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  1. Awesome job on the website guys, looks really good. I hardly play RS nowadays but I'll continue to show support, it's crazy what's been achieved since I started nearly a decade ago.
  2. He's 99 Prayer now too. gf buyable prod. He'll burn out once he hits the slow skills. lol probably most stupid post i ever seen about jebrim... first look at his stats before posting shit... I posted that on the 13th of june, and gemeos's comment was on the 15th ( two days later, incase you can't count either) jebrim got 99 prayer the day after i made the post. i'll let you figure out the rest. sorry for digging up and old post, just thought i'd offer swisscooler a bit of 'assistance'
  3. gratz to jebrim on 99 fm, hes doing prayer next i believe
  4. My money is on jebrim or foot to max first, razzeh stands a good chance also.
  5. Blocks has quit, ran out of afk skills.
  6. Thabk you so much, everything i needed to hear
  7. Hey guys I'm looking to get a new laptop really soon and its important that the laptop is able to run runescape on atleast 30-40 fps on high detail (not max settings,I don't really care for fancy graphics), what should I look for when shopping for my laptop, in terms of memory, graphics card, processor e.t.c. Thanks :)
  8. 400K+ XP/HR SOLO?? loool if i ever come back to rs i'll spend my time dunging
  9. The suomi corperation has gone bust
  10. Nice to see this thread and the community is still alive, good job maintaining the list slaya
  11. Went to sorcerers garden and it was empty...I had to do the gangnam dance
  12. Give the guy some credit for trying atleast -.-
  13. Everyone has their own opinion on what a 'Great player' is so therefore I don't expect any sort of agreement at all lol, happy days.
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