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  1. Bump. Just got Zammy D'hide Goal! 8-) going to work on 44 prayer and then do horror from the deep quest.
  2. This is a remake of a past thread that I lost and cannot seem to find. :? Luckily, I keep the whole thread on backup. :D Hello! Welcome to Miyu's Ranging Blog! I have but one dream, to be the best ranger I can! This will take a lot of effort, time, and especially money. This blog here will help me keep track of my own progress, hopefully gain support to keep me going through the rough times, and show the world what I'm capable of. So, without further to do. Character Created : 12/17/07. Currently: Chopping Yews. -.- Combat Level: 60 <--- 3 Combat Levels till I can finally 1 click Ogres! : ~~~Skill Goals~~~ Range Level - 70/99. <--- 70 Range for the WIN! Defence Level - 40/40. COMPLETED!!! Prayer Level - 16/44. Woodcutting Level - 70/99. ~~~Item Goals~~~ Karil's Xbow [ ] Robin Hood Hat [ ] Ranger Boots [ ] Archer Ring [ ] Ava's Accumulator [ ] Ranging Cape (t) [ ] ~~~Quest Goals~~~ Dragon Slayer [ ] Animal Magnetism [ ] Horror From The Deep [ ] Death To The Dorgeshuun [X] COMPLETED!!! That's it, short and to the point. I may eventually be able to add in better skill meters (as soon as i get into the highscores lol). :D
  3. 6/10. and deathnote is kind of... lame. :wall:
  4. you're cool for wishing others a happy new year! :)
  5. cuddly sleeping chibi, or evil warlord of the coming apocolypse?! bwahaha...hahaha.... HAHAHA!!!! :shock:
  6. banned because you deserve it! :XD: couldn't help myself. :P
  7. Sorry to keep all of my fans waiting! *crickets chirping* Well anyhoo... 66 range and death to dorgeshuun quest completed! i just spontaneously decided to do it last night for the ability to buy bone bolts (which if most of you haven't noticed aren't for sale much in the market.) today i may just try and jump from 66 to 70 range or i may decide to try and do priest in peril and start ghosts ahoy quests for the ectofunctus i will be using to get 44 prayer. (still have to cut 1k yews for the dragon bones though -.- ) but after that i'm finished for life!!! :thumbsup: well wish me luck if you feel like it... or don't. :P
  8. ok, now can you please answer why the bone crossbow hits so high in the first place? is it just the bolts or something else? :-k thanks for answers! :D
  9. Bone Crossbow and Bone Bolts vs. Runite Crossbow and Bronze Bolts, which one wins? :-s i'd think that bone crossbow would hit higher and would be a bit faster, but rune crossbow would be slower and more accurate? pros and cons plz thanks. :D p.s. - how does the bone crossbow hit so high anyways? o_o
  10. ^^^ because i've allready tried. EVERYONE is buying and NOBODY is selling... so to make things go quicker, i'd just go and do it myself... and oh yeah, i found out that main stock items can be bought in x amounts... woot! :D
  11. does buy x work for arrows in the MAIN STOCK? i know it doesn't work in the player stock. was just wondering because i'm thinking about doing the dorgeshuun quests for the bone bolts and am hoping you can buy an x amount of them. thanks. :)
  12. ok, thanks. i guess im going to go and do the biohazard quests...
  13. so, i'm training 65 to 70 range and i'm looking for monsters that have a safespot for rangers. i'm not picking up my arrows, so any ideas? i was originally going to power range on rock crabs, but every world there is like a pre-school so... yeah crabs are dead to me. -.- thanks! :D
  14. ahhh whatever. 64 range... i'm tired... goin to bed. night everyone! -.- EDIT-- and one more thing... GIVE ME ATTENTION PLOX?!! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  15. when i was a newbie fresh off tutorial island, i started in rsc. my old computer couldn't handle the complexity of rs2's graphics. so, anyways, i spent my days looting coins from guards in varrock, and ended up getting full adamant armor from it. :thumbsup: even more outrageous, i trained with bare fists. then, i got scammed by some guy who said he did it on a bet... adamant armor lost to a guy that had like 5 santas... so, i started over feeling my account was tainted. within the first 5 minutes of playing off the tutorials, i was in al-kharid, which at the time was full of bots. there i saw it, my first expensive item. a rune 2-handed sword lay by itself on the ground, nobody was around. i picked it up and sold it for 50k gold! i then bought more armor, a sword, and trained untill i got bored and came to rs2. i honestly miss rsc, but oh well. -.-
  16. :? now did I miss the part where he said he missed out on that? suddenly we aren't aloud to share our own experiences. that's pretty much life in my town... :XD:
  17. ^^^ i watched a vid of club penguin.. omgwhatthebbq? now that is something worth a thread about. but, it's our own fault really. i'm sure all of us have used un-savory language one time or another so we really don't have much room to judge.
  18. actually, you can get punishment in the forums from an in-game offence and likewise with a forum offence. like the VERY OLD saying goes... "don't do the crime if you can't do the time." i'm sorry, but unless you were framed, etc. you deserve it. :-w
  19. lol Got a big point there. =P girls or G.I.R.L.S....? :?
  20. well i don't know about you, but i love runescape. i'm on it when i'm not with my friends or family. it keeps me pre-occupied. i'm not into sports, and i can't really play sports with intense running anyways because of some knee abnormality i inherited from my dad. sports like track and basketball seemed boring to me anyways. toss a ball through a hoop yay, run a lap yay, now do it 500 more times YEAH! no... i doubt i'd ever regret playing runescape over hanging out with the rest of my high-school class, getting drunk, and getting thrown in jail. :P
  21. it seems to be skillers are just there for attention... the "omg a level 3 with a santa and 1700 total!" factor... i seriously think most skillers don't do it for a challenge, they just want people to think they're cool, and isn't that what pretty much everyone inside wants?
  22. actually there is no 13+ to play rule. people of any age can play. it's required on ALL online games/ sites/ etc., for people to be 13+ to sign up by themselves by law as the government(s) have decided kids are not responsible enough to be on the internet by themselves. it's simply there for their protection, not to keep them out. so, once again, you cannot complain about kids playing a game for all ages. they have just as much a right to be here as you do. yes i realize a lot of kids are immature, but then again you were too. just because you didn't play when you were young doesn't mean they shouldn't too. :shame: had to be said. :-w
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