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  1. You answered your own question. When Jagex tried to censor Jiblix it brought him into the spotlight. Because of that, he is more well known than other people who disagree with Jagex in a similar way.
  2. In 'getting rid' of the threat, they've given this guy more momentum than he could ever have wished for by himself. If you're seen to be the aggressor, you always come off second-best in PR. Counterproductive 101 right there. This whole thing is a perfect example of: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Streisand_effect
  3. Not to sound ignorant or dumb, but if all the constants for both experiments are the same and the only variable that is different is the weapon, what does it matter? If I was on task I would still be getting the 15% using the CR that I would get using the SS. The same would be said for if I replaced a glory and row with a fury and imbued ring. Lets say you are using a SS and you are hitting 80% of the time, extra accuracy bonus can only do so much. However, if the rapier is only hitting 40% of the time then that same accuracy bonus will do much more. That is because attack bonus doesn't give the same boost in accuracy all the time. I.E. +50 attack bonus may boost from 40% accuracy to 60%, but it won't increase 80% accuracy to 100%. Its like diminshing returns. Also if it is a % bonus, then 15% strength bonus will have a bigger effect on a rapier which has higher strength than a SS. (15% of 101 str bonus is 15, where as 15% of 82 str is 12) Finally, if a rapier is 2x faster than another weapon the +8 str from a berserker ring (i) counts as +16 str. That is because the rapier uses the +8 str twice (+16) in the time the other weapon uses it once (+8).
  4. I just got 99 smithing for around 50-60mil. I did iron pl8s/mith bolts to 88 at 50-60k xp/hr and 5 gp/xp. 88-99 I did addy pl8s at 130k xp/hr and 8gp/xp. The cost of doing addy pl8s is going up however. This would be the slowest of the three skills you suggested. For crafting it would be over 100mil (assuming your going from lvl 70) doing blue d-hide bodies. Battlestaves would be best, but there is a buy limit of 100. Herby would be the fastest to get to 99, however, it would probably cost over 100mil if your not already a decent level.
  5. The most obvious and probably useful tip is to train combat with slayer and a cannon. That way you can train all combats, slayer, and get charms all at the same time. Alnother thing is to train farming right from the start since it can make you $ (herb runs) and because it is a slow skill/has time restrictions. You should also look into cannoning cave crawlers after you train your effigy skills to 97+. I don't know much about this but I know that it is fairly fast exp (mostly for people going for 200mil all skills, but it may be useful for all 99's as well). If you could get this moved to the metagame forum you would probably get more and better quality advice since thats all about getting levels the fastest. A similar post was made in there not too long ago. here
  6. So are you actually open now and selling ores/bars? or are you just looking for workers? Because I'm working on 99 smithing and would love to buy some addy bars.
  7. The mage damage boost only affects your main target when barraging/bursting multiple targets so it doesn't make a big impact. In fact, a high magic damage boost can be anoying because you have to keep switching which lobster is your main target since you kill it before the others.
  8. I think its too hard to say with any degree of certainty, if this whip attachment will be tradable or not. On one hand, this is the first weapon attachment, and it is also the first slayer drop to require a slayer level to wield. Therefore, it is hard to compare it to other slayer drops. Players have also been asking for higher leveled, untradeable content. Jagex has listened by giving the attachment an 85 attack requirement; if they really did listen to the players it should be untradeable as well. On the other hand, all other slayer drops have been tradable. Also, the 80 slayer requirement could be Jagexs way of allowing the attachment to be tradable, while still requiring the player to have the level to obtain it as a drop. I am going with my gut and saying its going to be tradable because I think the precedent set by other slayer drops is the strongest argument in this case.
  9. Does it say anywhere what the slayer req. will be to get this new whip attachment? One of its requirements is 80 slayer, but it doesnt say what the monster will have.
  10. oak doors, 10 oak planks/door for 600xp, and at 250/hr I was getting 150k/hr. You could do it much faster, but I wasn't really paying full attention. So basically most people think 99 being 2nd rarest makes sence, I guess I just expected the 2nd rarest skill to be harder than it was.
  11. But are those reason really enough to make it the second rarest 99 in game? For a fast buyable, 80mil isn't very expensive.
  12. I recently achieved 99 construction and the first thing I did was look on the highscores to see what my rank was and to congratulate the next person who got 99 after me. Then I looked around to see just how rare my skill cape really is. To my surprise 99 construction is the second rarest skill cape in game, just after runecrafting. This was surprising to me because level 70-99 only cost me about 80mil, whereas for a skill like crafting (ranked 7th rarest) 70-99 would cost 100mil (making blue d-hide bodies). And although construction has little benefit after level 75, neither does crafting. Looking through the list of 99 skills there are other interesting things- slayer, a skill I would consider very hard is ranked 8th, making crafting, smithing, and construction all rarer. Does anyone else think the ranking of some skills on the list doesnt reflect there difficulty/cost/usefulness? If so, which skills and why, and if not, why does a skill like construction have spot #2? rarity of level 99s
  13. Well as to your 99 range and mage, I am assuming your going to be chinning and barraging? If so, then you sould barrage rock lobsters for the mage which would give you charms for summoning (another good money sink). Other than that I would suggest spending a lot on training up your strength (use prayer pots for turm, extremes/ovls, etc). as for items gilded armour looks pretty cool with firecape, and you could get an ags. That and if you plan on pking, then buy 500 rune sets + all the pots,food, and runes you will need. Makes it much faster to return to wild and it looks cool in the bank.
  14. I don't understand how construction is #2 on the list. Sure its a pretty useless skill after 75, but it only costs just under 80mil to get from 75 using oak planks. Thats nothing compared to other buyables like herby and crafting. And thats not to mention how fast exp it is.
  15. Can anyone confirm if inferno adze can be gilded or not?
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