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  1. Much faster! Don't know the secs etc. But i do know its alot faster. :wink:
  2. a nice butt is always nice. :wink:
  3. Those are not fast 99's. But oh well. Yea, you need 2 99's to trim a cape. Agree. =;
  4. They take 5$ ea month. Its automatic. :wink:
  5. Im not english, So stop cabbaging with me!
  6. Kick all player mods & hire people like zez & n0va. :D
  7. Favourite area has to be in The piscatories colony. :D
  8. They complain & complain. Thats what free players do. One moment they say they got enough, The next day they terrorise the forums. Shame! :shame:
  9. Its just a small sense of lag, It doesn't really irritate me. :?
  10. Ok, Thanks. Any other information that would be nice to know off ? And if you die at your house you keep all your items :D Like keep em in invent or are they just laying in the house?
  11. Rate my stats. :D Nothing special though. :oops: Im up in 30,000,000 total exp aswell.
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