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  1. Was a fun war so i heard we were getting ko'd left and right, lol and they were 1 hitting us. The RSC topic is so much better if your looking for some funny flames.
  2. Was a good fight. East Hi did the best tanking for NBK easily. personally 0d 0k and 2-3assist.
  3. =O Hello MilkN2Sugars Goodluck recruiting friendly bump from a Sir Froobie
  4. GF Lethality, Dropped to watch looked like a clean fight. Solid performance from T0. Keep it up guys/
  5. That's hypocritical coming from you. I'm not really bothered if idiots like you troll my clan, I love what my clan gives me which is fun and enjoyment of warring and being in a warm community. then learn not to talk crap about clans that you can't beat :thumbup: Not going to even waste my time arguing with you anymore, you're just a hypocrite. Don't Worry Jack what we pull :wub: Dead closed clans pull 0, The difference is clan that are dead like Anarchy, Fom, Sacred Templars. Are always remembered and when you see a Flumbullen, you [bleep] alittle. But than you look again and say "WTF wrong combat and your missing a M" than your disgusted that some wannabe made you excited for that brief moment on RS. As for Clans like DK there only time people pay attention, is to laugh at a topic like this. Anyway to get to the point a Dead clan pulls 0 Machamp. The difference between your DeeKay and Sacred Templars is, ST will always be respected and remembered your Deekay is a joke and people can't even follow wither your open or closed this week. But hey there a chance next week you may be open.
  6. GF E , Goodjob T0 we did good today.
  7. Just logged off Rs, been meaning to look up a discussion on these new items. Currently lvl 52. haven't seen my bandos in 3 days. Anyway im getting 2k xp and 200 tokens per floor, at floor's 1-10 was getting 3.5k xp pr so at higher level floors, so i don't see 45k tokens or so being to hard to obtain. 400k yes, and to get more than 1 shield, that is gonna take a lot of time. but as far as banning them in clan wars, i don't think people should. Maybe first 2 weeks. But after that there no reason why people can't go and get these items, like Donnio/ Warria07 said fighting in rune gets boring. plus I view them like the RC staff's people take time to go get these staff's and robe's to use in clan war's the same goes for these new weapon's.
  8. look at my sig jeff and say i don't pvp again? Anyway i was saying it appears that the lvls were the same, can't really say either had a distinct advantage in levels. I wasn't trolling Se, it was a good fight i just think TMC is more use to pvp than clan wars. Still you proved to beat them quite easily.
  9. Gratz Se, Lightspeed, i don't see how you were out leveled. The levels look the same if you look at jack's starting opt pic of TMC. Further more as seen in the spam, " this isn't pvp." TMC is a pvp clan. Pvp clans never do half as good as they can when in clan wars. with the exception of clans who do clan wars/ pvp regularly. which maybe is 1 or 2, Cor and TT maybe idk if Rsd does clan wars. I know corruption is big on pvp and a lot of other events. i wouldn't say you were out level'd i would say you had the advantage in this fight. Gratz on your win Se keep it up. BLNT TMC.
  10. Lol should of know TNC was out when i got cheese's alog notice he killed 9inch flop k. Gratz TNC
  11. Prove it, tell your leader to step by #downfall to set something up Not until they face us again, that is if they dare to now that they don't have collision, we'll see if they can prove themselves. Don't talk big until you fight. Talking trash before the fight prove how big your mouth is. But if you lose the next fight, you probably would just make up another excuses like your clans has been doing in the past fights. First time you fought, you lost knowing a couple COLLISION was in LGZ, you make up excuses for your lost. Second time you declared knowing the collision is still in it, When you LOST and you make up excuses for your lost AGAIN! PREDICTING third time, if you fight, you will make up another excuse for you lost as to Collision is on LGZ account or calling. ROFLMAO. Losing a fight isn't the end of the world, is about how you should reflect on how why and how did you lose the fight. Trolling and spamming topic finding blames for your lost wont make you a stronger clan. Using Collision as an excuses is just sad, if i remember correctly, LGZ full out vs HP and LGZ LOST with a few Collision in that fight. If they can beat LGZ with Collision. Why cant you do it? maybe you should stop relying on excuses and get some fights and practices your waring ability instead of your mouthing. +1 I've said this regarding all multi-clanning, claims. If someone allows multi clanning than fine dishonorable. but life isn't fair and not everyone plays honorably. Ive always said why do you dislike that? no one has ever actually given me the truthful answer, even though its clear. Having Coll members in LGz makes them a better clan in terms of warring, maybe not in your so called honor claims, but than let me restate life isn't fair neither is Rs. Although maybe some of DF members forgot there lives and now live in this purely honor illusion. But my answer has always been suck it up, stop being a keyboard warrior, go level and practice more, and come back and win. It will make your victory so much more meaningful. But Some people just like to sit and whine after a defeat. Instead of picking themselves up and moving forward, but hey that real life too. in my opinion, clan wars and pvp will always be different. Yes, both clans are official, but the venues they compete in are different in my eyes and many others. Pvp will always be more risk. But with a larger risk comes bigger rewards, in both respect and actual loot, if you looted your kills respectfully. i just don't see the point in wasting time, and whining over your defeat, you know they had these "multi-clanners" you agreed to these rules yourself, if you lost knowing you had agreed to these terms in the first place stop screaming re-do because your sore you lost. Pickup move on and get over it.
  12. uh I can't say personally because I've never done a GWD ever before You could manually calculate the drain rate of prayer. But i guess you wouldn't keep all prayers active at all times but this is how i calculate for slayer tasks: protection/deflection prayers drain 1 point every 3 seconds at +0 prayer bonus piety drains 1 point every 1.8 seconds at +0 prayer bonus soul split/turmoil drain 1 point every 2 seconds at +0 prayer bonus. the prayer drain rate is a factor (1 + prayer bonus/30) at +30 prayer bonus, your prayer drain rate is 1/2 that of a +0 prayer bonus at +15 prayer bonus, your prayer drain rate is 1/1.5 that of a +0 prayer bonus and you can figure out how many ppoints you get per dose Very Nice information. I find your answer not to be on topic, his question was with overloads and Brews. Meaning brews if you ever used a Saradomin brew it lowers your stats, negating the buff of the ovl. That being said overload and brews do not effect your prayer points. The super restore you drink after restores your prayer points. OT: I don't have a answer for you as I only have 85 herblore. All i can really say is use a brew when you really need it, meaning don't panic and sip more than needed. Sorry I couldn't give more useful information.
  13. Skinny 9 is a small boi !!!!!!!!! Don't fool me Mr. Skinny 9 you canasianess (< ---- nice word ? ikr thx ) stands out. <3: Also GF DF, looking forward to a Rm in the future. Hoping jack maybe will get a war with LGZ. Either way was a good fight. Got killinghorns kill. But a beast tank from ED best I've seen.
  14. I use tassy z ring d boots zammy spear fury karils top slayer helm but not your task so verac's. use your uni and super set un;ess u have extreme's also p pots and a enhanced excalibur helps alot. also you can use a godsword if you want and crush but i prefer the zs's stab
  15. Wynk. Tnc amazing Zybez Dj Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Caitt the hottie of TNC and Tnc mommy <3333333333333333333333333333333 smokey <3333333333333 I love your voice or well your old voice , <3333333333333333333333333 worms <333333333333333333 no worms no win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! beast tank . Where Nami is he gonna show his newbness on Tip.it? anyway welcome TNC <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 looking forward to see topic of TNC on here, and better than TNC vs CL , EXO, CR topic than what was on RSC.
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