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  1. Now if we could get everyone to do this, Runescape might actually be fun again!
  2. They are probably bad loser in life as well, if you think about it. And yes, I do avoid the wilderness.
  3. This really isn't a dumb question, but it does go along with what the author originally intended. I don't recall where I have met this person before, but he's got me on his friend's list for some reason. Person X: Hey, What are u doin? Me: Rcing PX: Rcing? Runecrafting? Me: Yeah (wait for the question now....) PX: How do u runecraft? Me: :wall: Have you done rune mysteries quest? PX: Yeah. How do u do it? Me: The knowledge base can tell you easier than I can. PX: Tell me. Me: The knowledge base is really your best bet. PX: Just tell me. At this point I added him to my ignore list. I'm sorry, but if you are too lazy to type in runecrafting at the top of the screen and hit search, you'll never know.
  4. Only to be sued for malpractice later on!!!!
  5. As someone who is married, I think I can comment on this rather well. Hubby and I have been married for well over 16 years. We don't show our displays of affection openly. It may be that your parents are just very closed about that sort of thing. As long as they still love each other and you and your siblings, don't worry about it.
  6. Walking is awesome! I take my portable music player (what ever you use), blare the music, and just walk until I get tired. When I get home, I do feel much better.
  7. I'd craft yourself if I were you, but look at my sig to understand why I say that...
  8. The Agility Pyramid south of Nardah is all right experience as well. I was able to get 3 lvls in about 2 hours. True, it's just walking around in circles, but you don't have the time constraint or stress of "having to make it to the pillar in time" thing. I myself hate agility with a passion and only will train it if I absolutely have to.
  9. I have to agree with you on this point. It all comes down to this, the better your grammar and spelling, the more mature you sound. This isn't an age bias. If you take the time to put your words down in an intellegent way, other people are more likely to take stock in what you say.
  10. He may have borrowed it from you, and I think I remember the time you said it, but I liked his delivery.
  11. Banned for having a cuter kitty in your sig than my cat is irl.
  12. Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Beethoven's Last Night
  13. Barihawk, you forgot one other. The day the Challenger shuttle exploded after launch. But, back on topic. I can still remember what I was doing that fateful September 11th. My entire office just stopped working and we all were glued to the television. One of my co-workers just got married (she was a young wife), I looked to her and immediately asked, "How old is your husband?" My first thought was that Bush would re-enact the draft and all our young men would be send to some Godforsaken place. Well, the draft never came but they all were sent....
  14. I'm not "blind" as you are describing, but I need seriously thick corrective lenses to see. Back in the day, they could have been described as "coke bottle" lenses. Thank goodness for new technology to keep my glasses thin and light. I cannot see more than 2 inches in front of my nose without my glasses on. I see blurry shapes and very vague colors. Without the glasses, I have to rely heavily on voices to determine who is in front of me. I have a great respect for people who cannot see and continue to lead normal lives.
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