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  1. I received that email earlier this week, didn't fall for it now I know Jagex wouldn't send you an email themselves about this stuff. Went to official site, checked messages and mutes/bans, nothing. That, and the link in the email goes to 'runescapee[LikelyScam]', instead of runescape.com, which is what you would expect. Anyways, just got another email just like it. Just so you know, they keep trying to scam people.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWlsA6K5Q-w Awesome. I'll be smacking zombies while singing 'Ik geloof, ik geloof' (Dutch for 'I believe, I believe')
  3. I'm really curious. As in I-can't-stand-this-any-longer-kind of curious.
  4. That is messed up :blink: Even though this stuff creeps me out, I am really curious what you will find.
  5. This thread is turning awesome again. Don't know what to say really. I hate agility. Go whoever loves agility :thumbup:
  6. Sad to see you leave, have fun in real life <3: @ 'awesome dude', more love to you.
  7. Wavemasta


    Is definitely Journey... Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' is my guess. Nothing relevant I don't think. :P Looks more like Hey Jude by The Beatles to me. [hide] Naahnaahstuff at 3.13 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wM0IDLAntVM&feature=fvst [/hide] I still have to decide if I should go to the introduction week (well, the last two days of it) in Groningen, or if I should go wakeboarding today and party tomorrow.
  8. It's seen as defensive and not very open. Try to talk with your hands a bit or keep your thumbs tucked in your pockets. I only do it when I try to make a statement. When I feel comfortable, I do talk with my hands (one time in Dutch class, my grade got lowered because I did it too much :/ ) When I dont really feel comfortable, I put my hands in my pockets, or mess around with my mobile phone/whatever I have in my pockets.
  9. Just wondering, about the hand-in-pockets/where-to-put-my-hands-thing, how about crossing your arms in front of you? I'm still not sure about how people think of you when you do that. Can anybody enlighten me?
  10. Because those clue scrolls are very easy to get and mask is like 100% reward. [/sarcasm] I'd say sell it, a whip is faster and cheaper. If you ever need a crush/stab weapon, buy a zamorakian spear. Then you'll still have plenty of cash for skilling/pvp/whatever you want to do.
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