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  1. whoops forgot about the graveyard forum. :oops: thanks mod who moved it. :
  2. i know verac is p2p... i want the STATS that would be equivalent for a f2per... and verac tanks use defence, nobody puts prayer on in duelling? unless you're like funning, but whatever. i know some verac tanks use prayer to take advantage of the set effect, but nobody really wants to fight because of the prayer...
  3. thats a f2p rune pure... verac tanks are like the 70 atk and def with 40-50 str? and nobody wants prayer in duel arena... -.-
  4. i would like to build a f2p version of a verac melee tank. can anyone help with the stats please? thanks :D i was thinking since rune armor is much weaker than barrows and etc., i would need less attack. like... for starters atk-60 str-30-40 def-70+
  5. actually, diamonds are used with lazer technologies in some way, forgot how. just like bmw's and ferarri's aren't just show cars, they race them for money. and it seems that all things other than rares have a second use except... rares. but, now, rares are dropping. so, i don't really see how they have much use of a merchanting item now. useless.
  6. rares have no use at all, and i'm sick of people saying everything is dying trying to be so dramatic... if rares crash... well at least you still have an item that ... does... absolutely... nothing... ... oh wait, that's your fault for buying it. :wall:
  7. i'm a 40 defence tank... rune armor is the best i can use...
  8. a lot more than a ranger's set. that's all i know lol. edit - i also believe armadyl helmet is better than robin...
  9. weapon: rune c'bow ammo: onyx bolt (e) head: god coif neck: glory cape: ava's accumulator body: armadyl (or black d'hide) legs: armadyl (or black d'hide) gloves: barrows shoes: snakeskin boots ring: archer's ring shield: unholy book
  10. ok, so, here's the deal. i want to get some fancy shmancy tanking armor. the only problem is... i can't decide zamorak or guthix! #-o i was leaning toward guthix d'hide body, platelegs, and full helm. but, i don't know how well the colors match and am not sure if it would be different shades of green clashing. i know zamorak d'hide and rune armor would match like a charm, but, that's a couple hundred thousand coins more expensive. any advice votes? i allready have a full zamorak book and if i get the guthix armor, ill spend about another 60k and fill up that book too.
  11. omg... well... yews it is i guess...
  12. how long would this take starting at 75 wc? hoping for like... 10 hours or less... :pray:
  13. banned because my talking cookie named jimmy told me to...
  14. free will... i think we all have free will. however, it is not God who takes away our free will, it is other humans. those who defy God and take what he has iven others will answer to him in the end. the holocaust itself was started because of free will, and it was also ended by free will. you have to choose to do something for it to be free will. free will does not mean you can have whatever you want simply by wanting it. you have to make an effort. and yes life is a test. did i say we were all tested equally? no, i don't believe i did. we were all born equall, but we were also born unique.
  15. i'm a rock/alternative fan. don't really have a favorite band... but i hate all those new "boy bands" and those disney channel spin-off bands... all that stuff.
  16. ehh... i'm big on animated shows. :D my all-time favorites. futurama family guy american dad robot chicken trigun cowboy bebop chobits bleach blood+ trinity blood .hack/legends :thumbsup:
  17. i wondered when squid was gonna make this lol. yeah the shows ok.. but... yeah it's just ok. :P
  18. i've tried to get area 51, but if i get over a certain area... the map goes blank and psycho... -.-
  19. granted. but the smilies soon become the only thing posted on the forums, causing mass chaos and severe injury... :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: i wish the disney channel would be destroyed so my family will stop watching it...
  20. wrong.... lol. tpum does not play the violin. :boohoo:
  21. banned because my character is wearing a priest's gown.
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