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  1. Me. At college, ready to get on with studying engineering. ps I'm back! muaauhaaaaaahaaa!
  2. Minus a few friends that I still keep in contact with and probably a couple of hundred quid better off because of the membership costs. Still it was fun, most of the time.
  3. Mine would have to be this :- When I was in my early 20s and therefore still feeling somewhat immortal, I was cycling home like a thing possessed in the pouring rain, coming down a very steep hill a car decided to emerge from a side road. I attempted to stop the bike but aquaplaned, turned sideways on, whilst still travelling down the hill nudging somewhere around 40mph. This resulted in me colliding with the drivers side front quarter, me doing a superman impression for a few metres and coming to a abrupt halt on the kerb. My bike was a write off, one of those aluminum frame things, basically looked like someone had twisted the frame from one end to another by 20 or so degrees, the front wheel and forks were pushed up into the main bar. The cars drivers side front corner panel was stoved in. I lost a couple of teeth, had about ten stitches in my head and about a dozen in my left hand. Of course back then there wasn't these ambulance chasing solicitors otherwise I would have had nice little settlement out of it. Scared the bejeezus out of me though.
  4. Chances are that any sentient alien lifeform that came to this planet would find the atmosphere poisonous, they're immune system probably wouldn't be geared up to the many viruses/pathogens/bacteria that all living beings on this planet have built up immunity or some form of resistance to. So with that in mind, I'd quietly evacuate from the major population centres and let nature take its course. No doubt the boys at Porton Down would probably be opening there jars of nastys in this eventuality anyway.
  5. I'm involuntarily leisured. However previous occupations I've had would be Claims Negotiator, Machine Setter/Operator, Centre lathe operator, Welder. Looking forward to going back to college in a couple of weeks time.
  6. Yeah I've had a similar experience with a mate lootsharing whilst attacking the mole. After the best part of a day we had to even things out via trade so we both got a fair share. Nice, but could be better I guess.
  7. I think you forgot the [/sarcasm] tag. lol.
  8. All adverts annoy me, more so the adverts on the BBC. But to be honest I watch very little television these days.
  9. Checks post. I merely said is it possible that a change of this could have a effect, not that it definitely will. #-o
  10. Valid rant, good point I've suffered the same fate a few times meself, although its a challenge to earn back all the gear that is lost, its one I could do without. The only head-scratcher bit about this type of idea, how bad (if at all) would it effect the RS 'economy'?
  11. Well they've been grown in succession over the time I've had my allotment, starting off with radishes, because there a nice easy food to grow. Looks like I can add peppers to the list as well now. Yummy.
  12. Just thought I'd throw my two pennies worth in. It would be different, in some respects if you had the chance to have opportunity to 'interact' (for want of a better word) say solely with other 'adults'. But to me this smacks of elitism and isn't what I feel the game should be about. Ok there are people of all ages that play this game, some of them are jerks, most of them are not, but there is no single age group for the jerk-factor so I don't see what there would be to gain by driving a virtual pillar between differing age groups that for the most part either get along nicely or at worst, don't interact. There's enough barriers between groups of different people in the real world, why should we be asking for them in a game? I can live with the off-chance that I might encounter the odd person here and there that might peeve me off against the chance of a good and rewarding friendship with someone that I have a common bond. Also I think Jagex have probably got better things to be researching with our pennies than creating 'Adult-only Servers'. Plus, is it just me, doesn't 'Adult Only' in a mmorpg sound a bit seedy? I suppose the only way one could play like this is enquiring with people about there age, then if from that you determine there not 'mature' enough for you, you don't interact, but it would probably be your loss, not there's. Ps, mixture of age ranges (I guess) on my mates list and nearly 38.(haha big kid I guess) \ Pps, not a 'perv'.
  13. 60! Cheeky young-en! :P Hmm ok here go's. [hide=List of things grown]Radishes Carrots Cauliflowers Cabbages Broccoli Onions Runner Beans Tomatoes Cucumbers Potato's Chilli's Peppers Gherkin's Broad Beans[/hide] That's about all I can think of at the moment.
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