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  1. Solo meds can be done in ~10-12 minutes consistently. JUST SAYIN'.
  2. I feel your pain. :/ I hate SW politics. It's kinda similar to the rivalry between DG clans.
  3. If you're interested in getting good at dungeoneering, definitely look into DGS.
  4. Obtaurian

    Night Spiders

    The general rule of thumb is that hoods are better in GDs and plates are better while pathing. Ultimately you'll get better xp/h with a hood, but you can come close with a plate, and plates can potentially speed up your floors if you're pathing and praying intelligently. Plates are also better when soloing GDs and doing most puzzles (with the exception of emotes and 2nd page sarc room). You should read Tui's mapreading and pathing guide on xp-waste and Maz's guide in the AOW. It'll indirectly help you cope with not having a hood by introducing knowledge and factors that are more important to your xp/h and the speed of your floors.
  5. Obtaurian


    This guide applies to you regardless of your dungeoneering skill. It's something you need to understand early on if you ever hope to get better.
  6. Obtaurian

    Night Spiders

    I got my first hood at 89 dungeoneering. It sucks, I know. It's worth noting, however, that you can dg perfectly well without one, it just requires more intelligent use of prayer. I just broke my hood for a plate. :)
  7. OH AHAHAAHAHAHA NO WE HAD TWO DIFFERENT TEAMS IDIOT ://///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  8. I meant that you get faster floors in DGS, not that upgrading your rings speeds up your floors by 90%.
  9. It's a pretty decent trade-off. Spend ~25% of your tokens on rings and get your exp about 90% faster than in 117 or 148. Most DGS floors are around 20 minutes.
  10. It was my day off. ;) I have to leave to work in 20 minutes for a nine hour shift, though. :( Did a bunch of sub13 occults last night with USA, Jett, Blade, Ricardo, Plasma, and Namy. Fastest one was a little over 12 I think.
  11. Vanguard top Ibis legs Dragon pick Farseer kite Vanguard gloves Drakan's medallion Ardougne cape
  12. key'd two floors, 18 minute warped and 22 minute abnd. the warped was alright, but could've been much faster - a huge path was left undone in the beginning. The abnd was just awful. I blame it on the time being like 4am when we did it.
  13. Lol @ this. I win! Oh and I broke my hood for a plate. It's definitely interesting.
  14. "afficiently" I'm ashamed, Seeker. Banned from DGS. ;/
  15. get a friend to tb him, then just barrage + ks spec problem solved tbh :/
  16. You know what's even more special than a player being recognized on the front page? The fact that Jagex recognizes Woox's use of emergent gameplay (nex safespot) without calling it bug abuse and banning him. Historically, Jagex hates emergent gameplay in all its forms.
  17. I completely agree. I'm finding the tower to be quite bland, but it has plenty of potential if they're willing to tweak it.
  18. Hybrid is basically like kamikaze gear. Nex gear is much better defensively, so in most cases the person with multiple Nex sets will win vs. hybrid. As for Vanguard, it's actually pretty shitty in most minigames because there's ALWAYS a mage who will wreck you. Trickster is good unless you get piled with melee. Battlemage is good unless someone uses their brain and decides to use ranged. I'm personally hellbent on getting hybrid because I really enjoy minigames, but I have no desire to MH for money right now, so nex gear isn't really viable for me. also, hi
  19. Because there's no other dungeoneering clan that utilizes an application process or actively teaches people, I'll assume that you're referring to DGS. This is absolutely 100% untrue. Out of the 100s of applications we've gotten since we moved to xp-waste, maybe two or three of those people required no additional training and were already considered to be some of the best. We have so many systems and resources for teaching that it's actually pretty overwhelming for new recruits. Most of our higher ranks are more than willing to help teach pathing (there's a thread on xpw about this), puzzle tricks (there's a lot of threads on xpw about this), map-reading (there's a guide on xpw), keying (hands-on experience, and every new recruit learns to key, period), etc. I can't actually remember the last time we banned or rejected someone based on their lack of dungeoneering skill, as most people improve significantly within a few weeks. We're quite proud of the fact that our low level dungeoneers (80-100 dungeoneering) can do 20 minute floors consistently. Most 120s can't even do that. To me, this comment is a reflection of your inexperience with dungeoneering clans or the dungeoneering world outside of your own. Dungeoneering is dying. We've been working closely with three other clans in an attempt to spark a little life into more efficiency-based dungeoneering (ie, not w117/148/67 style dungeoneering). EoE was actually invited to participate. Producing new talent and worrying about floor times and exp/h go hand-in-hand, so I'm not sure what you're trying to say here. Our ranks are based on dungeoneering competency.
  20. Dung Mates is a large clan that's a little better than 117.
  21. The problem is that it's not more fun to use a lava staff over a staff of light or a chaotic staff when maging. If she likes the look of Bandos over Virtus . . . okay, whatever, but it's the fact that she does a lot of other weird shit that doesn't make sense. A lot of people argue that fun is subjective, but it really isn't, especially in a game like Runescape where fun tends to come in the form of high numbers or staying power.
  22. D Squires died a long time ago, and it's a "non-rush" clan. Not worth looking into.
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