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  1. oh thats good then as long as you had fun..maybe you'll post again one day to say hello :mrgreen:
  2. this what i was thinking of saying! I'll have to remind myself to flame those who acted like immature idiots to hbk_hossack just to feel good about myself aswel =;.. on another note yes i agree that jagex is starting to turn into the wrong direction and are turing alot of long-term players away! Farewell and i hope you enjoyed your time both playing runescape and talking to fellow tipiters! \
  3. in my 4-5 years of playing ive made about 8 accounts i now only play on one account and that is l0wer cla55 \
  4. I think it does depend on the person. Well i only play on my pure now and im always nice to other players but i still seem to get abused and so on.. so i think there is a bit of steriotyping there
  5. exactly! yeh the graphics arent the best. But the gameplay is FAR beond any other game ive ever played!
  6. yes unfortunately players find every excuse to flame you but thats the wild for you! if you work hard to get an advange over others they will flame you.. Honour? what honour! its the wild .. if you kill that opponent they will call you a noob or make stupid excuses like "lag" instead of saying gf or nice work!.. they should learn to be a little more respectfull before they step into the wild again :wall:
  7. haha good stuff! nice to see the fellow tipiters stop skilling for a while and have some fun :thumbsup:
  8. I think that you did the right thing but sadly it does seem like a scam.. Its amazing the lengths some young children go to just to get some pixelated items #-o ..I mean seriously lying about a families death is just plain disrespectfull and sick
  9. I know something that you could do... stop complaining and go f2p! I pay $9 a month (by credit/ debit card) and I'm fine with that.
  10. As it was said before they can't be compaired to each other because they would be used in different situations.
  11. I totaly agree with that one!
  12. I've never used the word because i find that it has no meaning at all.. I agree with what the other people said, if it was banned they would just make up another word to use
  13. I'd admit they are fun but tey do catch you at some bad times! :notalk: i really enjoy doing the mime event for some odd reason lol. The drunken dwarf's whisle always gets me laughing aswel
  14. I agree. Once a week is far too much! I also think the new level system on another version of Runescape is a good idea to ensure the survival of our beloved game
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