate my ingame liver for that.
  22. I suppose Summoning's not a combat skill either, but is instead merely indicative of my preparedness to bring along a steel titan. And Prayer's not a combat skill either, it just shows I'm prepared if I bring along Turmoil or the new equivalents. And Magic's not a combat skill. I'm just "prepared" if I bring along Ice Barrage. (Alright, that one's a bit more sketchy, but you get my point.) As far as I'm concerned, if a skill is strictly mandatory to be competitive in (non-specialist) combat activities, it's a combat skill.
  23. No, but herblore is, and I don't want to see every other production skill go the same way. (The same complaint does apply to smithing and crafting, but it's less important because you can at least powertrain those skills if you have enough money.) Herblore is not a combat skill. Of course it's not. That's why it adds to your combat ability (once you get past 88) and why every good boss hunting team in the last three years has a herblore requirement.
  24. No, but herblore is, and I don't want to see every other production skill go the same way. (The same complaint does apply to smithing and crafting, but it's less important because you can at least powertrain those skills if you have enough money.)
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