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  1. It's ok you're new Sorry if I'm mistaken but that's Kryptix
  2. Haha, knew you we're a acing punk. You can't actually misclick right after u kill some1 and drink a str pot. + the white border. jesus.
  3. Did your house have the only computer in the village ? :lol: LOL ...*Takes the Bhang*
  4. Lol we've had many homelans with no sleeps. I can still remember when we were all playing wow and my mate had been up for around 55 hours, i watched him walk on wow and he was awake, but then again he was asleep. He just kept running his char untill he finally snapped and realized that his character is somewhere at the sea in wow. God that was a blast :XD:
  5. Nice, I'm 86 82 94 in rsc atm with like 50+ pray and 69 magic. If I could get p2p somehow I think I should try rsc out sooner or later :o
  6. Yes I bet you did drank a str pot right after you killed him
  7. lawl, thats ar. The script [bleep]s up when you kill somebody and it actually tries to eat - but theres no food so it drinks ur pot accidently. Trust me I know this
  8. Theres an adx1 on the same game that claims to be you also :lol: I'm aware, there's one of me on another game too. Don't act like me though :wink: Yeah the guy claims to be you and a lot of people believe him but he types like he bashes his face on the keyboard. I was like this cant be adx, adx is literate. But this guy is a total [bleep], claiming he is dustins brother aj, that he did all the pking on the dsm char that dustin just lvled the char and never pked on it. And he thinks he deserves respect for being the younger brother of a famous player, if its even true :? Yes indeed he is a [rooster] sucker.
  9. Lol TiM I remember when I had X Pure Str X and we used to train on karamja spiders t.t
  10. I doubt its that old school but I chose myself as a miner and my other account as adventurer.
  11. That day u only was combat 90? So nice flaming :thumbsup: by the time exer started doing their mass pks I was 110+... Get your facts straight. I was 93 combat when I hit 99 magic. And that happened way before exercitum got any reputation at all. Yes, you and tupac gf outleveled me in my early days in high wild. Big deal. 1) I pretty much caught up 2) I'm not the best pker there was out there, but at least I got somewhat respected. Anybody with 99 magic at that lvl in the past days would get respected ^^ Take it as a compliment
  12. I hope you never have a family with that attitude. I'm gonna get a V10 8.2 liter car now because of that comment, thanks Bubsa!
  13. Amen brother! Testify *Bart whippin' around arms -style*
  14. If I'd tell you I would be banned for another month.
  15. I have my ideas about who that could be :D tell me, this person needs help Because of the censors or the drug addiction?
  16. If xx jut xx is Six Feet Under then he did dupe, otherwise he didin't.
  17. Like Robin hood ? Oh yeah I forgot to mention dmxkobe8 Robin hood used every macro imaginable lmao, he also shared. As for Dmxkobe8, let me just put it this way: he duped so many runes that he was telegrabbing big bones at the big bone spawn point in the wilderness not to mention the fact that he was completely racist against arabs :roll: . Yeah I remember, I also remember the weakens that he used in wilderness. He pwned.
  18. Like Robin hood ? Oh yeah I forgot to mention dmxkobe8
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