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  1. I was starting to write a guide I removed it oh well
  2. Unfortunately, regardless of how people can be at times, we're not going to allow people to remain in the community if they are constantly disrupting it (whether they provide good advice and guides or not) and ruining the experience for other users who do follow the rules and aren't trying their best to disrupt it. I wonder which was more disruptive- xpx teasing ancient on this thread, or the delete spam and temporary locking. It seems you forgot about the barrage of posts insulting staff/posting about staff decisions which we said to stop. How do they help a topic? (Rhetorical question). Maybe, just MAYBE If the staff wasn't doing things wrong, people wouldn't feel the need to inform them that they are doing something wrong. Makes so much sense. >staff does things everyone agrees is wrong >community feels the need to appose the obvious unjust moderation >staff can't admit they were wrong >staff makes unjust decisions on the complaints about the previous unjust decisions CAN YOU NOT SEE WHERE THIS IS GOING You are blaming us for complaining about YOUR OWN FAULTS. While you simultaneously tell us that if we have a problem to contact a staff member. ARE YOU BLIND
  3. I know i know, but queynex posted to wait so you could buy cannonballs, which is not efficient
  4. Cool idea, What about soulwars? cause theres no bots there and it has a one click bank
  5. hai guise, I'm looking for a new fansite to join Reasons are obvious, all help appreciated
  6. Remember, it will only cost just below 36m with my calculations i posted earlier. And its more efficient to get 85 herblore asap and make the money for cannonballs etc through slayer and herb runs, rather than make the money for cannonballs solely on herb runs or another way
  7. Thats because zybez is full of [bleep]ing morons and tif is full of effiecency nerds I say we raid them one day
  8. Still unsure about the new clan thingy, If its set to clan chat does that mean I have to be part of the clan to join? or can i join as a guest or something? I don't mind that, im just unsure, thats why i stated friends chat If you're an actual member of a clan, you're always in that clan's chat. If you're not in the clan, you can join as a guest if the clan allows it (we do). So you'd join as a guest, meaning you'd have to talk with /// (which is about ///////////// too many). If i click on the clan tab am i able to type with ///? If not, whats the deal with joining clans?
  9. Still unsure about the new clan thingy, If its set to clan chat does that mean I have to be part of the clan to join? or can i join as a guest or something? I don't mind that, im just unsure, thats why i stated friends chat
  10. LOL I have many experiences with that place, it is absolutely horrible. Just [bleep]ing bad. I don't even want to begin why I guess I'll look at clan recruitment, however I was kinda hoping for a suggestion from someone smart here
  11. I'm looking for a good clan (friends) chat to chat in, one thats moderately active and isn't full of total morons. Or [bleep] mods. Thanks
  12. Bladewing was never intentionally mean to people He gave good advice, but was just extremely blunt about it. Which many people enjoyed
  13. This Yak the ashes and you will profit
  14. snaps without jujus snaps with jujus below 85 farm torstols with jujus above 85 farm so do snaps :P ------------ 9425 super restores to 79 = 13,794,475 gp 1971 spec recovers to 81 = 5,980,509 gp 2288 super antifires to 83 = 5,273,840 gp 1265 extreme attacks to 84 = 4,691,885 gp 1336 extreme strengths to 85 = 6,213,736 gp = 35,954,445 GP TOTAL As you can see that is not much more than your calculated 32m for super restores to 85 :P Also note that if you make spec recovers to 80 and super antifires from there it will be a tad cheaper, but you must get more feathers. i recommend what i posted above because its an even ammount and i tend to use spec recovers and super antifires at the same rate
  15. you line it up so you're hitting right after graar i believe
  16. I will edit with exact calculations on how many potions to make in a minute cause i like you :) but heres what to do -Finish off getting a rapier -Do herb runs while dging, farming snapdragons. set alarms every 2 hours while you sleep (only necessary if super nerd status :P), do herb runs as much as possible -Make the herbs you farm into unfinished potions and keep them for later training -When you get your rapier continue doing herb runs as much as possible cause they're awesome money -Train to 79 herblore with super restores -after that start selling your snap unfished -train to 80/81/82 herblore with spec restores. This depends on personal preference, mainly on how much you enjoy collecting pheonix feathers -when you stop training with spec restores train with super antifires to 83 -from 83-84 train with extreme attacks -from 84-85 train with extreme strengths I have to go eat so ill edit with number in half an hour or so, unless someone else does first :P
  17. Unfinished and finished is NOT the same speed. Unfinished is much faster 2100 potions/hr is the standard rate. With cleansing that becomes 2363.5/hr (1/8 chance of making the potion twice as fast)
  18. I am saying to sell it, but not YET. Do not sell your bank purely for super restores What I am saying is to finish your rapier while doing herb runs Then get to 79 with super restores Then get 85 using what i posted above. This involves selling your bank That is the most efficient thing to do
  19. get 83 prayer. then use it on prayer. then get 95 prayer
  20. It is more efficient to train with untradables from 79 onwards
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