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  1. I'm making this post because I'm curious as to what everyone's opinion on what the future of the OSRS economy may come to, particularly regarding end-game level gear. I've noticed a substantial drop in many items that, although I knew would fall, didn't expect to fall this quickly. Items such as black masks and whips seem to be approaching original 2007 prices rather quickly, and it leaves me wondering if they'll settle there, or continue to lose value after that. I tend to lean towards to the latter for a couple of reasons. First off, with the (current) fact that there will be little to no new content added in the future, I believe there is a possibility for items to fall to a lower value than they floated at for years back in 2007. I personally recall starting Runescape after slayer was already out, and when I was finally able to afford a whip after a year, they were still 3.5-4M, and I was still able to get that much out of each whip several years later when I reached 85 myself. I also remember black masks floating around 600k for quite a long time until slayer helms were introduced. I believe that despite the idea of a fresh start, the community is much more informed on how to play efficiently, and is well adapted on the importance of rushing slayer, camping clue scrolls, ect. for profit than they may have been 5-6 years ago. With whips around the 5M mark already, and black masks creeping close to 600k mark soon, does anyone else have any predictions for what may happen? I know I've only listed whips and black masks as examples so far, but the discussion is really open to any top tier gear in the game. It seems to me barrows sets have risen to near what I remember them in 2007, and items such as ranger boots, robins, furies, and zerker rings, have settled near what I expect to be a steady price for a while. I haven't seen much activity in rarities such as dragon chains and dragonfire shields simply due to the lack of supply, but I expect them to follow the same path as robins, ect., and settle for what they were in 2007. TL;DR: Do you believe original 2007 prices on high end items will eventually follow, or are prices likely to be drastically different due to the more informed community and lack of future content updates?
  2. I can't remember if there's an efficient range level to start using it at, or if any level is alright. I'm only level 47 range and intend on primarily leveling range through cannoning slayer tasks. Wanted to make sure I wouldn't be "wasting" cannonballs with such a low range level. Also, iirc, aren't your cannon's hits dependant on your attack bonus (even if it's a high melee attack bonus)?
  3. Going from 140-175 QP in a day sucks. Time to start slayer in my welfare gear though. Immediate goals are rune defender and 58 slayer for a black mask.
  4. Charter ships @ Khazard docks, deposit box there for when you want to stash anything you buy off the trader crewmembers. Didn't think of that. I've been world hopping at Catherby which I'm sure is a longer walk to the bank. There's 15 pineapples in stock there (assuming it's the same for all charters?), making super compost easy to make if that's what you're after. Realized buying buckets of sand/soda ash/seaweed = 210 crafting xp ea down the road (if you bother with bstaves), which could be decent. Even if you don't bother making staves, the unpowered orbs alone are 72.5 xp ea including making the molten glass, which isn't too bad. I've also been buying ectoplasm buckets from the charter to make prayer faster (I'm cheap and cba to find a gilded altar).
  5. My dailies atm consist primarily of collecting soda ash, buckets of sand, pineapples for supercompost, and soon to be battlestaves. Are there any other resourceful dailies that can be done?
  6. Yay, got dat sexy cape again. Only desert treasure and a few others quests to gain 175 QP before barrows gloves now.
  7. Did quite a few quests I've been dreading today (Myreque storyline for example), and this. To my surprise, this quest took me under an hour, and I only failed 2 leaps in the maze. Definitely not as brutal as I remember it being years ago.
  8. Voted no on the herbs, yes on everything else. Anyone with half a brain knows it's impossible to be scammed when buying unids. Also, lol @ these "hardcore players" who "voted no on everything", despite the fact that some of what they voted no on actually existed in 2007.
  9. Gonna be busy for about a month or so. Wanted 20 glories but not willing to pay 90k ea atm, 10 allows me to craft ~1600 natures before recharging, or about once/hour, so it's not horrible. Hoping market price is at 315-320 ea when I'm finished. Will put me right at 75 rc as well for that giant pouch :wink:. Will probably stop and sell the first 15k to buy the 3k energy pots I need, then go for a 100k+ stack of nats from there.
  10. P ess till you can make multiple minds per ess.
  11. I'm going to say 12-15M for the first week (like 1-2 guys bringing them into the game). I'd say they settle around 5-6M after a month. I'm "rushing" 85 slayer atm, and know I won't be near the first abby killers, but intend to make several mil per whip for a good while.
  12. Yeah. Sold rune 50k ea, addy 7k ea, mith 1k ea, nats 195 ea. Decent cash but I won't be returning, kind of a one time deal.
  13. And thats good because? This is the loot from a few hours there, excluding many high lvl herb seeds, and several good herbs and gems. Probably worth 350k or so atm. The rune axes were worth ~150k ea until word spread fast of the method. Still, the natures alone make up for the cost of runes you spend for fire strikes, leaving axes + whatever else for profit.
  14. 8 days in: 72 QP (dragon slayer, monkey madness, ect.) All agil lvls from quest xp rewards 8-)
  15. Did 2 floors last night... ...to recharge my farseer shield for ganos. Not feeling DG atm, inb4 comp cape takes years. Going to be slow playing anyway with school starting again soon, ect. Grats on comp cape fker.
  16. Noticed that too. Had to stare at it for a minute to realize what the hell it even was. Technically this account is over 6 years old (created Jan '06), but the first picture from 2 years ago is when I started playing RS again after a 3 year hiatus, so I'd say 3 years to max is accurate. Here are my remaining comp requirements though (hoping to finish before the end of this year): 113/120 Dungeoneering All miniquests completed All tasks completed All Fremennik Sagas completed Every song unlocked All magic spells unlocked All Varrock museum Kudos earned Returned Clarence to rest All 5 Goblin High Priests laid to rest in Yu'biusk Hunt the Thalassus a futher 10 times after the Deadliest Catch quest Completed the Fight Kiln minigame Kill the Queen Black Dragon and obtained the first Dragonkin Journal
  17. Finally, Finished it just in time for my goal I made a year ago as well. Comp cape within the next several months :) Glad to have it out of the way. I'm still leaning towards DG next so I'll probably start towards that this week and see how it goes =)
  18. Finally, Finished it just in time for my goal I made a year ago as well. Comp cape within the next several months :)
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