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  1. Congratulations are without a doubt in store for Kimberly who is one of the most hardworking and dedicated individuals I've had the chance of working with. Well deserved. ~Das
  2. You're telling me we can split an atom, build a computer, get across oceans and fly in the air AND SPACE. and yet no one can scientifically disprove the fact that a higher power doesn't exist? Mankind has disproved MANY phenomena at many times through history. Why does one of the oldest still remain with...a rather large following. I'm just saying, we can explain damn near everything - but not God.. It intrigues me. I do believe god exists.
  3. Really though, I'm a firm believer that god does exist, simply because with all of the scientific knowledge we posses and all of our achievements - we still can not scientifically disprove god's existence for the simple fact faith still exists - if proof did exist that god wasn't real - would anyone really believe otherwise? It's a paradox i like to think about
  4. das


    I do believe that it's possible for ghosts and sports to exist. The argument of ghosts being unproven by science is valid howeve: I find it fascinating so many cultures from the bible (same which makes references to evil spirts and even though its not the same as the topic -for the Holy Ghost) to ancient Egypt. Many phenomena have went unexplained to this day -so much like an atheist cannot prove god doesn't exist to a christian can anyone really expect science to disprove a ghost to those who believe in the supernatural? It takes faith to believe in a n entity you've never seen regardless.
  5. looks fine on my android 2.3.4 - Don't really see any issues in Dolphin Browser at least, the text is no worse to read than many other mobile sites.
  6. 90% of the posts on /b/ is to hate. O_o to hate is to love das outa nowhere, go on skype broseph you go on skype, as i'm on it
  7. "If you prick me, do I not bleed? " - Shakespeare, Merchant of Venus . I included that in multiple posts of mine during my tenure of administration, and was ironically reported for censor evasion for it every time - I can honestly say i've never seen ANYONE use it as an insult to get in trouble for it, but I digress. I always felt Tip.it's censor's should of lightened up when Jagex's did ages ago - I always thought [Cabbage] and [Wagon] were offensive to our users intelligence and mocking in a way, relics from a time when rules were...harsh at best. and although it's something I was consistently told could never be done - I'm glad to see the administration drop the middle-school dirty words from the filter at last. anyways, this is a positive change, in my book.
  8. probably one of the coolest posts in runescape general in the past year. nice post.
  9. And with that, I slip out the back door. Farewell forum game users, take care of yourselves.
  10. It saddens me to see Jimmy go white though, another quality user minded admin bites the dust. *Drinks* To jimmy jim!
  11. "cats" - Goon "is it a boy or girl" - rainy day
  12. "influence is earned through respect - not granted through rank" - Das
  13. which is the way I like it ;)
  14. You can never have too much of a good thing. OH HOLY SHIT YOU'RE DAS!! YOUR NAME CHANGED, WHAT HAPPENED?? Figured i'd change my name for the lulz.
  15. And thus ends the era of Jimmy_Jim the wise. Tip.it will never be the same.
  16. he's joining me in the admin afterlife, i'm like Anubis, god of the good admins, i've come to escort him to the afterlife of fun, stressfree living, beer, porn and women
  17. most active forum on tip.it it appears.
  18. enjoying retirement and coming back to see off topic has went soft devoid of deep intellectual conversation
  19. Some Wisdom from me. It's unlikely and unfathomable to expect full disclosure from the admin team in entirety about the events. I doubt in all honesty the mod's know much more than we see here - perhaps recent events have changed communication policies - perhaps not, don't know, not my place to know, In my three years on that side of the fence, "sensitive" information was usually filtered, for simplicities sake and the like. I'm glad Tip.it is back, but I'm not much of a frequent user anymore to where my presence will likely impact the community at large I do hope Tip.it avoids any future altercations and stays safe, and I hope the community grows again, as it did when it happened in the past (2003 or 2004). It happened to a plethora of other fansites from what i've heard, so tip.it was not alone. From an IT perspective, you shouldn't trust *any* website with duplicate passwords. Tip.it's future largely depends on how the users react to this event, as regardless of how forthcoming the adminstration may be with every nugget of information, the ultimate damage has already been done long before they had a chance to issue a statement, and user trust after a hacking, is hard to gain back quickly at times. Seeing the scope and range of otherfansites affected by it, I can't say it's a good time to play runescape, let alone use a fansite. Seeing the scope and range of otherfansites affected by it, I can honestly say I guess alot of communities are having the same soul searching right now Take Care all ~Bird of Prey
  20. I think too crowded is part of the goal. Things look more active than they are. I do agree with roswellcrash and feel things are often forced to be in a sticky - inhibiting discussion and activity for the sake of order and being "by the book"
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