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  1. I like to come here every now and then (not very often I must admit) to remember the old times.
  2. I hope it gets better for you <3
  3. Sangrina


    ^ This is the way I'd like to see people react in such situations. If I had a friend who likes to teach every bad behaving drunk a lesson with his fists, I wouldn't want to go out in his company at all.
  4. Sangrina


    Depends on your keyboard, if it's C major or not. Most acoustic pianos start with A as the lowest possible white key, and then it would be A minor. But, after you find a C, yes, when you play all whites, it's C major. You actually use your thumbs for playing, too, so you start the C major scale (right hand) with your thumb, and after middle finger (E), you move your thumb under it to the next key (F), and then just play the rest of the scale (five notes, five fingers) ending up on the next C with your pinky. If you want to keep going upwards, instead of using pinky for the second C, you again move your thumb under the other fingers to the C, and do it like you did in the first octave. With left hand, you start with you pinky, and after thumb, move your middle finger over the thumb to A, and the rest of the scale (two notes left) index finger (H) and thumb, ending up on C. Someone else could probably explain this better, but perhaps this at least gives you some idea how it's done.
  5. Happy Birthday Gingy! :)

  6. Happy Birthday Shyla :)

  7. Happy Birthday Draggle! <3

  8. Happy Birthday! :)

  9. Happy Birthday Sally! :)

  10. Happy Birthday! :)

  11. Happy Birthday! :)

  12. Happy Birthday! <3

    1. A_Mace


      Thank you <3

  13. Happy Birthday! :)

  14. I have the same. Before the update, no Miniclip - after the update Miniclip appears. Cleared cache and cookies, restarted browser, and hey - there it still sits. How annoying! This is what Mod Sushi_Pi said about it in the RSOF: I'm not sure if I've ever visited Miniclip on this computer, but if I have, ages ago, it still doesn't explain why it would appear today after the update.
  15. Sounds like fun :) Now you made me want some cake...
  16. Happy Birthday! <3

  17. Happy Birthday!

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