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  1. new whip is pretty lackluster, lets hope the special makes up for the tiny stat increase.
  2. Q. Will I get Loyalty Points for any previous membership? A. Unfortunately not. We recently released the Veteran Capes to say thanks to some of our longer standing users. The Loyalty Program looks forward and gives everyone a clean slate. God, you guys need to calm down and wait for information before completely freaking out all over BTS topics. Jagex isn't going to do microtransactions and people who've had membership for 10 years won't have anyone extra. Everyone who has P2P now and will keep P2P for the next year will get the same amount of points. I'm actually looking forward to this, although it may seem a little unfair, I have no problem getting extra rewards for the $12 I pay monthly for 2 memberships.
  3. I'd suggest getting 57 summoning and Grahk runecrafting natures, thats my favorite way to farm without losing money. Best of luck :)
  4. This isn't selling out and it is completely normal for a business. you guys are worse than the pkers now
  5. no matter how many times you say you're not, you exactly blaming the free trade update. it's no ones fault of your own that you lost all your runescape gp, so have fun in real life or whatever you choose to do.
  6. A brand new ammo-free bow, as fast and accurate as a chaotic crossbow and as powerful as dragonstone-tipped rune bolts. jesus
  7. How is voting on multiple accounts cheating, I ask? I have 5-6 accounts that I play REGULARLY, why shouldn't I vote them all in favor of yes? Seeing as they're all counted by Jagex as active accounts, me voting on only one of them would be like only voting 1/6th of a time..
  8. Weren't clue scrolls supposed to be challenging? Challenging, yes. Suicide, no. because clue scrolls were impossible before they removed wilderness pking....
  9. I completely disagree, and think you are wrong on all opinions. First of all, I know about the botting community of RS, and it's a hell of alot bigger than it was before the wilderness was removed. You don't see the difference because it's not a bald man in a tan shirt and green shorts anymore. It's a guy in full bandos, with a fire cape, barrows gloves, and onyx ring(i) killing abby demons, training slayer, and RCing. Secondly, this obviously pleases the majority of RS players as well as making Jagex more profit from people who return. And to your message about the "honest players" bullcrap: Almost all of the "honest players" today stuck through those updates hoping Jagex would someday fix it, and now they are. You're whispering in a room full of screams. I can't imagine why they wouldn't go through with it.
  10. took me about 2 hours before i got the hang of it, but as soon as i did I got 5 helms and 2 defenders in the span of about 15 minutes. The best way to do it is look around the room at all times(I know you guys will hate me for this but it's survival of the fittest) and spam attack any cyclossus that is more than 50% health. I believe I maybe killed 3-5 cyclops and about 7-8 cyclosses. once you steal one of the big boys, just run to the nearest wall and range him with knives untill he's lured over to you and then kill him. I preferred using peity+super pots and kills were pretty quick, and completely worth the effort.
  11. please stop abusing every 4chan meme you can think of and yes, ignore these people.
  12. do you remember a time when people didn't talk about how great things USED to be? me neither.
  13. The gasmask from plague city got updated, it looks awesome. Great update!
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