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  1. plz tell me the best f2p training place for defence xp plz.
  2. to bad i'm f2p cause i have 53 fishing
  3. sorry didn't know do u know how to move it to the new spot.
  4. both of u are accepted but i need usernames pmed to me on here and i'll add u. i'm only 70combat so i need some help on these. also remeber it is lootshareing when we kill them so it is random who gets the drop :D so u could still get a rune sq or scimmy already got a scimmy and a sq from these :thumbsup: .
  5. People combat lvl 70-80 that will lootshare lvl 83 roaches with me. Only looking for 2 lvl 70-75 and 1-2 lvl 75-80s. Plz reply i want f2p only and max str lvl of 70 as i write this post i will be checking everyday. I will pm you if i like ur stats.
  6. wc yews u get about 8k an invent or if u have the lvl mine runeite 280k+ an invent
  7. good for a pure and i like the idea of u just carrying arournd tuna and trading to other player at roaches =D> although i'd rather have a lvl 80+ friend so i could train on the lvl 83 roaches :shame: .
  8. i may pk some but the price rises will go back down in about a month at most cause by then everyone will be over it and will stop buy stuff cause they owning it instead.
  9. pick up all feathers buy trout and salmon but don't worry to much if u gonna train on men with 20 att 20 str cause i was training pure there with same stats but food is a good thing sell all the bones on ge for mid or min price when ur done then move on to lvl 5 goblins at goblin village i think and u don't need food there and train til 60 str.
  10. could u add an f2p section or does it not work on f2p.
  11. yes i guess would u say 60 in all would be a good lvl to fight them at
  12. yes i tryed it with rune baxe and it dosen't give a good trip i can get more with rune scimmy and swords are an outrage u have to get a rune sq sheild every trip to pay for them. also u should use 56's till at least 70 combat just got it yesterday.
  13. can't buy the set i wait soon this while be old news then i strike. getting 43 prayer now
  14. what in the world that file is in like french or something.
  15. i got to d'hide but was barley making money when i flipped 18-20 sets at a time so i gave up and switched to cockroaches.
  16. hey i kill these things at lvl 65 they easy i can kill bout 10-20 roaches a load and make bout 10k per load :thumbsup:
  17. i'm lvl 64 on my acc and i get bout 5-6 kills bout 5k worth of stuff per load by only bringing 20 salmon lobbs would make trips longer but more cost and tunas waste of cash twice the price of salmon for 1hp more healing but i like the idea of using prayer and just killing rechargeing and then full invent bank. i usally kill with friend. got my first rune drop off these last night :cry: it was only scimatar.
  18. hi i just have a question about how should i invest with bout 200k or is it worth investing
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