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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Happy Birthday man

  3. wing it and you'll find out soon enough
  4. Disappointing that Vet/Classic capes aren't F2P. So very disappointing.
  5. You had much higher levels and a 5 man advantage. You probably would have won without binds at all :roll: . Nevertheless, Gratz.
  6. Q1: Which of these clans closed first: Valor, Sacred Templars, Fear, Zeonic Forces, Phobia A:Never heard of any of them so.. Phobia Q2: Which dead clan went by the initials KoD? A:No idea so.... Kingdom of Death Q3: Which one of these clans and ex-clans have met in real life: Exercitum, TRWF, Anarchy, CL, TBE, WL A:You guessed it, no idea.... TBE and TRWF Q4: Which town did the famous in-game clan support rally start in? A:Screw it, I don't know any of these answers -.- Varrok Q5: What is significant about April 18th, 2008? A:Funorb and Arcanists made the RS front page? #-o Q6: Which clan has a rap song about them? A: Q7: Who made a video of the famous clan leaders in RS dancing in pink skirts? A:I Mahatma I Q8: Before RSC became popular, two other fansites were mainly used for clan discussion. Tip.it was the smaller one. Which was the bigger one? A:Tip.it was the larger one Q9: Which clan lives under the motto "Live long, stay strong"? A:No clue... :wall: Bluff? Q10: The biggest pre-wilderness war was held where in Runescape? A:Edgeville? Q11: This image ( http://img68.imageshack.us/img68/1337/d ... ingho9.png ) shows which clan in action? A:Sacred Templars? Using early questions for late answers wut Q12: Which clan releases a monthly newspaper on their site? (HINT: The paper's name uses the initials TMT) A:WG? Q13: Which three clans participated in the largest death march in history? A: Q14: The current clan CL stands for Chivalry Legions. They merged from Chivalry of Legends and what other clan? A:Carnage Legions Q15: When RS2 was first released, clans developed fighting tactics, but not all at the same time. Which of these tactics was the first to become popular: Returning, Tree Hugging, Spamming, Dragging, P2P gate tactic A:Returning Q16: How much will you have left if you mess with His Lordship? A:Everything apart from your name on the WG ML Q17: Which once-powerful clan closed on May 27th, 2009 A:Rune Raiders. Closing topic still on first page of Clan Discussion here :D Q18: Finish the phrase: "Ride with us..." A:To infinity... AND BEYOND! Q19: What does Metallica's 1986 album "Master of Puppets" have in common with the clan world? A:Absolutely Nothing Q20: In what year was EoS the most powerful clan in RS for a few months? A:2008
  7. Rescued from the 3rd page and stfu Y Guy, just cos I can't tank -.-
  8. I could say the same for non-PvP worlds at non peak times but does that mean they should be removed?
  9. +1 It is much more frustrating having killed someone but not got the loot although I have been on both ends of the stick before.
  10. How are you on almost full prayer/hp and a full invo of food on so many kills? :^o
  11. No y dnt u :mrgreen: Link in Sig :P O btw Jim I like your fail - keep it up :thumbsup:
  12. Nice sig. Resize the original (still sig on PKM forums) and pm to me here? : omgwutliekjimisinb4u gf
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