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  1. This pretty much hits the nail on the head. I think a lot of oldtimers are going to quit after seeing this -- probably myself included. Not out of outrage or anger, just because it is crystal clear that Jagex is taking RS in a direction very far from why many of us used to play it. The rewards from this "skill" are powerful enough that you'll be at a significant disadvantage if you don't get them, but the idea of spending several hundred hours in that hellhole -- especially "teamed" with groups of random morons -- is far more terrifying than any boss. Yep, that definitely describes me. I've been playing this game for 9 years now but over the last couple of years Jagex has been taking the game in a direction that I don't like and I have played less and less. This is the final straw for me now. I'm not going to train this skill and as I'm not going to, training the other skills seems rather pointless (especially Slayer) as I will be at such a disadvantage. So that's the end of RS for me. It was fun while it lasted.
  2. This quest is probably quite a good updates for newbies and it might help get new players involved in the game and therefore increase numbers. However, this "reward" for 300 QP................... :rolleyes:
  3. Sorry but Jagex clearly said in their "Save the date" dev blog: http://devblog.runescape.com/view_post.ws?post_id=84&page=1
  4. I haven't done any preparation but I've got 99 in all buyables anyway. I guess I'll just train agility.
  5. The same as ever - £3.20. It was cheap back in 2002, it's practically nothing now. A cup of coffee can cost more than that.
  6. Good for you. RS worked fine for me before this update, in fact I was online. However as soon as I tried to get back on, loading up the game as normal it wouldn't work. I've now followed all of their advice and it still doesn't work. So I would love to know what I am "doing wrong". Please enlighten me. I can load the unsigned version in safe mode but why should I have to play that crap just because they broke the game to add some stupid implings?
  7. QFC :15-16-279-60433855 Thanks for that. I hope they fix this soon. I've now tried everything they suggested in that message and still I can't even load up the login page. :roll:
  8. RuneScape was working fine before the update, now I can't get on at all. I get this error message, which I've never had before:
  9. Closed mouths don't get fed. Those that are content with the food they have don't open their mouths. You can't expect people to go on the forums after every update, give Jagex a pat on the back and say "please don't change it". Jagex should have the courage of their convictions to ignore the minority of whingers and not dilute an update that was fine to begin with. At least something on this game should require an ounce of skill.
  10. 1. Bunny Ears 2. SGS 3. I've had pretty much every trade-able item at some point, so I guess the mining or slayer skillcapes.
  11. You can only keep someone in suspense for so long before they lose interest.
  12. These Q&A sessions are almost unreadable because of the idiots asking the same inane questions over and over again. I'd rather they just answer 5-10 pertinent questions than this.
  13. After two years of collecting charms, I have finally reached level 99 in Summoning. My special thanks go out to Bork, without whom this would not be possible. As promised, my BOB is below. I decided to just include my armour and a couple of other things. I always think BOBs look messy when they're full of random potions, runes, bolts etc. I have two remaining goals left in RuneScape; 99 Slayer and 99 Mining. I don't get that much time to play any more but I hope to have them by the end of the year. Thanks for reading. :)
  14. That's an awesome 99 that I will probably never have the patience for :P Congrats, 10/10
  15. Congrats on getting one of the best 99s in the game, thanks for sharing the drop log also. 10/10
  16. 81 RC and Hunter. In fact, 49 of the 62 levels I need to max out are RC, Hunter and Agility. I just can't stand them though.
  17. No. I only play RuneScape because I've played since the beginning and I know the game inside out. I've no desire to start on a new game.
  18. 2313. The poll could have done with more categories for the 1500-2376 range.
  19. My connection isn't particularly great as I live in a rural area but there are always worlds with less than 40 ping, on a good day it's in the 20s on most European worlds. I never lag. Although I only live about 80 miles from Jagex HQ, for some reason the Dutch servers seem to have the lowest ping.
  20. I sold the few mints I had on the GE, they're dead as a merchanting item and they have no other use. The run energy update made them even more pointless than they already were; I can't think of any situation where having a mint is preferable to purple sweets or a super energy potion. 38k is over priced for how useless they are now so I can only see them going down in the long term.
  21. Capone_Sabre


    I never said anything about a nerf.......... My whole point is farming level has nothing to do with yield rates. He has 95 farming, you have 87. He gets better yields than you do, and has higher farming. Your move. I have 22m farming xp, at least 15m of that is from farming herbs. Having a higher farming level has absolutely no bearing on your herb yield whatsoever. It's all luck.
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