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  1. 10 herb 3 maple 1 fish 1 coal for me usually fish for cook training, maple for nests and fletch training, coal for profit and herb for training and profit.
  2. recent drop from task: totally unplanned and i do not even know any of these people beforehand....i was alching at ge and was chatting to the guy with the lesser banner, more and more people joined in and we decided to take this pic. we needed 5 more banners but its still quite epic for something so unplanned and unrehearsed. quite bad pic due to my position. i am the guy with the imp banner btw.
  3. not to forget that pking can only be done in wildy and seeing a white dot in wildy makes you excited/scared.
  4. Who uses whip anymore, all about the rapier br0 well at least 75% of the people i see slaying uses whip.
  5. i have been noticing this for quite a while. Ashes cost around 80-90gp each in GE. As of now, ashes cost 91gp(was 86gp yesterday), the same cost as gold bars in GE(how i wish that is true in the real world).I have been convincing many "need 5k please" noobs in f2p worlds to pick up ashes and sell to GE while training for my fm cape but few listened. Do ashes have any economic use in rs at all? I quitted for 2 years and returned recently so new updates might have shot the prices of ashes up. can someone confirm this?
  6. no doubt an interesting thread to read brimming with potential to house the history of rs2 in the future. here are some contributions you might want to include: may i suggest you to include the major December 10 riots that happened 2 or 3 years back in the facts too. here are 2 pictures that was taken in the party room chest during the riots when many quitted rs. these 2 pictures are not taken by me though, they were posted by other users on tif and i only saved them in my computer due to the epicness. [hide] [/hide] interesting player. the picture is self-explanatory [hide][/hide] interesting username(mods please remove if this is against the rule) [hide][/hide] and heres a picture taken during the final fight of while guthix sleeps quest, the only time possible for any player to get their combat stats over 200(253 to be exact) [hide][/hide]
  7. this is what i acheived for the last 2 months in 2008(gotten qp cape too but didnt have the screenshot and sorry for the bad cropping) gonna quit for 2 years starting from today...hope runescape get better with every update
  8. was fighting mith d recently for chewed bones so i could do my fremmy diary. i suddenly lagged bad and my pray ran out as i was using melee pray and piety lagging. my character was not reacting to my commands and fight on without melee pray...mith d hit me constant 10s and 20s and i was down to 11hp...i thought i was gonna die and lose my karil and just before mith d hit me with its last attack, my character finally decided to break that house tele tablet that i instructed him to break a while ago...i survived..
  9. 3 more wc level to my free wc xp... 1 more wc level and i can get the wc xp using axeman's folly... btw i think the location for jack frost is 1 of a few possible places where small snow patches are seen...i found mine north-west of black knight fortress
  10. got this yesterday from a greater demon clue and this today while im getting chewed bones from mith d for fremmy diary...was so shocked that i nearly forgot to tele out after picking it up wonder who or what is boosting my totally hopeless luck these few days...
  11. ^the d claw stats are real...the image was from kb... any idea how much spec bar it drains? wonder if it beats dd spec...
  12. good point...i cant try it out since i dont own any of them but im sure you are right... satius/vesta is too unfeasible to use anyway due to the 1hr duration and high cost... anyway, the melee defence of void is too low compare to the common armours so it isnt feasible to use it in your everyday life of monster slaying.
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