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  1. :roll: Since the time the human race developed a little thing called sarcasm... silly billy
  2. Id seen people saying that aviansies were a good place to make money, but until coming across this guide and trying it for myself... :shock: so far ive killed 150, and im already 400k better off :thumbsup: so cheers :D
  3. You cant use Tears of Guthix to train it yet. So youll be waiting a few weeks just for that to come available. Its really easy to get 20 summoning, the charms from the quest get you to 18 as it is...
  4. well if you read through the thread you'll see he actually explains how he got them... :wall:
  5. i do use helm of neitiznot and rune def occasionaly, but i look cooler with d square and hood =P thanks for your comments guys, much appreciated :P
  6. I just reached 1600 Total Level today. My Combat level is 96. I've been playing RS for roughly a year and a half. I have The Quest Cape =) This is what i usually wear when I'm out and about. ..and this is a small bit of my bank. There isnt much in it at the moment, mostly skilling stuff, as I sold off a lot of my expensive stuff (Full Ahrims, Full Dharok) to invest in skilling.. Crafting, Herblore, Farming and Construction are expensive! :wall: Those crystal bows are Full and 9/10 charges respectively =P The yews and bow strings are enough to get me to 85 fletch, then I'll alch them with the nats (that i crafted myself =]) So yeh, thats it for now, I'd like to hear what you think =]
  7. nice bank... at first i sat there thinking... why does it look like hes photoshopped his name into the top where it says bank of... then i remembered thats cos it usually says bank of runescape lol i was about to call it fake, but i shall hold my tongue :-# and concede you a 9.5/10. 9.5, because im jealous :P
  8. This is in reply to your first point; in a few weeks time this won't matter, because the rankings will have levelled out, and lvl 110s+ will all be ranked too high to take part in tournaments with the lower levels
  9. I just met someone with the name "Poo Skidmark" lol he's level 98! :shock: surprised he still has it I made an account called "Eatmypooplz", just because i was bored :anxious: - it got banned rofl
  10. i just saw a guy called "Pubick Hare" lol he's lvl 93, im surprised his name hasnt been reported by now lol
  11. That one made me laugh so much =D> Ive seen a few funny ones, but none so good that theyre worth mentioning lol
  12. I am actually in awe of that guy! I have so much respect for the fact that he has the stats he does, and is still F2P... he must have alot of restraint lol, to resist the temptation to sign up to members =D>
  13. Let me guess.. the people calling you noobs are pures right? just a guess, but i wont be surprised if im right lol Its the same thing with having def or prayer turned on... "Def noob".. right, because i spent the time and effort to train a skill that makes me a noob? Just ignore what they say, and be satisfied with the fact that they are admitting that you are too good for them. Cos in essence that is what they are saying.. by complaining about an extra 1 or 2 hits they are admitting to that they are having difficulty killing you lol
  14. Cabin Fever was really fun, with the fighting the pirates part :D I enjoyed Swan Song and Mourning's End Part 1, where you have to shoot the sheep with the bazooka hahaha I only have 3 quests left to do :shock: :D Just Darkness of Hallowvale, Fairytale Part 2 and Mourning's End Part 2.. Can't wait to get the quest cape, but I have to, cos im going to reading festival tommorow haha :boohoo:
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