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  1. I always thought that if you had your untrimmed cape in your grave you receive upon death, then get your 99, go to your grave, pick it up, it would be untrimmed. It worked for me =3
  2. Alright, just a little off topic, but what FF Skin do you use? It's really good looking And no RS pics on this computer... So maybe later =3
  3. No problem. Nice looking outfit you have there.
  4. You could get a gray fremmy cloak, or even a Legends cape would look nice.
  5. Off topic. I don't see how this goes in Help and Advice. Post in General Discussion or something to be honest.
  6. ~~ 8th 90 Skill~~ Next up- 99 Defense, and after that probably all 70+ stats.
  7. You could superheat and make steel bars. You actually profit from this. You could also alch, or try Fire Waving metal dragons. Or if you want to do it the non respected way, wind bolt a friend in PvP, gain EP, 26k, and actually make a profit from training.
  8. You know that's a fake, right. On the same thread (Page 10) it shows his REAL post. No, 26king is not bannable. Well, wow. Someone is very skilled.
  9. Finally. Wow, just checked the date.. but still.. Finally >_>
  10. You could get bandos if you want good armor, but your gear is fine.
  11. 10M in a few days isn't bad at all, congratulations.
  12. In my opinion, plant maple seeds once you can, great xp, yes, they are expensive, but the xp is amazing. Plant those in the 5 (?) patches, and then plant Pineapples in your 5 fruit tree patches. That will be your best bet for trees, keeping the cost low, but getting a farming level a day.
  13. Uh.. Yeah, rune mining has been a common moneymaker for years.. And by offering help or asking a question, you put your AOW guides in here, and wait for them to be accepted. Sorry, this is not topic worthy.
  14. Yeah, it's just that your computer is a little slow. Mine fixes itself when I just let it sit for 15 seconds or so. You could do what the above poster said and keep minimizing and restoring until it fixes itself.
  15. If we tell you the item to merchant, it will crash. Don't be lazy and find the items yourself. Use the Item Database on the Runescape website to see what prices are doing.
  16. Haven't logged on recently, is that what the new interface looks like? If so, that's ghetto.
  17. It doesn't work like that.
  18. [hide=Top 50 First Accounts]1 Rab 2 Lightning 3 Merlin 4 Shark 5 Ignite 6 Mutant Mount 7 Ace2you 8 Rob 9 Moly 10 Urchin 11 Ice Sabre 12 Ashley 13 Darge 14 Mista Dollaz 15 Rufio 16 Zaptone Z 17 Jt3 18 Dawg Sabre 19 Star Sabre 20 Annoying Bug 21 Magna 22 Jessica111 23 Lovinhacking 24 Jonis2001 25 Noel 26 Jokerboy2000 27 Lepallc 28 Showstealer 29 Djr 30 Parkay 31 Rubbermaid 32 Robin Hood 33 Rattsabre 34 Sabre Hunter 35 Roaddogg 36 Drewbie26 37 Rohgehr 38 Zidane 39 Dark 40 Picolo 41 Adnerbas 42 Bjornin 43 Master 44 Offdahook 45 Hook 46 Jetsabre 47 Rodrigo 48 Drax 49 Squirrel 50 Shadowbot[/hide] Did a little research... As in typing in your question. Lrn2google. :ugeek:
  19. You should really tell is what gear you will be using to calculate your prayer bonus..
  20. Pineapple trees, Orange Trees, or Curry Trees. Also do like, willow trees, they're cheap. Throw some herbs in, you'll have 65 by like, the next farming run after you plant.
  21. 1: Lag animation. It slows down the FPS or something, so other people won't lag when you're idle. 2: What quest is this? 3: You can't, IIRC. Oh, and in your sig, under the "How do I make this visible?" part, do you mean bigger and readable? If so, try this link. http://i640.photobucket.com/albums/uu126/mckinzy5/cent.png
  22. Mountain Daughter quest. Do it, that is a fairly common clue spot, so you'll want to do it sooner than later.
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