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  1. Guild Wars Nightfall is pretty cool, and is a lot better, IMO, than the original, Prophecies. I'd be willing to bet a lot of the people who say they gave up on GW fast, started with Prophecies. I play occasionally. Mostly PvE. I only PvP with friends. I never PUG. i like trying new builds, which is one of my favorite parts of GW, all the combinations. If you PUG, people expect you to "run" a certain cookie-cutter build(profession combo+skill set), and call you a "nub" if it's different. Sorrow's Furnace update, which adds a new high-level explorable area Various elite mission updates Tombs update, Factions preview event Many things added, such as Lockpicks Holiday updates, these are pretty regular. In total agreement with you here. PvP's only really fun with friends, or using Heroes and trying new builds. Then again I've always been a PvE type at heart, no matter what the game. I've never played WoW, it looks like a good game but I'm wary to pay monthly fees. I don't like them, not since back in the days of Runescape when I pledged "Never Again". The thing is I like casual play, which GW, since it lacks the pressure of a subscription, can deliver more; like Zonorhc said. If I played WoW, I'd probably end up playing it too much.
  2. The "grandpa" in case is 77 years old. So, I wouldn't too much of a problem out of it. :P Yeah, I think it refers to the fact that Fred Phelps is literally the grandpa of most of that church, as well as being its leader. So saying "put Grandpa in his place" is actually rather justified.
  3. He always does - make 'em and leave 'em, that seems to be his style. And just about all his posts are about something political or conspiracy-related. Watch, I bet he's gonna say that this thing relates to, and proves, the existence of Illuminati and UFOs. While telling us to stop the North American Union.
  4. Flametrooper


    5 years with the trombone, 2 with the trumpet. First chair throughout 8th grade, several trombone solos in Advanced Band. Being a freshman now, I'm back at the bottom, third chair, in both Marching and Jazz Band. Our marching band took first in the region in our divison at the first competition, and the next one's this Saturday. Our field show's kinda weird but the judges and audiences love it, so it's cool. Band is fun. :D
  5. Yeah, I live in the area, far enough away to be safe from the fire but not far enough to be free of the smoke. My God, smoky air and santa anas are not a good combination. Especially trying to rehearse outside in last-minute marching bad cleanups. I mean I'm thankful that no fires are close enough to my house to be dangerous, but still, I wish they'd stop. I hate smoke so much - I'll never smoke, ever, just because of that.
  6. I'm glad for them, really, and I really hope the fires go down - and soon. I'm far enough away that the fire itself isn't a big threat, but smoky air's a b*tch...Anyways it's a good thing that they are enjoying themselves, or at least are doing okay and getting along fine, in their new refuge. I really feel for them, I mean seriously try to imagine how much that would suck to be screwed over by fires like that.
  7. Lol, reading this thread out of context is great. I wonder how long its gonna be before some mod decides this is inappropriate...or before someone ends up getting addicted to these. Hey, I wonder, can you OD on this stuff? :o
  8. Wow. That cat (Oreo) has the same exact name as my old cat, the one that died about six months ago, and looks exactly the same. :o I mean, I guess it's a fairly common cat-coloration and the name probably isn't too rare either, but I still was shocked into posting when I saw that. It was like seeing good old Oreo again. God, I miss that cat. :( Very cute btw. Looking forward to more pics!
  9. I like the road name (the one you boxed in red) :P
  10. Technically hugging is against the rules at my school. No one here really gives a crap; although some cranky teachers will tell you off if they see you, one couple was making out right in front of the office and nobody cared. I think they just have more important issues to worry about here.* *(have you ever noticed that these news reports seem to be from smaller towns in places like Illinois, Virginia, Texas, etc..? i think that's because nothing interesting usually happens out there and news stations and law enforcement officials get desperate for publicity so they put crap like this in the news. whereas here there's usually more to worry about, and school officials know that they have way more important things to do than waste their time, but out there they've got nothing better to do with it.)
  11. It really depends on the type of music as well, and the volume at which it is played. Playing Korn while trying to do your math homework for instance is probably not a good idea.
  12. Well, given that the universe is infinite, there's bound to be sentient alien life somewhere in it, but it's probably not "watching us", and it's probably not abducting rednecks in Kansas or making flybys over Mexico City either. If sentient alien life did exist it could well be billions of light years away from us or even in a different universe, so I really doubt we'll be visited anytime soon. On the other hand, military testing of secret stealth jets does happen here on Earth, and probably could account for quite a few of those claims.
  13. ^Ooo...deep. :P I don't have commandments. I just try to do well at everything. Except when I'm feeling lazy. Which is more and more lately. *Yawn*
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