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  1. hah my freind gave his freinds account info to 4chan and they really F ed him over.
  2. Thats pretty awesome, i cant beleive you beat a lvl 50.
  3. About 2k tokens. Thats what it took my freind.
  4. Do i have to have the yak armor in my inventory when i go to kill the troll king?
  5. Good luck with your goals. You seem to be adding more all the time. Hope you get 99 fishing and quest cape soon.
  6. My freinds been talking about it nonstop since he found out its coming out. He claims its gonna be the 300 killer. I AM BEOWOLF!!!! THIS IS SPARTA!!!! shockingly similar in the preview.
  7. rhan_wolf

    First Car

    You should ask your mom for like a 2000 corolla or something else thats cheap and reliable, than get the extra $5k for something cool.
  8. Ive had a problem with pay by phone as well, it said the number was disconected or something. Oh and i think it works with all landlines but not all cell phone companies.
  9. lol Well its not like i bring it up with freinds that don't play.
  10. Recently i heard a rl freind pronounce some rs words totally different than i do. So i was wondering what the correct way to say them are? Saradomin Guthan Guthix Ardougne Verac Thinking about it now, i guess there really isnt a correct way considering that noone can actually know. But I would like to know what most people think.
  11. Thats awesome for one year, ive been playing for like 2 and im not even close to that.
  12. OK im still haveing prolems, Whn i call the number(1900-787-3326) It says the number cannot be called or something.
  13. Ill just use a landline then, thx
  14. You could use a gilded alter , that would cut the cost considerably.
  15. It says that cell phones are extra....I was wondering if anyone knew how much they were. tyvm edit:Now i have a new problem, when i try to dial the number they give me in which to obtain a pin, I get a recording from verizon wireless saying that the number has been diconected or changed.
  16. Do you have 2 guthans plates in 2 spots at the bottom?? How you do this??
  17. Oh i didnt see the "in other news" part of it.
  18. IS this new or have i just not been paying attention?
  19. I'm fire bolting. It costs a lot less.......i think.
  20. He doesnt have 55 slayer, but fire bolt is still pretty effective.
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