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  1. Couldn't think of a worse community.

  2. Yeah, they REALLY need to U/G all their servers, their whole site lags for me with an 8MB connection. I think that they're losing a lot of customers and can't really afford to U/G, which is a shame.
  3. 117 is still nooby bro. Gratz nevertheless! :thumbsup:
  4. Found that somewhere, if its any interest to anyone.
  5. Or use teamviewer, which is free..
  6. Over a year of your life in this game? Wow. I thought they meant the beard... maybe i'm wrong... and since when does ~280 days = more than a year? I meant the beard and the # of days played. :P Granted I have played since classic, that number is still higher than I'd like.
  7. It takes up way to much of my time. Not even lying, it's border line addictive for me (not saying the game itself is addictive and everyone playing is addicted, it's just that I have an addictive personality). I would log on and tell myself I'll just get on and check my G.E. offers, next thing I know I've been slaying for 8 hours straight. And it wouldn't even cross my mind that I'd just spent a good portion of my day accomplishing nothing. It had gotten to the point where when my friends asked if I wanted to hang out in real life, I would sit there and think of all the things I wanted to do on RS that night, and a lot of the time I would make up bs excuses about having other things to do. Then I'd spend the whole night (pretty much 5pm-4am) on RS. That is why I had to make sure that if I were to come back, it wouldn't be fun for me. <_< So I guess while quitting, I'm sort of kicking an addiction. :thumbup: Time to get my grades on track and then get a job. This is one of the sad things about Rs, unless you play moderately and remember to pace yourself, you really can get into a rut, thats hard to get out of. Anyway! Best of luck in RL! :thumbsup:
  8. Mine is option D, they just did it for more publicity. Why have one poll which may get some interest when you can have two?-My bad if this is another option, haven't slept for 36 hours. I think Jagex decided to bring back wildy, but have a vote to keep the immature PKers happy, and so they believe they had a part in bringing it back; keeping them at bay.
  9. Woah, pretty insane pking there. :thumbsup: Can I ask why 99 herb, isn't it a bit redundant? Other than that, moar peekay vids.
  10. Apparently 0.2KG weighs less than 0.2KG. Haven't been on RS much due to exams, but I did get a new ADV log pic. :thumbup:
  11. BGS/SWH? Or would a higher DPS spec be more useful? Does korasi's work on her, seeing as you can't hit her in max mage gear? :ohnoes:
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