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  1. Within the hour, no less. TNPW do whatever
  2. uncounting postcount TNPW post one hour or later.
  3. Getting hit hard by experience nerf in dungeoneering as a combat level 105. Suppose that means I need to go back to using leeches. GF Jamflex.
  4. No, it is not just as easy to interpret, especially when there are half a dozen other things you need to be doing at the same time. But I'm surprised you're arguing about something so petty as my opinion.
  5. If you can quote it, I'll believe you. However, recently I've experienced 1/2 xp dungeons with combat averages right in that range. And it hasn't been one odd dungeon or anything (with the same group, I'll have a series of low xp dungeons), and it hasn't been because of leeching (had high experience and low experience with leeches, only thing that mattered was group combat average). Do you understand why the metric system has so many prefixes? My hitpoints will be worth 150% more for each incremental level, and I'll have the same hitpoints regardless of my armor. Going from 900 hitpoints to the equivalent of 500 hitpoints wasn't particuarly pleasant for me.
  6. I didn't post a gif, I posted 24. TNPW post 0 gifs.
  7. So I have 24 hours to raise my dungeoneering from 101 to 120 in order to avoid the xp penalty from being in the 90-126 range, which I conveniently ignored the past couple years because JaGEx forgot to update the penalty in EOC (as in 90 - 138 combat still got penalized, but 139+ didn't). There were quite a few things I didn't want with EOC that has either already been fixed, or this won't fix. However, since I'm not a negative nancy, here is what I'm looking forward to: I'm excited that my strength level matters again. I'm excited that my hitpoints matter again. I'm excited that interpretting my hits and my health will be easier. I'm excited there is a chance the F2P PKing scene will return.
  8. 2 week rule? TNPW post within the next 24 hours.
  9. http://www.rarecandytreatment.com/comics/1913494/done-deal/ TNPW do whatever.
  10. Showered this morning. TNPW post the title of the video they last watched.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3TtS1wkb7M Swear you'll seize after an hour. TNPW post a nice video.
  12. The food of our ancestors... sprite and chicken noodle soup. TNPW use a different font.
  13. I enjoy making bread. No bread maker, just hands. Kneading dough is so relaxing. TNPW describe the last food they ate.
  14. 1/7 level 10 [] [][][][][][] [][][][][][] [][][][][][] [][][][][][] [][][][][][] [][][][][][] [][][][][][] [][][][][][] [][][][][][] [][][][][][]
  15. Level 9 5/6 [][][] [][] [][][][][][] [][][][][][] [][][][][][] [][][][][][] [][][][][][] [][][][][][] [][][][][][] [][][][][][] [][][][][][]
  16. I will do very little. And it's legal. TNPW also do whatever.
  17. Quoteworthy because it makes following the rule easy. The Next Post Will be in a bold font.
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