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  1. I just stopped visiting here because I don't really play RS much these days. This community was awesome, though.
  2. How? You can use it on any skilling. Seems weird that you have a problem finding use for it... :D I want to get the full 50,000xp out of it. Construction seems like a good choice.
  3. I'm having a hard time finding good use of the festive aura. I check the Vine in Ardougne for quick xp, what else should I do with it?
  4. I should've done the Wilderness run challenge, I have a fear this will take a whole lot more time to actually get to top 1000.
  5. Loved the first article, a fine point was made about yesteryears whine.
  6. Just tried the Battle of Lumbridge for the first time, I have 37 renown and I got my first title by fishing. :)
  7. That's true, I've only had more server issues with RuneScape in 2002 and 2003, but then again I had a worse internet then (256Kb/s DSL compared to 24Mb/s now.)
  8. What the HTML5 beta needs is a buttload of optimisation and fixes. Most of the game is damn near unplayable in HTML5.
  9. Yeah, it's still very much a work in progress. I hope they don't rush it out.
  10. Decided to try the PoP randoms in HTML5. Epic hiding skills, bro! Now what was the colour of his legs again? Red? Ah, sir? Would you mind telling me who you'd like to assassinate? Oi! Come down and tell me who to point out!
  11. Look on the bright side! At least Ambler gets to nolife it the day it is released!
  12. Not after they got the whole costume, unless the lamp was better. Then again, I value XP higher than those lolrings.
  13. Confirmed, you can have more than one of the rings.
  14. Not for me, sorry to say. Some patch notes from yesterday! 24/06 - 14:10 - Fix some camera issues with cutscenes - Add pre-fetching of assets on the loginscreen - if you wait for 10-15 mins on the loginscreen, it should download everything. We'll add some sort of progress indicator for this in a future update - Minor tweaks to graphics engine - Allow full-screen to be entered with F11 - Move skybox rendering to end of frame - Add support for target indicator on NPCs in combat - Fix bug where players were not standing where they appeared to be - Fix offsets of hit marks - Fix resetting of camera position at the wrong times
  15. Clearly the convo bro. It's Runescape! Gotta max it all! #forevernoobs You called? If you're trying to steal my forever a noob -motto, expect a fight to the death!
  16. No talk on the hoardstalker ring? Oh well, just got one from Sinkholes today. Nothing too special, since it's only 8 uses. Hopefully I'll find out tomorrow if I can get more than one of 'em.
  17. Yeah, I force additional AA to the normal game, and the beta looks awful with its own AA.
  18. The optimization has actually been done a bit, if the area is loaded, I get constant 60FPS on max details on my 1,5 year old PC.
  19. Never got around to trying out Warbands, now it seems I don't even need to.
  20. I would like to know how the god events work before choosing. If it depends on the amount of backers a god has, I'm going to choose the biggest faction, even if it was Zamorak or Saradomin which I hate.
  21. The next BTS is going to be awesome, mark my words.
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