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  1. Impressive pull Tk, looks like Tk is more orginized than Dk.
  2. Congratz on claiming #1, was it deserved? Probably not. Better luck next time Downfall.
  3. Gratz to both, looked like a very fun 2 rounds.
  4. Gratz Exodus, nice job. Better luck next time Cr.
  5. I do re-call a few months ago we did pvp fights that were mandatory and started with like 137 opts and got down to 75 opts in an hour.... I gaurntee you guys have been in pvp longer than we have sense we only opened 1 month ago. If you are talking about loyalty I don't really care tbh. I left Downfall for these certain reasons; 1. When I was council people posted ideas then the council+ responded with that they thought then the topic would just sit there without anything being down. 2. As I stated already you guys pull decent to begining pvp wars then just lose it all within the 1 hour time span. 3. I found interest in pvp clans so I left. 4. Downfall seems friendly but it's not even close to being friendly, when I left Dan started raging at me for stupid crap and so did some of the other people in Df that I thought were "Friends". Amanda, you should try to keep loyal to your friends. It will get you far in life. Idk why you coming to troll this topic, why won't you take it to pm, you guys have more experience members as the majority were in DK and many other top clans. If we were not friendly and had a bad community we wouldn't be opened atm. Most of our members haven't done pvp that much since they haven't been in top clan before downfall like you guys have. So that's why we need to practice more and start off easy instead of you guys trying desperately wasting your time trying to hunt us every time we go out and fight us, you guys don't deserve a fight. Having a bad community doesn't make a clan close... you dumb? Plus, I wouldn't take it to pm as I deleted Amanda. If you are going to say we have people from Dk then we can say you have someone from Eos, Cr, Thehitman, you are in Team Kenya which is PvP.
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