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  1. I have recently returned to Runescape from several months break from playing and one of the first things I did was go mining. I was mining iron int eh dwarven mines and like what has always been there was competition. Someone would appear and begin mining. Now don't worry this isn't a rant. I was just curious as to what people do in this situation. If you are in a resource spot and someone comes along and there aren't enough resources for two people to train together, what do you do? On the other side of the coin, if you head to a resource spot and someone else is already training there what do you do? I personally stay in the resource spot if someone else comes. I am of the belief first come first served and I think that while it puts my training down a bit, it also annoys the other person who may eventually switch worlds. Stubborn I know but hey. On the other hand if I see someone training then I tend to switch worlds to find an empty one. Back to the question, What do you do in this situation?
  2. I was too busy IRL to play runescape over the weekend so I didn't really get into the double exp. I'd like to actually be part of the weekend but I don't think that even if they do another one, it won't be for a while yet.
  3. When I first began playing Runescape I was self sufficient, but it soon became apparent it just wasn't an effective method of training. It may mean you level up more than one skill at once, but it also takes more time and it can be annoying if for example you are like me, and you like firemaking, but despise woodcutting. Kudos for you if its an effective method for you, but for the majority of people it just wouldn't work. Also, getting all that p-ess is going to drive you insane.
  4. If Americans want to complain about the weather they just come visit us brits. Last week it poured from the heavens for a few days, had two days of some good heat, some more rain, and now back in the heat. Unpredictable weather is what annoys me, you try getting ready in the morning not knowing what the weather will be like two hours later, or two hours after that. Now that is something worth complaining about.
  5. If a friend asked me what games I played I would mention RS, but since my friends don't tend to ask those questions it never comes up in conversation therefore no-one knows I play Runescape. It's not a secret or anything, and I wouldn't get any stick for it, but it just never comes up in conversation. Games in general don't tend to come up in conversation. Oh and to be brutally honest, I don't play Runescape that much anymore, not really interested in it anymore, haven't played it properly in a month or so, probably longer, so if someone did ask me if I played Runescape in say another month down the line I would tell them no if it was the truth. Runescape is just another game. People need to get over it, and if someone does take the mick out of you for playing Runescape it's probably a good idea to mention that they know a hell of a lot about a game that is pathetic.
  6. Roseiah

    How do you hide?

    I like to be on my own listening to very loud music.
  7. Mine is the Magpie. It's quite a common mascot for schools in this area. Our colours are black and white so the two pretty much gel together.
  8. I don't really know. I like all the Harry Potter books. The books are good, but I feel that they progressively get better. The first book seems to be written for a younger audience, and then by the last book the audience has changed to a much older audience. The language and the way it is written gets better with every book. The twilight books aren't that good compared to Harry Potter, but unlike Harry Potter they are all wrote in a similar manner. I can't really comment on the films, since Twilight only has one film out. I loved the Harry Potter films and I actually liked the Twilight film thought but I had never read the books when I went to see the film. I went to see Twilight with a bunch of girls and guys, all the girls instantly fell in love with Robert Pattinson while after watching him be a maniac in the Haunted airman. Overall it has to be Harry Potter. Harry Potter is pretty much the only major book with that sort of storyline. Twilight is exactly like every other teen vampire book in existence. There is nothing new except it is dragged out for four books instead of just one or two. Also, twilight brought in such unbelievable stuff like the glittering skin. I know they were only there because it was the only way the book could really work unless the human went on nightly walks every night but the writer deviated from the usual myth stuff so much that it just didn't seem like a vampire book in the end.
  9. Roseiah


    I am doing my AS-Levels in Health and Social Care Double Award and ICT. I have already done my ICT exam on Friday and it was really easy, one of the easiest exams I have ever sat. There was only one question I didn't understand but it was worth five marks and that's what you get for doing no revision. AH well, what a pity. I have my health and social care exam in two weeks and I am a bit nervous but I'm actually quite good at health and social care. (In GNVQ level I got 100% on both of my exams with a weeks worth of revision between the two.) I am however going to try and work my but off at it anyway since I want to do health and social care at university.
  10. 8.30-2.40 for years 7-11 8.45- 2.40 for years 12 and 13. However, most 6th form classes get let out earlier than that, usually around 2.20. I am pretty much happy with my school times. I prefer getting out at that time and having an hour and a half for lunch rather than only have 40 minutes and getting out of school earlier.
  11. Movies are definetly not a good idea for a first date. If a boy invites me to a movie if I don't know him that well I know from experience it usually gets awkward. My usual response is, if I actually want to go with him I say "Well, I was actually planning on going to the movies with my friends that day, but hey why don't you invite some of your friends and we can all go together". Then we can all go together and you can learn so much about a guy when he is around you and your friends. For example, if he still sits next to you in the cinema he likes you and wants to spend time with you and is comfortable trying to get to know you. There have been times when a guy has asked me out and then been too nervous to sit next to me in front of his friends. Seeing how a guy acts around me even in front of my friends and his is a great way to see if a relationship is going to work. Overall, the cinema isn't a good date to go, but if you are really stuck for ideas a meal beforehand, or even asking other people to go with you to reduce the awkwardness can work. To me the best date to go on is an actual activity. Boys can take me shopping, for a meal, you know the everyday stuff that I have done a million times with my friends aren't really interesting. My favourite place to be taken is the ice rink. It's fun, you actually have a laugh and also you actually talk to the boy. Going on a date where I can have a long and interesting conversation with someone while doing something fun is my perfect idea of a date. By the way, I would just like to say, girls are actually the same species as boys, and we do have the same fears as boys when it comes to relationships. The best way for either sex to have a relationship is to just be yourself. If you make yourself out to be someone your not at the start of a relationship then it is doomed to fail. Also, if you feel to shy to talk to a girl, just saying Hi when you walk past her can work wonders, because yes, us girls can actually talk and we can and do make the first move in a relationship. To Panzer- If you had said those things about me you would of gotten a slap. It was a mean thing to say about anyone. So now you have to face up to your responsibility and say sorry for being such a jerk. How do you know Coco is saying things about her family just to say she is better than everyone else. It was an interesting fact that she mentioned. And even if she is one of those people, you are one of those people who if they don't like someone makes a song and dance about it and turns into an idiot. In this case you were being mean about someone else behind their back and then when confronted you ran away. Though I think you would be lucky for her to hit you and walk away and never talk to you again.
  12. I do. I know I shouldn't but CD's are just so damn expensive buying one after the other. This way I can actually listen to music without having to commit murder.
  13. My logic when it comes to adverts is simple. Members pay to play the game every month. F2P however, don't pay for the game, and I think that adverts are their method of paying for the game. The game isn't free to run and F2P should do their bit to pay for playing the game by simply allowing an advert at the top of the screen which rarely interferes with the actually block the game. I personally think if people don't want to play with ads then they should pay for their membership. Pick either method of payment.
  14. Roseiah

    A short story

    I really like the starting plot of this story and would love to see it actually written down in full detail. Are you planning on that? Anyway, it's a really good and interesting plot and I would love to find out how it continues.
  15. Roseiah


    I would hope your kidding : Jaffa Cakes are a cake, sized like a biscuit just to confuse us all.
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