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  1. I'm really not impressed with runecrafting being made a combat skill. Unless it suddenly becomes viable to spend out on Runecrafting to get XP rates of 200K per hour or more, this new magic armour will be out of reach for pretty much everyone. (Unless the new armours are tradeable, which I very much doubt.) Call me a pessimist, but I like this game because unlike most class-based games, you can be good at whatever you want to be good at with one account. But I think that since 2009, they've taken it too far and we're getting to the point of "to be good at anything, you need to be good at everything". Or, to put it another way, I'm tired of top-tier content in one skill arbitrarily requiring incredibly high levels in completely unrelated skills.
  2. Are you sure? I activated mine and got a message saying that I'd used up my daily XP after getting a buttload of summoning XP. I assumed the extra XP I got was from my prized pendant...
  3. To anyone who still has the Double XP from Festival of the Dead: does this aura stack with it? I've never bothered using mine, but if Frosties are going to give over 2k xp each now, I might start.
  4. tl;dr: You're lecturing me about what's "reasonable" while lacking even the most basic concept of reasonable risk management. Okay, I take it that you cannot come up with an argument and are just backpeddling That *is* an argument. Certainly a better one than "herp derp, I can change a word of a book title to "dumb" and say it hoping it's a witty insult that wins me the argument, herp derp". Your argument is this: 1) It's possible to get incredibly bad luck in a game which is all about manipulating probability. 2) Therefore, anyone who does it is "shades of dumb", "not a reasonable thinker", etc etc. (What's next, calling them a pee-pee head?) This is a self-evidently bad argument. If you need me to spoonfeed you why, you don't deserve to be told. It's not the sort of thing you need to be CEO of an insurance company to understand.
  5. tl;dr: You're lecturing me about what's "reasonable" while lacking even the most basic concept of reasonable risk management. (BTW, I've never staked more than 5gp on a duel, so you can get off your intellectual high horse.)
  6. So, let me get this straight... They've returned monsters in Dungeoneering to their pre-EoC power levels while removing the only buff in the game that made monsters' pre-EoC power levels balanced. They made the prayer changes because they were sick of designing and balancing monsters on the assumption that a certain buff was always active. And they're now designing and balancing monsters on the assumption that a buff that no longer exists at all is permanently active. I really liked the new quests, the new Wizards' Tower is amazing and making a title that's actually prestigious to have is a nice start, so it's a shame Jagex had to royally screw the pooch on every other aspect of this update. The only saving grace is that with PoP bringing 90+ equipment, there's a good chance that Dungeoneering will be dead content anyway.
  7. There's an obvious difference between (a) simply not letting people make any accusation about whatever they want irrespective of proof and (b) not letting people post evidence of a glitch to show how it works because that evidence just happens to act as for what is for all intents and purposes 100% proof that someone is guilty of breaking the rules. And I'm sure the mods here can find some intelligent middle ground between those points. I would understand if 999134's intent was to name and shame, but it pretty clearly wasn't. I'd understand if the topic was just a description of what happened with a name attached, but it wasn't. The "ain't got no proof" schtick goes both ways, BTW -- people can easily make any claim about any staking bug whether it exists or not. Should we ban people from posting information about bugs whether they have proof or not because of the mere possibility that someone might maliciously spread incorrect information (which I believe has happened before)? This is an online discussion board, not a court of law. The very unlikely possibility that 999134 edited the video carefully to put someone's name in that he didn't like ought to be an acceptable risk if the alternative is not being sure that such a bug exists or of how to defend against it. And IMO defending people who are "stupid enough to stake after an update" is more important than defending people who are "stupid enough to get their accounts hijacked" or whatever. If you're smart enough to be making this sort of argument, you're smart enough to recognise the difference between staking being an unnecessary risk due to factors like gambling addiction or plain bad luck and it being a terrible catastrophic risk because someone might have found a way to break the system. Going to a casino and risking all your money is stupid because... well, you're going to a casino and risking all your money. You might lose it, and you went in there knowing that. If I had to make a list of the reasons you shouldn't go to a reputable casino, "the games might be rigged or broken" wouldn't be among them. That's something there are reasonable safeguards against and certainly not something I'd class as "you should have known better". I doubt you'll find any casino-goers who got cleaned calling themselves idiots because they didn't anticipate someone fixing the roulette table on a big bet. Like I said, if bug abuse is just going to be "part of the risk you take when you stake", Jagex should just remove staking functionality from the game entirely, since it is *only* useful for scamming people.
  8. Extreme attacks are better, provided you don't mind having more lying around than you'll ever use. They're a fairly solid method all the way up to 99, to be honest -- relatively fast and comparatively cheap (about 22 gp/xp). At that sort of level, you really begin to notice the difference in Xp rates.
  9. Way to highlight how much the Wisdom aura sucks.
  10. Yeah, you're a total idiot if you use a game feature how it was intended to be used. When information about it working incorrectly is being deliberately withheld from you because the evidence for it just happens to implicate someone in a crime they're pretty much 100% guilty of. There are frequently going to be bugs present in the duel arena. There's never any certainty that there won't be any, especially given how long it takes them to fix some of this stuff. By this logic, anyone who ever stakes for any reason is an idiot, in which case Jagex should just remove the Duel Arena since it's content that only exists for the purpose of scamming people.
  11. Topic self-explanatory. Are Glacors the best, or is there a better place to farm blue charms? And if not, are crimsons that much faster to get hold of that it's worth it?
  12. Is it new that Steel Titans are so overpowered that it's nearly impossible to kill someone who has one? 10% damage boost on a set of armour warrants a nerf to level 20 stats, but an automatic 500% boost to all damage doesn't even warrant a single increased combat level? What bullshit is this? Oh, and the Reflect ability got buffed. It deals 150% damage instead of 50% and has infinite duration. Just FYI.
  13. Wow, way to go, Jamflex. So we have a level 42 armour set that takes about 15 hours to get, can't be traded, can't be redeemed in any way and now gives stats equal to a level 20 armour set I can buy on the GE for under 5k. Meanwhile, a random level 10 quest item that can be replaced pretty much for free in about two minutes from any bank still makes the virtus book, a level 80 item that can only be obtained from the toughest boss in the game, completely obsolete. And ganodermic gloves still don't degrade (I'm assuming the new Ahrim items and gano boots don't either). And the Penance aura still pretty much negates the need for any sort of prayer management (I can easily last an hour at miths with Soul Split and Torment without ever sipping a prayer potion or eating a bite of food). Excellent balancing, guys. Where? Where will you possibly need a 10% damage boost where you won't get screwed over by having basically zero defense? I think the best use I can get out of my void set at this point is alching it.
  14. It's not even as if this was a deliberate effort to name and shame the player, though. It was evidence showing how the glitch worked that happened to contain a player's name. That matters. It's not like this is being censored *despite* being good evidence -- it's being censored because, and ONLY because, it's good evidence or could be in the right context. Protecting the guilty doesn't require draconian efforts to make sure they aren't convicted by destroying any evidence that could possibly be used against them (you know, in case it misleads people).
  15. And is therefore the only situation in which the rule should apply.
  16. Penance is utterly nuts and basically negates the need for prayer potions everywhere you'd use them otherwise.
  17. I'm looking to get 99 defense, and since you can do it with magic, i fugre I might as well use ancients. What monsters can be effectively barraged and what are the XP rates like?
  18. That's intentional. That said, I remember getting some sort of new feature message when I got 85 magic that sounded like it might have been helpful here...
  19. Another downside of multi everywhere: summoning is ludicrously overpowered now. Unless you have 99 summoning, it's pretty much not worth bothering with PVP combat -- steel titans are basically "it's normal combat, but you get a +4000 damage boost to each and every attack", and they're pretty much invincible now.
  20. Having everywhere be multi is retarded. Safe FFA is a mess where you can't take one step inside without being instantly annhilated by giant clans.
  21. Why in the unholy name of Zamorak is Akrisae's War Mace a melee weapon when his robes are magic gear?
  22. Can you still use Escape while facing backwards? :P Unrelated: I REALY dislike how the combat triangle is so heavily emphasised that hybriding in PVP is effectively mandatory now. Abiities were meant to add strategy, but they just don't -- it's a game of rock-paper-scissors with the size of your ingame wallet being the tiebreaker.
  23. Glacors either take nowhere near as much extra damage from fire spells (I think it's 50% extra now). On the flip side, they don't hit anywhere near as hard now, which is a mixed bag -- you pretty much don't need food if you have a uni and can avoid their special attacks, but you can't use Penance to any great effect anymore.
  24. With a bug I just found, other players' clan avatars can be attacked outside of PVP areas.
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