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  1. Ever since I've started playing I always wanted balanced stats. I'd level up attack once, level up strength once, level up defense once, and then rinse and repeat. Currently 87 in those three stats.
  2. I had many a good time with TET. I'm sad to see it have to come to an end :(
  3. Wow, I never realized how hot-headed some Runescape players are. Very nice video though, I'm looking forward to the sequels :grin:
  4. When responding to someone, I often use "alright". When cursing, I like to use "confound it" I also like to use "Oh snap"
  5. To quote myself: Essentially, 'clusterfuster' wasn't just a cute codename. I don't know anything about programming so I don't know for sure, but from what I understand, they took everything in the client, dumped it all into one giant mess and only Jagex knows how to decifer it. Yeah I think what you said was how I interpreted too. Thanks for this!
  6. Indefinite, it's near impossible to successfully program bots now. Oh wow, this is much better than I thought. But I'm slightly uninformed about this: what exactly did Jagex do to eliminate bots so successfully?
  7. There's hardly anyone cutting yews on F2P (I've checked several yew spawns). I was very surprised and very happy at the same time. This nuking is most definitely working, but how long it lasts is another story. EDIT: Another thought that I had: will the Runescape economy improve now that bots are gone or will the sudden drop in raw materials cause adverse effects?
  8. Does anyone know how member's holiday items work? I'm not a member right now but I finished the event already and got my reward. If I do become a member, can I get the hourglass from Diango later on?
  9. I went and trained my thieving. There was just something that drew me to it that I can't quite explain
  10. I like this very much. Not too difficult to add and saves some time from running to the castle or finding a worker
  11. Well I'm F2P so I'm out of this. Good luck to everyone else though.
  12. When I get into a long conversation or activity with someone and then I have to go but that person constantly begs me to stay on...Geez people I have a life outside Runescape too...
  13. How you can be married to the Princess of Miscellanea (spelling?) and be in love with the slave on Bob's Island at the same time. But that's more of a plot hole than unrealistic.
  14. I'm actually aiming to obtaining all of the warnings and turning them off.
  15. The World Ends With You 2 Golden Sun 3 (coming out soon!) Another Super Smash Bros (probably not going to happen but I'd like to see it anyway)
  16. Thank you, I didn't know where to put it.
  17. So I'm doing a project for Statistics class where I have to collect some data and find the correlation between them. The topic I chose was the correlation between playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (online) and doing homework. So if you play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (this specific game), would you be willing to answer three questions? This is all serious so please answer seriously or don't answer at all (though estimation is okay). 1. How many total days (24 hour-period) have you spent playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2? 2. What is your average kill-to-death ratio (all game types inclusive)? 3. About how much time do you spend doing homework each day? Thank you for your help and if this is in the wrong place, could a mod please move it?
  18. If it's history, I usually don't read it. If it's too long or too complex, I don't read it. In fact, I just don't like reading in general :razz:
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