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  1. Get 80 attack, bind a gorg 2h and hood/platebody.
  2. A money pouch would be cool. So would a remote price checker. But honestly I'm thinking an insta-Jcoins-market. LOW ON PRAYER AND DONT LIKE XP WASTE?! BUY AN ULTRA PRAYER RESTORE POTION INSTANTLY FOR JUST 75 CENTS! STAY AT BANDOS ALL DAY/AS LONG YOU HAVE MONEY!
  3. im sorry don't apologize for the way guthix made u :]]
  4. You know, the colour of her clothes looks really, really familiar. HAY I FOUND IT OMG I remember that. Wasn't that in the very early days of DGS?
  5. The second one is 12%, meaning they only missed 1 to 2 rooms. In that case it was just one room, and it was a missed key. :P
  6. Oh, apparently a team consisting of two members of DGS and three members of Keyers just broke the record again.
  7. Lol'd. I love you, Yang. If only IRL was as interesting now as it was a year ago. I'm working nearly full time and my girlfriend finally moved out, so I now have my personal space - and more importantly, my solitude - back. I should be registering for classes soon, too, and if I can get into the ones I need, I'll be just six months from being able to transfer to a university where I will finally begin to work on my future as an English progressor. As for Runescape and dungeoneering, I've been doing quite a lot of both these past few weeks. 120 is so close now, and I'm guaranteed to get it this weekend. DGS made it through the slump of October and has been going strong for a few weeks now, much to my delight. We're still #3 in the game for dungeoneering experience, but we're about to be bumped down to #6 for total experience by a skilling/citadel clan. And speaking of citadels, we're the highest ranked clan with a t1 citadel. And speaking of DGS, I'm extremely proud of the progress we've made - not only in furthering the dungeoneering metagame, but in helping to teach a legion of dungeoneers to break their shackles and sweep dungeons like they'd never dreamed of. What most people don't realize is that 30 minute floors are simply a reflection of the team's lack of knowledge. It has very little to do with APM or moving quickly - it's simply knowing how to get every path and branch open in a systematically efficient way. People who are satisfied with 30 minute floors would be equally satisfied with 20 minute floors if they knew it required the same amount of relative effort. I love taking brand new members of DGS on 15 minute floors and seeing their reactions at having just done a floor four times faster than they've ever experienced. But more than that, I love how they themselves are able to contribute to doing those kinds of floors in just a couple months of being with us. I feel that DGS is definitely moving into it's Golden Age, so to speak. We're nearly done with our various guides that will be used to train inexperienced dungeoneers in a much more efficient manner than what happens currently. I definitely recommend DGS to anyone who wishes to truly learn the ins and outs of dungeoneering. Go ahead and post a guest application - you don't have to join the clan chat right away, or ever, but I definitely hope that you'll want to. Once you go black DGS, you never go back. Current DGS stats: - 191 members. - Average dungeoneering level of 101. - 21 members with 120 dungeoneering. - Ranked #5 for total exp. - Ranked #3 for dungeoneering exp. - Five of our members currently hold the record for fastest complete floor ever. - Floors going on at all hours of the day. - Active in-game and forum community with advice from the pros whenever you need it. As for myself and 120, I'll be playing around with primal plate, sagiattarian body, and maybe even primal maul for the l0lz. I'll definitely be working towards 200m exp, too.
  8. Absolutely hate the new A-Log. The in-game photobooths (Falador and Daemonheim) are now useless, apparently, and it no longer tells me how many hours I've played. The A-Log updates themselves have been shortened so that only your last few are shown. Bullshit. There's no point in looking at the A-Log now. The Hiscores are exactly the same but easier to read.
  9. Pretty cool that DGS gets a big fancy logo on the clan hiscores page.
  10. got 119. no picture lol. 8.9m to 120 and 1.4m tokens saved.
  11. I've never enjoyed Zybez because it lacks any semblance of a metagaming community. If you even mention efficiency or exp/h there, you get flamed. I'm not saying it's much better here, but there's a much larger metagaming community here than there, so I'm far less likely to get flamed, etc.
  12. I'm getting 119 this weekend, and most likely getting 120 by next weekend. :) Have about 1.2m tokens and I'm using my kin lamps on dg (TRALALALALALALALAALLA!).
  13. I remember that guy. Didn't he get banned or something? I remember him just disappearing off the hiscores one day.
  14. If you're looking to really learn and improve, click on the banner in my signature. Read the whole thread and the guides linked in the thread.
  15. I just read the entire first post of your blog. I approve of everything.
  16. I know your signature says you hate "efficiency-mongers", but if you're looking to get 120 dungeoneering and you really want to learn the skill inside and out, you should look into DGS. If you're not too concerned about learning, however, there's plenty of clans that'll get you there eventually.
  17. Elite Dung is indeed disbanded. Besides DGS, EoE, and 3BO, there's Ultimate Dunge. 3BO isn't really accurate though, as it's no longer a dungeoneering clan. Just call it world 67/69.
  18. Been dging hardcore for a few days now. I'm also sick irl. :( 118 dg and I'll be 119 by friday maybe. I have over 1m tokens. Going to use them to get 120.
  19. A handful of DGS keyers are ranked in #keyers, but I can't remember if Tui was or not.
  20. Obtaurian


    It was really funny how many people claimed to have read the guidelines but had weird binds (primal longsword lol) and extremely low ring tiers. Usually low ring tiers are alright, it just means they can't get a recruit rank in the chat until they raise them, but usually the applicant will note that their rings are short and that they're working on them.
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