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  1. Make your char female and almost everyone will be nice to you, very simple.
  2. Stop doing drugs by saying "no"? Wohoo!
  3. 5 USD = 4.67 CAD Buying some USD would be really worth it
  4. (Autumn) Holiday time is RuneScape time, so at the moment more adventurers than ever are enjoying themselves on our german servers. Because of the rush on world 139, we decided to temporarily offer an additional free world (direct translation: ...temporarily place an additional free world at your disposal). So the new world 122 is ready for you to have a play. We also would like to point out that LootShare is not active on this world, so that players that work on their own (direct translation: ...that do not hunt in groups) can have some fun as well. --- Dont know why players that dont go killing in groups cant have any fun with LootShare activated though...
  5. Teleing is stupid... only do it when youve come from Law-running Youre gonna get banned for it anyways since you will be clicking the exact same spot over and over again => youre botting, simple
  6. You know, I REALLY prefer letting Jaqex decide on prices rather than some dumb kids. Plus, for small quantities you still have the regular tab (whatever it was called again) which should have sufficient stock for most general needs.
  7. It is indeed pretty useful (but what skill isnt?), but its really almost impossible to train without wanting to commit suicide... thats the downside of def #-o
  8. You need to hit first before you can talk about hitting hard, simple, discussion ends. *lol* No, really The thing is that YOU need str for YOUR OWN fun seeing high numbers. Actually nothing more than 80 str is needed to hit high (~30s), but you can never hit often enough considering that hitting is very much of a gamble.
  9. Well, if you get the kills the other guy doesnt get them and vice versa. With f2p getting all the new servers it cant really be expected that anyone is going to switch worlds because there just arent enough of them (meaning that there is no world with free spots at the more popular monsters).
  10. Drop rate is 0% + luck *lol* I seriously dont think that RS has an algorithm with a fixed range of numbers of kills after which you simply HAVE TO get the drop. I think the algorithm for randomization does offer the possibility of NEVER giving the player the drop, no matter how hard you try
  11. Ycon

    Shield Pics

    1.25M just for the shield to be made is definitely taking it too far
  12. The math in the TzHaar store is a lot different. 1 rune ore sells for 480 tokkul.
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