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  1. I really don't get it, it's Jagex fault that they're no longer compensating for a computer more than a decade old?
  2. Here's a rough summary of the whole video for those who can't afford to watch the full length of it. 0:00-3:36 - Introduction 3:36-4:04 - Test subjects 4:05-7:33 - Live footage of subjects trying RuneScape 3 7:33-9:49 - Live footage of subjects trying Old School RuneScape 9:49-16:15 - Thoughts on each game I quote the ending: "So the results basically say this: That RS07 was by far the better tutorial and overall the more attractive game for newcomers. There were pros and cons to both of the games and neither was perfect." "Most people prefer the old combat system, even though it was simpler." Although it was a small sample size, I believe the survey was well conducted and does shed light on some interesting details that some of us have been oblivious to before such as the tutorial, new game mechanics and overall fresh user experience. What are your thoughts on this?
  3. Cheap trick: Stretch your minimap interface as wide as the map spans. As a guard, pick all the robbers off spawn, they're the ones with the white dots. If you do it right, you should be able to pick 2-4 right off spawn. Cheap trick #2: Spam click on your robber after nicking so that your character automatically goes to his new spawn. This is what I mean, you can use the minimap for a lot of things too. Another example: You'll notice it very easily because the dots don't move smoothly, they "jump" a few steps at a time.
  4. Don't enriched memories take up twice as much energies anyway? What's the point of save now, use later; than use now, save later? Or just don't save at all?
  5. Wasn't the point of the new combat formula, EOC and all these shenanigans is so that people don't get a ridiculous advantage by having 1 defence and 99 everything else? Because pures were arguably overpowered? Are they really going back on what they've been trying to 'fix' all this while? I don't understand, I really really don't.
  6. Yes, that is it. Thanks. Also, just to reaffirm, the applet is completely safe, right? No Java drive-bys that come with it?
  7. I recall using a calculator where you enter the amount of charms of each color you have, your summoning XP and it gives you the most efficient route of pouches to make. I can't remember the link used, though. It was an applet that required Java permission (I think). It was referenced multiple times in the 200M all skills thread. Any ideas?
  8. How much has the top 10 been sleeping since release? Also, anyone think Zezima might burn out soon? Or will he follow through until 99?
  9. Hoardstalker ring, new sinkhole reward Because we needed a ring for an entirely fashionscape-based item, you know because you can see your player wearing rings. Huh, what are you talking about. It teleports you to any resource dungeon, how is that -entirely fashionscape-based- ?
  10. All these puns are filling this thread to Jebrim. Hehasnoidea how much he really loves the puns deep down. Did you just sneeze? Guhzarfotunteid Wisely Done pun my friend, IAmGuilty for laughing at that one. But on that note, who says we can have only one pun Per post? Who is going to Miss Tree-t you for doing multiple? But I'm going to stop mine here, before I Quit For 07. Puns like these are filling this thread to Jebrim.
  11. Wore every permutation of every existing armour in RS. Repeat in penguin form, familiar form, monkey form and any other form you can take.
  12. They all do unfortunately (this account is from like 05 I think, and a past member). 40k is such an arbitrary number, at least 100k would make sense while still being limited. (btw, l2quote, I'm not sure what's with tif'ers and forgetting to press 'quote' haha) All F2P players have a 40K stake limit, regardless of join date w/e
  13. What's the estimated time to finish for both Drumgun and Jake? The way they're progressing, also with the absence of an accurate time calc, tells me that this will be a very interesting race to follow as Drumgun creeps towards 200M slayer. :)
  14. "Only?" Not the faster loading times, the customisable interface, the audio rework? They're not good things? I'm actually pumped about more fully orchestrated music more than the graphical stuff. We need a return of the main theme music, but done properly. Need I remind you we still have WIP EOC in runescape 3. We will have a bazillion bugs that will make it through beta. And more than likely it won't work for alot of people period even after its released. This is Jagex not Blizzard, remember. ITT: Exaggeration & baseless conjectures.
  15. The water... is too good. Just doesn't blend until current graphics get a little better imo. Just me, still loving it though. Can't wait. :)
  16. Pures can still get to Ape Atoll without talking to the quest guy via Evil Trees. This was done so that they don't have to claim the xp reward. Are Evil Trees in OSRS?
  17. Piu

    AHK help

    ^ That. Because I'm a noobie who's experience goes as far as IRC scripting, I wasn't able to get it to work either.
  18. Piu

    AHK help

    Change my playback device from my headset to speakers, and vice versa. Is it possible? EDIT: I just realized this isn't RS related. :(
  19. Amusing, yet cheating is cheating. Don't worry, I won't commit to memory that gibberish. I'm a legitimate player and I solo with dailies and clean my dungeons. :thumbup: It's as much cheating as safespotting is. :?
  20. Buy 30 days membership on Amazon. They link your amazon account to your RS account in a nice and quick one-time procedure. No recurring membership involved.
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