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  1. Gratz on the win, AA. Looks like RE performed very well.
  2. Thanks for the fight, Ascension. 11 kills and 4 deaths
  3. Terrible effort and performance from our part, but you guys did great and deserved the victory. Good job on the win.
  4. Yet another person has chosen to take their talents to South Beach.
  5. Thanks for the fight, and thanks for the assistance, TT. I personally couldn't attend, but I'm glad to see that our late night spur PK was eventful.
  6. We set out on an F2P PK hoping for some action. We began by ACing Solace and Collision, but left when there was no interference. On our first world after hopping, we ran into KO and the fight began. After about 10 minutes or so, KO was nowhere to be found as I heard they had hopped to another world to regroup. After waiting a short while, KO returned and the fight resumed. We quickly decimated their pile, sending them to regroup all over the wild. For the next ~40 minutes, we chased their regroups from spiders to Mike's Palace until they eventually logged out and went to single. Starting: Gladz: 90 KO: 60? Ending: Gladz: 90 KO: 0 Some pics:[hide] [/hide] After the fight, we continued to AC some fights until no crashers were left in sight, ending a fun and successful day out. Thanks for the fight, KO. :thumbsup:
  7. TWR Info: [hide=]Link to the declaration: http://forum.tip.it/topic/272487-the-gladiatorz-declare-on-clan-envy/ Winning clan (both name + initials): The Gladiatorz (Gladz) Winning clan's member-list: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=gladiatorz Losing clan (both name + initials): Clan Envy (E) Losing clan's member-list: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=clanenvy [/hide] Earlier today, we setup a fight against Envy to get some practice in. Starting: Gladz: 33 people Envy: 26 people The fight started with us getting the first 4 kills. Envy kept it close while we let some new callers get experience for the first 10 minutes or so. We then buckled down and built a significant lead over the next 20 minutes, allowing us to get some more people calling experience for the fight's remainder. As the fight came to a close, we left with a 100-kill advantage. Ending: Gladz: 166 kills - 35 people Envy: 66 kills - 16 people Some pics: Thanks for the fight, Envy. Nice job to the Gladz members in attendance today.
  8. Thanks for the fight, AW. Personally couldn't attend.
  9. Thanks for the fight, BK. There was nothing we could do considering we fought most of the fight outnumbered 44 to 31 on TS, and peaking at 32 to your 48. Nonetheless, good job on the win. Thought the start of the fight was even while the opts were, but while some of ours had to leave, your numbers drastically picked up. Hopefully we can have a rematch where the numbers are more similar. I knew our turnout today wasn't going to be great as we had so many people who were unavailable this weekend, but I thought we'd pull 35 to your 35-40. Proud of our members who stuck it out till the end despite the circumstances. Think I had like 6 kills and 6 deaths. As I said before, I look forward to a rematch.
  10. Don't know what you're talking about. I of course didn't watch the World Cup because it's my 9th favorite sport, but my sources tell me the USA beat Italy, Brazil, Portugal, and Spain on their way to the championship. I think you should recheck your claims.
  11. Let's get one thing straight...I'm the boss and you're my peon. Thanks for the fight, MMA. I couldn't make it, but it looks like we did quite well in honor of my absence!
  12. Nice job, TRWF. :thumbup:
  13. Everyone just calm down, honestly. No Gladz members should be causing any drama on here. Yes, we had an off day, but that isn't the fault of Downfall, so any frustration should be handled appropriately on our forums so that we can prepare for our next fight. Anyone in Gladz who further argues on here is representing their individual views and not that of the clan, so be aware of the consequences which result from your comments. Unless you want to say good fight or respectfully give your interpretation of the fight, you shouldn't be posting. Once again, good fight and good luck in the next round, Downfall.
  14. Yeah kinda disappointing and I'm not going to become a pc prod. you're just saying that because you're a soul wars prod r[]fl
  15. Good job, Downfall. I was that sniper who got stinked up early on. I managed to drag you guys until I ran out of run. Went to take my ring off and misclicked trying to reopen my inventory. By the time I recovered, I was at 18 HP which didn't end well lol. I can honestly say that it was an off day from us, but that's no excuse as you got the deserved victory. Your blast unit won you that fight, as its size completely screwed over the people using melee/range prayer. Please excuse the "PKRI?" spam as one member said it and gained a few followers before we were able to stop it. We'd love to fight you guys in any type of fight, so please don't be discouraged in asking us for something in the future. Although we just entered this category for fun, a part of me is relieved that we're eliminated since now we don't have to cut so many people for fights. '-' Best of luck in the next round. Hopefully we can fight again in something which is a bit on a larger scale.
  16. The Rising vs Crimson Raiders - CR because they can pull 20 people who are named o0o0o0o0raid Lietuvos Didzioji Kunigaikštyste vs Future of Old Style - LDK Black Revolution or Runite Knights of Finland vs Forsaken - Forsaken Kurimao Clan Reborn or Dutch Generation vs The Blacknights - BK The Gladiatorz vs Downfall - Best of luck, Downfall Dragonwood vs Chivalry Legions - CL Natural Born Killers vs Northern Gods - NG Ascension or Clan Europe vs The Knights of Order - CE if they advanced. Otherwise, KO.
  17. Videos: http://www.wegame.com/watch/the-gladiatorz-vs-hell-army/ Earlier in the week, we setup a PKRI against Hell Army for today. We agreed to the following rules. Melee/binds/range Spiders -> East Tree No Corrupt Highest Pull Attacks Team when crashed 5-Man Sniper Cap Due to the mass celebration of the United States winning the World Cup (as expected), the fight was pushed back an hour and the time limit was shortened. Starting: Gladz: 114 HA: 35 on TS We started off great, instantly taking control of the fight. HA began regrouping about 10 minutes into the fight, and spent the vast majority of the remaining time mass-sniping without a pile. As the time limit came to a close, we got word that a clan of 90s was crashing, so we chased them out while HA logged in and regrouped at RDG. As the time limit ended, Gladz stood victorious. I think it's more than fair to say that we dominated from start to finish. Ending: Gladz: 123 HA: 66 Pics of the fight: Thanks for the fight, HA. Personally had 2 deaths sniping in the first 20 minutes, before I spent the last 40 minutes sniping on chocolate cakes. Last but not least, great job to the USA!
  18. TWR Info: [hide=]Link to the declaration: http://forum.tip.it/topic/270975-twrthe-gladiatorz-declare-on-ak-latin/ Winning clan (both name + initials): The Gladiatorz (Gladz) Winning clan's member-list: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=gladiatorz Losing clan (both name + initials): AK Latin (AK) Losing clan's member-list: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=ak_twr_list [/hide] Video: For the second round of the 20v20, we were matched up against AK Latin. We figured we may as well double-dip to make this fight even more interesting, so we agreed to make it for TWR, as well. After a short dispute, we eventually agreed to the tournament's default rules. Starting: Gladz: 20 AK Latin: 19 We got off to a great start as we were able to KO our first few targets, while AK's first pile did a great job tanking. Once we built a comfortable lead, there was nothing AK Latin could do to close the gap. After a quick ~7 minutes of fighting, Gladz stood victorious. Ending: Gladz: 18 AK Latin 0 ______ Thanks for the clean fight, AK Latin.
  19. None was lost. As long as he doesn't plan on applying to Gladz, all is well. '-'
  20. Same with LDK. Not in the same regard, though. LDK members are exclusive to LDK, making them a primary clan. NG members are also in many other clans, making them a secondary clan.
  21. "Either way, not gonna say gf Gladz since it was anything but." You weren't there, yet you're brash enough to say it wasn't a good fight, as if we low-balled you in some way. I'm not even going to go on about the logistic standpoint of how you're just supplying excuses instead of considering the performance of your opponent. Also, you guys asked us for the fight to be on July 4th. Anyhow, just because you don't like Dungeoneering, that doesn't mean that they shouldn't be commonly accepted as CWA gear. When FoG came out, many people didn't like that minigame, but I was never told by a clan that they didn't want FoG gear allowed. It's not like Corrupt where you can just buy your way to victory. It's a strategy to give your clan the best chance of winning, and if you don't want to do that for your clan or adapt to a changing game, then it's tough luck for you. If you're going to cry about how it takes extra effort to get Dungeoneering items, then you may as well cry about having to put forth the extra effort to get FoG gear, Runecrafting gear, and Explorer's Rings.
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