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  1. Yes I do believe in aliens. There is a lot of planets in the universe that hasn't been discovered yet. Maybe one of those planets have aliens living on them.
  2. It never happened to me yet. :roll:
  3. It's kinda both a bad decision and good decision. It brought in a lot of immature players, and also brought a lot of mature players. Jagex probably made a lot of money from getting MiniClip to host RuneScape.
  4. I think the Dragon Longsword is just as good as the Dragon Scimitar. But I prefer the scimitar because the attack speed is faster than the longsword.
  5. Maybe, but it will be hard to fight a level 1000 because the max hitpoints for a player is 99. 1000's could easily kill someone in one hit so it wouldn't be fair to have a monster that high. If Jagex raised the maxium level of hitpoints to 130 or something like that then it would be easier to kill.
  6. Trying to get 85 mining, then I stopped halfway. :( I had created a post on the RuneScape forums about my goal, I had around 10 supporters. Then I just quit mining.
  7. I hope Jagex deciedes to put RuneScape into gaming consoles. It would probably attract a lot of new gamers.
  8. I am at Varrock or Falador most of the time. I spend a lot of time training and buying things there, especially when I was F2P.
  9. I find Nietiznot to be very quite. I only see a few people visit every once in a while :)
  10. I'm kinda a loner, I only have about 40 people on my list. I hardly ever talk to them, I only talk to a couple people. I had a lot of friends a while ago but I just delete them because I never see them online.
  11. I put mines "On". Just in case I get messages from other people.
  12. I had around 500 at most, when the game lasted for a long time.
  13. Very good, I give a 10/10. 99 crafting must of took a long time.
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