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  1. Really enjoyed that quest - wasn't too difficult but was really well done IMO. Only requirement I didn't have for the rewards was 90 prayer - guess I'll have to claim that one whenever I get around to spending some bank on dragon bones.
  2. Looks like they're still trying, and others have started setting up accounts that aren't made by him to scam with too. Just saw this at W2 GE: Wonder how long it will take for him to take the hint and just stop altogether?
  3. Seems accounts in that section of the GE now are saying the new one is "FIshy Dices". For some reason, I'll bet that FC will find itself with the same fate very soon. He can keep trying all he wants, but looks like Jagex has him beat here.
  4. That's sad. Idiots don't know when to stop. ^ This tbh. :/
  5. With the update to EoC (and changes made to the Combat Calculator earlier this week), the current Combat Calculator has a slight error. A friend tested with his alternate account, which has a total level of 38, and currently has 2 defence and 2 prayer on the account. Currently, the combat calculator would predict that the user's combat level would be 6. However, as prayer does NOT affect a user's combat level, a slight change needs to be made in the coding of the calculator to remove prayer from affecting a combat level in any way. As far as I'm aware, the rest of the fields listed on that calculator are correct. Link to page: http://tip.it/runescape/pages/view/combat_calc.htm?page_redir=combat_calc.htm Just figured I'd post this here so it can be highlighted to the Tip It Crew team for fixing. :) Thanks!
  6. Bloom really is awesome - the current laptop that I have supports it and dungeoneering and other activities are just so much more amazing now. While on the topic of the beta outfit there...Jagex really had a sense of humor when writing the examine text for each of the various items: Haters gonna hate. :P
  7. You're actually in luck. The email being changed is actually quite a common thing that happens these days, and Jagex has set up a system for allowing a user to have the email changed so they can recover. Quick find code: 250-251-14-64106024 //Home / RuneScape Forums / Account Help / A Hijacker Has Set Email There's a template that is posted on that thread, which can be filled out and emailed to "[email protected]", where Jagex can check out the information and remove the email address for you so that you may recover the account. Currently I'm unaware of the average response time to that email address; previously it had one of over a month but I think Jagex Customer Support has recently moved quite a bit of their behind the scenes support to it to get it all caught up, and I believe users are getting their response in around a week. Regardless, as long as you email them the filled out template and all the information is correct I'm sure they'll be able to help you get back on your account again. Hope this helps and good luck!
  8. As I think I mentioned at some point (or maybt it was in PM to a friend when the ban first happened), the name recognition is the death of them. Jagex locking these FC's is easily going to put them out of business. Yeah, that's also true. Even something such as a MAC address could potentially work, or a combination of all three. Changing all three would be quite annoying.
  9. A few make it all the way, but not many. Compared to the number of bots that show up at Explorer Jack in World 1 (making it past account creation, where some get banned within seconds of actually creating their accounts) compared to those that actually make it to the GE, it really is doing its job. Of course, while people want *all* of them banned before they can make it to the GE, the fact is that so many already are banned before making it to the GE that what we're seeing there are actually very little that make it all the way. I said the same, "LOL". Its only a matter of time before all of this repeats itself. My guess is that Jagex is watching all of his accounts now, and he won't be around for much longer (not to mention, the first ban killed his name recognition, which will eventually put him out of business). Not to mention, World 2 GE seems a lot quieter now that a few of more of the big scale gambling "clans" have been axed. With Dare's name being changed (and later sniped, then banned completely by Jagex), to these two bans, the GE is now filled with a few smaller gambling clans trying to make it big. Guess we'll have to see if those are sent out of business in the next few months as well.
  10. And adding onto that, Jagex has announced via the Account Help forum that their email system is having a few problems currently, which might explain your problem. You can view their thread here Also be sure that you are entering the original log in name when trying to recover the account. Best of luck with your recovery!
  11. Somewhat "high" floor time is only because the group I usually go with kills everything except for things in dead ends. Floor takes a little longer but it makes DG just a little more enjoyable.
  12. I'm looking forward to it tbh, we'll have to see how it goes.
  13. Was getting somewhere in between 5 and 10 before, now in Runespan I'm getting 15-20. I'm sure it will be higher once I leave Runespan though as my fps were generally low while there before. (Edit to add - If I turn textures off I instantly get 27-30, but I like keeping them on since it makes the game look better and I can still play just fine with lower FPS (as long as its not slideshow like) so I don't mind)
  14. Never thought I'd ever see the day I'd achieve this level: Makes 6 easy RC levels in 3 days, and most likely more to come at some point.
  15. Applejuiceaj

    The Pmers

    *ticks 48 hour mute box and gets spammed by many many more* :(
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