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  1. First combat 99. Just happened "naturally" during a slayer task. No grinding ever involved, which I think is pretty neat. Took 10 years, though! It actually took me a bit by surprise. I didn't even realize I was so close. As you can tell, I just started my slayer task when I got it. Got 1 kill in and saw I was ~173xp away and I just decided to get ready for a screenshot and go ahead and get right then and there.
  2. This is a bad idea and letting the....stupid (to put it mildly) community decide with an undoubtedly biased poll (you know the '07 kids are lapping this up, distorting the results in the process) is just insanity. They need to focus on improving/fixing EoC instead of wasting time making two separate, incompatible combat systems. The beta improvements are great and it's a shame to see time diverted away from them to focus on pleasing an audience that no longer exists. It's a nice gesture, I guess, but it's way too late. Most of the people voting yes are people who are either playing ’07 or people who have come out of the woodwork in hopes that the game they remembered will be restored. When the bitter truth that RS has still changed hits them, they will crawl back into the hole they came from, leaving us (the real players) with nothing but wasted development time and effort that could have been used on something better, useful, or actually fun.
  3. I thought they indefinitly postponed the current prestige system because of player backlash. I think I read on the fourms that one of the mods admitted it was a mistake and vowed to change it. Anyway, I started playing right before the RS2 launch and I thought the game kinda sucked until RS2 released. The community was better UNTIL about 2006. Then came the bots, the scammers, the cheaters, ect. The community was horrible until free trade was removed, then it drastically improved. Then free trade was reintroduced and it declined again.
  4. Unless Jagex has a new build they have not released to beta, RS3 is not even close to being ready. HTML5 still has pop-in issues and overall poor performance and the NIS is still really, really rough around the edges. This time of year- the summer games slump- is the perfect time to release RS3 and I can see why they want to release it ASAP, but it just isn't ready. Between a new, underoptimized game engine and a new but still very buggy and rough interface system, I can't see this ending well. I'd wager it will take at least a month after slated release to see RS3 fully functioning the way Jagex hopes and the players expect.
  5. Thanks, that spreadsheet was very helpful.
  6. Hey, I was just wondering what to make from 82-99 crafting with minimal money loss. I have a budget of 30M. Any advise would be appreciated.
  7. Tom_Servo


    Try Allegra (get the generic fexofenadine if you don't want to be ripped off by pharmaceutical companies). It takes a few days to kick in, as with most allergy medicine, but once it does it pretty much eliminates my allergies. Give it a shot a month of fexofenadine costs like 50 cents if you have any kind of insurance.
  8. For those people fearing micro-transactions giving unfair advantages, you should be relieved. This nearly confirms that vanity items will have worthless stats and will not tip the scale on anything. All this fuss is based solely on uninformed speculation and isn't worth getting upset over.
  9. Went ahead and fixed that for you. Let's not forget that Transformers MMO they're also working on, now.
  10. That means we have to suffer through new vids every page of "999134thpure gets 32 Attack!" etc... Oh, relax. This entire thread is made up of the same kind of stuff.
  11. I had a very similar problem (PC though) and I solved it by switching to RS's safe mode then back to Direct X or (Open GL) and all the options became available again. Then to fix full screen I entered full screen at 800x600, reverted the change and then I was able to enter at my native resolution again. I really don't know if this will work or if it's even the same problem, but just fiddle with the options and maybe they will work again.
  12. So you're a number six then, eh? (haha references!)
  13. Suspended? They aren't in middle school. This really isn't as big a deal as some people are making it out to be. I wish people would stop taking the Runescape "economy" so seriously and just take it for what it is. It's just a game, relax.
  14. Just remembered that RSC reopened again and decided to log into my previously RSC locked account... ..Oh my, over 5 years.... Also interesting to see that the display names carry over.
  15. So what? School policy is school policy. Was it stupid? Yeah, but it's not like she got suspended or anything. Also it's good that schools are taking a stand against vending machines and non-nutritious food in school (though a warning would have been better). It's one of the major causes of childhood obesity. If kids want to eat that stuff, they can do it at home where at least their parents know they are eating it and can limit it if they wish.
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