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  1. America's Army is a free FPS game, you just need to download it from the main website.
  2. If you want to primarily focus on smithing, buy all the coal and iron, smith into steel bars, then sell. Use the profit you made to buy iron bars. Smith all the iron bars into iron platebodies and then high alch them all. With this method you will actually gain a bit of money while leveling your smithing skill. The reason for iron is because it has a better cost/xp ratio than steel bars. Even though smithing iron platebodies rather than steel will get you only 2/3 of the xp, iron bars are only a little over 1/3 the price of steel bars.
  3. This is a pretty accurate list for me. http://www.gamedaily.com/articles/galle ... ant-stand/
  4. AznSteve


    I run both track and XC, I'm a freshman in college right now so I'm looking forward to competing in track at the college level \ . I don't think I'll be running XC, I don't really like distance :uhh: These were my best times in high school: 100m - ~11.7 (during practice, never actually raced) 200m - ~24 (during practice, never actually raced) 400m - 52.5 (51.0 during 4x400) 800m - 2:04 (2:02 during 4x800) 1600m/mile - 4:45 (during XC season) 3000m - 11:00 (lol :thumbdown: ) 5000m - 18:20 (lol :thumbdown: ) Triple Jump - 41'6" (2nd best in school history, around 25th at the regional meet lol) Long Jump - 19'0" Relays: 4x400 - 3:25 (school record, 6th place at the regional meet, missed nationals by a few secs :( ) 4x800 - 8:25 (top 20 at regionals, don't remember the actual place) I wasn't fast enough for our 4x1 team :cry: Now that I'm in college I'm aiming for a few school records, notably the triple jump record (high 46') and the 400m record (49.5). I'm also trying to see if we can get good relay teams together for a shot at the 4x4 and 4x8 records. For training we usually do (weekly) 1 day of plyometrics, 1 day of hill workouts, and various intervals/ladders/repeats for the rest of the time. The workouts are pretty intense but they're really helpful.
  5. If you're 85+ mining, instead of mining rune ore for pure cash or powermining iron for pure xp you could take the middle road and mine coal in the mining guild. 1 or 2 hitting 1/3-1/2 of a full inventory of coal is not uncommon and the xp gain is pretty good as well. Plus coal is used for all kinds of smithing and even if you won't use it for smithing it always sells good.
  6. Sure, progress is nice, mining just allows you to progress a little differently. While other skills allow you to progress more in terms of XP, mining allows you to progress more by making alot of money.
  7. Runecrafting should be kept as it is. If hard skills were updated to make it easier to level up, it would make RS less challenging and therefore, less fun (imo).
  8. why should it cost 500k??? That to way to much.. just keep it 99k. F2p players deserve a "skill cape" but I agree with the no hood :P and specially no lederhose hood. That should look stupid. And emote??? No. Just a cape! By the time you get a 99, 500k should not be a great deal of money.
  9. Mining actually became my favorite skill because it was one of the hardest skills to level up. Keeping the old animation would have been nice as well...
  10. Like Madmanpur3 said, I was more anxious to actually start playing RS than I was in choosing my RS name (hence all the numbers). I didn't feel like starting a new account with a better name so I just kept playing on my current one.
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