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  1. I think it's nothing, just something Jagex added to get us to speculate..seems to have been successful so far! :
  2. Wasn't it inaccessible at one point during RSC?
  3. yonman14


    Suicide, for the most part, isn't about being weak. Along with depression, it's mainly an effect of certain parts of the brain being underdeveloped (I believe the frontal cortex, which deals with consequences of decision making). In many ways it isn't even the person's fault that they commit suicide, as they often let other people know. Do what you can to help those suffering through depression if they let you know what's going on, and if they don't, make sure you don't abuse your friends...who knows what could happen?
  4. 1. We are not here to do your homework for you! 2. Integration and differentiation have nothing to do with this! While they may not...lemme just do this problem! Integration by parts! u= x dV=tan(x)dx du=1 dx v= -ln(cos(x)) -xln(cos(x))-(inetragl of){-xln(cos(x)} u = x dv=-ln(cos(x)) du = 1 dx v= tan(x) -xln(cos(x))-tan(x)+(integral of){tan(x)] -xln(cos(x)) - tan(x) - ln(cox(x)) + C I love calculus.
  5. Losing weight this way is really bad for you. You're likely to just gain it all back if you use this method. In other words...DON'T DO THIS.
  6. Not fragile at all. http://arstechnica.com/reviews/hardware/nano.ars/3 They sit on it, drop it while jogging, drop it our of a car at 10, 20, and 30 mph, and it still functions just fine. See what else they do... Personally I have a 20Gb iPod from the 4G series (B/W screen). I have a dualboot to either Rockbox or the original firmware. Rockbox is a great firmware alternative, with plenty of fun plugins.
  7. I tihnk the problems arise in religion when people shove things down people's throat, just like you said. Religion can be perfectly healthy when people are willing to have disscussions about it.
  8. :lol: That made me laugh so hard... "Here lemme pry it out with this knife."
  9. Slightly off topic, but it has to do with your report... http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060807/ap_ ... rics_teens Has to do with sexual behavior among teens who listen to explicit songs, interesting, and possibly useful information to you.
  10. The hacked SideKick pictures add to the reputation as well...
  11. I use to think that girls went to the bathroom...well...from a different place than they actually do.
  12. I use it all the time buying runes form shops , or arrows. Or if someone has a mac, and only has one mouse button they can use.
  13. Letting the economy act on its own accord, and not intervening is known as laissez faire. Just a little history lesson: "The laissez-faire school of economic thought holds a pure or economically liberal market view, that the free market is best left to its own devices." (Wikipedia) Economically liberal = deregulation of the economy. I :3> History
  14. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Empire_State Before you call someone an idiot, you might wanna check your facts. :)
  15. It's called IP-Relay. You shouldn't tie up the lines though, it's a service for blind people to use IM. Also I didn't post the link it might be advertising.
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