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  1. It's convenient for me atm as I'm trying prayer but it is annoying as I normally make my cash of dragons or fishing. The one upside for me is greatly outnumbered by the many downsides. They're just not fair on legit players and I can't wait for another bot nuke. Invest in fish and dbones and fish now!
  2. The Battle of Bandos God Wars! General Graardor (and his minions) - Coinshare 9:30 a.m GMT Wed April 18 Date: Wed April 18 Time: 7:30p.m. ACT - 9:30 a.m GMT - 5:30 a.m. EST World: The world will be specified at the time of the event Friends chat: Im BB Co-hosts: TBA Server and Location We will meet outside the Bandos boss room within the God wars dungeon. You will need 40 Bandos killcount to enter the boss room, so be sure to plan time to do this before the event is scheduled to begin. Killcount can be had on low level monsters such as goblins. See the tip.it Bandos guide for more information. Coinshare will be enabled for the whole event. General Graardor Graardor is one of the highest level monsters in the God Wars dungeon, and should not be underestimated. He will focus on one target and attack them with melee and range, so at least one of these attacks should be blocked by a protect prayer. See his bestiary entry for more information. There will be TMHT members at the event who are prepared to act as the 'tank' so it is advised to let them engage Graardor first. All other players in the room will come under attack from Graardor's Ranged attack, so it is suggested to use Protect from Range while he is alive. After Graardor has been killed, the minions should be finished off in this order; Sergeant Steelwill (while praying magic), Sergeant Grimspike (praying range), and finally Sergeant Strongstack (praying melee). Those unfamiliar with the mechanics of the God Wars dungeon may wish to read this guide: God Wars Dungeon Inventory & Equipment All set-ups should either bring a Beast of burden (such as a Pack yak/War tortoise/Spirit Terrorbird) carrying brews and restores (or food) OR use a healing familiar such as a Unicorn stallion or Elemental titan. Overloads can be downgraded to the appropriate boosting potions for your style, however, if not using overloads it is recommended to use Rocktails/Sharks and Prayer potions instead of Saradomin brews and Super restores. Melee users should use Protect from Range while the boss and minions are alive. Other high defence melee armour can be used as a replacement for Bandos. The Void set-up is for those who are confident in their healing options and/or soul split flashing. See the tip.it Bandos Stronghold guide for more information on tactics and set-ups Requirements 70+ Strength. 60 Agility OR 60 Strength. A Bandos item and a Zamorakian Item (Bandos Boots/Ancient Mace and a Zamorakian Arrow recommended). High combat skills will be beneficial. Friends Chat Ranks The Main host will be the Chat owner, or will have a Gold Star in the chat. Silver stars are CO HOSTS. Bronze Stars are other TMHT members. Please note all three of these ranks will have the ability to kick members from chats, should we need to. Players who wish to join the hunt can post on this thread, PM the host ingame, or join the chat before the event :) everyone will be added for coinshare so don't worry! If you need assistance, feel free to Private message a Host/Co-host, or ask in the chat. All leaders are happy to help you with gear choices and inventory setups, should you be unsure of what to bring. Hope to see you there! :D
  3. zezumier

    Money Money Money

    Think of it as a short turn goal and learning experience. Ull Lear good and bad ways to get cash and also have something to do in ur spare time.
  4. RWT is going to happen anyway. They may as well get money out of it. It's an if u can't beat em join em tactic.
  5. New players would not stand a chance in old skool scape....
  6. Instead of using a connon save the cash u would.have spent on cballs and fish monks that way same slayer exp+ more att Str def exp and depending on tasks more cash than sharks. That's my view anyway but Gl with it all
  7. The only thing i dislike is the dfs. It looks shit now. Oh and dboots.
  8. It's sad that we can I say back in the day...
  9. Granted. But you die sooner. I wish I was at home.
  10. Wrong. This is your essay and therefore by posting you are writing it. You are better than me.
  11. Banned for asking a question in you justification of banning.
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