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  1. You can always do the Sir Amik Varze part of Recipe for Disaster quest so that way you have access to the Evil Chicken Lair with 4 more dragons.
  2. Well, about the lag. Other player's lights would not emit anything, only yours would. This would not only reduce lag but be easier to program as well. Also, how about a "create light" spell similar to the Lumbridge teleport? You could only use it once every 30 min in case you lose your light source or forget one. It would last 15 minutes. This way, if you got stuck in, say, the wildy at night, you could still see long enough to run out.
  3. I'd say the following things need to be changed to Bounty Hunter: 1. Level system. Instead of three seperate caves, there would be one entrance with 25 levels. The levels would be rings around the center, and the bullseye, if you will, would be level 25. The same old wildy rules would apply here, only if you don't attack your target and attack someone randomly, your prayer is drained, your stats are lowered by 15%, you cannot use potions during the fight, and you get a special skull above your head, allowing people to multi-combat you without penalty. You cannot run, tele, or leave for 60 seconds if you get a kill. If you don't get a kill, you may leave as you please. (If someone can find a way around the above I implore you to find it so I can improve it) 2. Increase the size of BH. Considering the fact that only one cave is in use, BH would have to get bigger. This would make kills toward the center very dangerous. 3. Make target within 5 levels. There should be an available player for you at all times this way, anyway. Also, this would allow pk'ing at any level. I know these aren't fine tuned so I'd appreciate help in fixing them.
  4. I can answer two of those questions. The first is that, no, yews/magics are not the best way to make money. Now, the God Wars Dungeon is the fastest way, by killing the bosses. I'd read up on it. Also, summoning is easy to train at first, but if you want to gain rapidly, you will pay millions, so it is quite an expensive skill. I know how you feel about coming back. I've been on RS for about 6 years but I've taken a couple year breaks. Its tough learning the ropes again. Anyway, hope that helped ya.
  5. goten6456


    Lol judging by the last few posts I'd say the guy has a point... In my opinion, the rants forum is a place to vent, rather than building anger inside. When you release that anger, it helps that person, regardless of how stupid that rant may be. But I submit that flaming a person over even a stupid rant causes the positive aspects of releasing the anger to be cast aside, only to be replaced by anger at the flamer(s). Bottom line: Sure, there are a lot of dumb rants here, but there is no reason why you cannot communicate that in a respectable manner, regardless of the intelligence level of the ranter. So I realize now I'll get a bunch of flames my way, w00t!
  6. Well, maybe we should get some more exp from using them, like the scrolls. I know you get a few exp from it, but maybe they could balance the skill out by offering less pouch making exp and a few more exp per use. I mean, the special bar isn't infinite, so taking adv of that would be somewhat difficult. I dunno, I do agree that there aren't many options available, but summoning is a bit boring until the higher levels.
  7. I'd really like it if the accumulator actually picked up ALL of the arrows/bolts/knives you throw (that have no obstacles, of course) instead of one or two always lying there after a kill. If you train for an hour or two you can lose about a couple hundred if you dont pick them up...
  8. I think the noobiest thing I ever did was not looking for 3rd party sites (like tipit or runehq) until I was in the mid 80's combat wise. I played for like 4 years off of what I asked players in game and personal experience. Thus, I am only lvl 97 with about 6 years under my belt :wall:
  9. I don't think it is sailing, but I do think sailing would have something to do with what I'm thinking. Keep in mind that in a couple of places on Runescape state that there are "eastern lands" that obviously refer to Asian lands. One example is that of the NPC in the Armor fighting room in the Warriors Guild is from the east, and in the Ghosts Ahoy quest you have to get a signed bow from Robin Hood to a traveler from the east. Now I know Jagex has stated that they do not want any "eastern style" suggestions (I'll know that you've read up to this point) but perhaps this is an adventurer skill? Traveling? Exploring? I think you get my point from here. Perhaps different kinds of boats could get you different places, different islands would have different stuff, and the higher you get the bigger boat you can make, thus, allowing you to travel farther, i.e. the "eastern lands." Just a random thought that went through my head is all, seems like this would be a lot of trouble and take a long time to code, so perhaps not, but would be cool to finally have eastern tastes in the game...
  10. They removed a rock because of money? Seriously, where the hell does that make sense at all? Because now that the free players don't have a powermining spot, they will want to get a paid membership so they can raise their mining. Not gonna be a mass calling, but it will net them a few memberships...
  11. Well, although I'll agree that getting the necessary money to get the chins is quite a task (around 30mil), a buyable skill is a buyable skill. I think that the combat skills should not be buyable. However, you are right, the chins are going to crash and hunting is probably going to be a dead skill. Good thing I stopped where I did, because I would have been in for a surprise. Anyway, I love ranging and I recently made a vow to get 99 ranging about a couple weeks ago. I am up to 87 and I will be killing fire giants with my rune c'bow and mith bolts until 99. I started to catch chins, but after about 1k or so I stopped because I didn't want to get 99 the cheap way. All I know is when I get that skill cape I am going to be proud of it. As for the people who bought the chins, maybe it serves you right for doing it the cheap way :D
  12. While I will agree that some people are more productive than others, I do think that some people have different ambitions. I, for example, have had this account for about 5 or 6 years. However, I've only played about 3 of them and I've only been a member about half of a year to two-thirds. I am only level 94 with 15 mil exp and about 5 mil worth of stuff. Why? Because I want to have fun, not work. When Runescape starts to become work, I play a minigame or hang out with friends. Can some people talk to their friends whilst training? Yeah. Can I? No. Well, not effectively. Point is, some people have the will power to train stats or make money more than others. Those people do get more done, but that is because they wish to do so. However, I do think that some people simply play too much (I know I did when I first started out) so there are SOME people who have no lives, just not the majority.
  13. This happened to me a few years back while I was pking Note: Everything I say is sarcasm, and I am going to clean up his language a bit, even though he did have good grammar... Scammer: I am the Runescape Police. I just saw you scam (blocked name). Me: No I didn't! (At this point I walk to lvl 1 Wildy) Scammer: Yes, you did. Now unless you give me your pass so I can get his items, Scammer: I will have to freeze your account. Me:(I get that its a scam at this point) Please no! Scammer: I am sorry but I need your pass. Me: Okay, its watermelon2 (not my real pass) please don't freeze my account, you'll see I dont have his stuff! Scammer:Okay thank you, please log out, sir. I log out, then log back on in 45 seconds Scammer: Sir that is not the correct password. Please tell me the correct pass or I am freezing your account now! Me: I swear its watermelon2! Are you putting it in correctly? Scammer: Let me try it again. Please log out. I log out for 45 seconds again, log back on Scammer: This is your final warning. Either give me your pass now, Scammer: Or I will freeze your acount in 2 minutes. Me: It is the right password! I've had this account for 2 years please don't freeze me! Scammer: This is your last attempt, if I do not get his stuff you will be frozen. I log out, but then log on right afterwards. He logs back on. Me: Awww, didn't work did it? Scammer: I am freezing your account now! Me: Go ahead buddy. Scammer: F*** you noob! Me: Reported for pass scamming and profanity. Scammer: I didnt do anything noob you cant report me! I add him to my ignore list and go back into the wildy...
  14. The scimitar is better. The ability to hit 1 more per strike is insignificant. When you are in a battle it is safe to say it will be for a little while. If you had one more strike at your opponent per a certain time frame, you would have a chance at hitting them for a full scimmy strike, instead of a tiny little 1. When you compare the chances, the scimmy will get that extra damage more often than not, because it is very unlikely you will get your max every strike with the longsword before the scimmy would hit that extra strike...
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