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  1. I haven't posted in several hundred pages I think and I barely play anymore but been reading every post since before page 100, before I even made this account and its amazing to finally see 200m all so close :) can't wait
  2. I succeeded sea witch mission second day in Scythe and now I'm 20% into bowl have only seen 1 sea witch, passed judge of dice mission 3 days ago and seen 3 of them lol. If anyone is going for trade goods get as many as you can while in scythe, because in bowl trade good missions take twice as long but only give 50% more trade goods (3 instead of 2), as well as having much higher requirements, I don't understand why they don't give 4 that would make a lot more sense.
  3. Soul wars Edit didn't see it was already answered oh well
  4. Maybe spirit shields will have a use again, that can't be a bad thing. I wouldn't mourn the death of chaotics yet, these new weapons are almost definitely gonna be very expensive to buy and probably to use too assuming the new drops from kalphites used to recharge them are tradable, if they're untradable and take a long time to collect these weapons might not even be worth using for things like slayer. If the items used to recharge are tradable + the other drops from kalphites are improved a lot, kalphites might be the new grotworms (heavily botted) :(
  5. "Haxunit Net" gained 200m Construction xp today. Also, http://www.reddit.co...tion_dd_update/ Haxunit also joined tracking today if you look at his profile, which suggests tht 198m is his entire xp being added opposed to true gains for the day; don't get me wrong it may be a bug; but the way runetracker profiles work make high records far too common to be indicative of a bug on their own. If there was no bug the person I mentioned in my last post would have had his full 120m+ construction xp added on runetracker today, not just 99m, he would also have had his xp from other skills added on not just 1.2k magic, definitely a bug
  6. The #2 on runetracker gained 99m construction today, not very smart considering its a main account with 2.2k+ total lol, he should have at least not updated his runetracker if he was hoping to get away with it
  7. I assumed it lasted a week or some other fixed amount of time but not sure, if it is permenant atm it's probably a glitch, maybe somebody who has used one of the items close to release day can confirm if it's still active
  8. ^Same happened to me didn't realise I had a random waiting until over a week after release. I had an assassin random earlier that was impossible to complete, tried every wandering stranger many times and none of them were the target, and no I definitely didn't miss one, I searched very thoroughly, could have done with some spectacles for my second ship but oh well. 6% to 5th area atm, would be further but missed about 3 days :/ picked up a very nice captain yesterday for 10k chimes too.
  9. Is it unusual that I've done every voyage since release day and still haven't had a random event? Is it obvious when you get one or do you have to check somewhere? Here is my specials today if anyone is interested, ancient bones + scroll mission both have the same requirements, I will probably just go for the story progress for now.
  10. Ok no problem, if you still can't view the screenshot let me know and I'll upload it on a different site.
  11. I have tried lots of things to get DGSweeper to capture my party details but none have worked, so I decided to post here in case there is any solution, DGSweeper is a great tool but I wish I could see who is who on the map without having to hover over their names on the ingame map. I have tried deleting and redownloading DGS, changing all the settings on DGS on the taskbar, lots of combinations of ingame graphics settings, different web browsers, changing my PC graphic settings, using a different rs account, and lots of different screen resolutions, so my last option was to post here. It worked on my old windows vista PC which I got rid of ~6 months ago An undistorted screenshot, PNG format, of your entire RuneScape applet with your dungeoneering map open and your DGSweeper visible. Your DGSweeper version. Your RuneScape graphics settings. Max settings apart from low lighting detail and no bloom or AA, I have tried on minimum and it still doesn't work however Your client - Browser, Jagex client, SwiftKit, etc. Runescape client, have also tried various web browsers Your operating system. Windows 7 64 bit Thanks in advance if you can help (I know there are other topics on this but none of them gave a solution so I thought I'd make my own instead of posting in an old topic)
  12. Which herbs are best to farm now, snaps and torstols crashed a lot but not sure if the seeds also crashed enough for them to still be good profit, or if there's a new best herb to farm. I have master greenfingers and juju pots.
  13. Surely with old combat it would have been easy to either see if it's possible to hit below 41 or use keenblade spec which always hits 50 and see if it hit 90? Not so sure how you could prove it now though. I always thought it added 40 to every hit, hopefully they will get around to increasing this amount for eoc, but yeah as of right now it's pretty useless except as a tele to kuradal.
  14. I'm guessing it goes to a paypal account which isn't a bank account, then they would gradually move small amounts at a time to their actual bank account, so it won't look suspicious I don't think they would be allowed to give out personal details unless an actual crime has been commited (even then idk), breaking rs rules =/= breaking the law
  15. Grinding 200ms is fun? Fun is subjective, thats why their are skillers, pkers, pvmers, dicers, people enjoy different things, and the top players wouldn't have got to where they are if they didn't find grinding out 200m's fun, unless you think they all want to quit but are just hopelessly addicted lol. But I don't think many people would find working full time then blowing the majority of it on spins to buy their way through the ranks 'fun', if they do that's their choice but I think even if a top player knows it would be faster/more efficient to work and buy spins, they wouldn't either because it would get them flamed by everyone or just because they consider it a 'cheap' (metaphorically speaking) way to gain xp, with no actual skilling involved, and encourages Jagex's greedy schemes to continue.
  16. They are better melee stats than barrows but don't have range or mage bonus like barrows do, I think they're similar maybe even better as a crush weapon than maul plus their special effect lowers defence (it activates randomly, doesn't use spec bar). They degrade quite fast though, they only last a few hours. I haven't tried the beta but I heard they don't have their spec, maybe it will be added later though Yeah it's fast to get more but they degrade so fast and they don't stack in the bank so a lot of times they're not worth using
  17. BBK

    Speeding up kilns

    I hate you for motivating me to stop being lazy and finally make super prayers, grinding 1k bones is taking forever. Unfortunately I have no tokens atm and not gonna dg til they fix the zoom bug otherwise I would get spirit cape. (and rigour/aug) I think I got all I needed to know now, my kilns should be a little faster, thanks for all the tips.
  18. BBK

    Speeding up kilns

    Thanks everyone, here's my improved setup Will upgrade mage book to arcane eventually Feel free to point out if anything else can be improved, I could get away with bringing 1 ovl flask and an extra gear switch I guess. On another note, since the update every time I finish and claim reward, my camera zooms in on leaving and there's no way to get it back to normal without reloading the game client, has this happened to anyone else? Summoning, If I didn't have titan I'd probably bring uni, would slow it down a lot but other combat familiars aren't very good.
  19. I just started doing kilns for cash, only done 14 so far but I'm used to the technique and memorised the waves/where to stand/when to use crystals etc. I'm just asking here if anything about my gear or setup can be improved to make it slightly faster, atm it takes me around 45-50 mins current setup Don't say nex gear or divine -Should I be bringing a tokkul ring for some waves, to be honest I don't remember what its exact effect is but I only have about 200k tokkul banked so not sure if it's worth the recharge costs for the time saved -I wear ragefire boots, but thinking maybe glaiven would be better? To speed up killing mages, Or should I bring a boot switch? -Should I bring swift glove switch instead of ava's? It would speed up dps but increase cost of supplies, not sure if worth it -Some people say karils is better than CCB? How much better is the dps if this is true, I have trouble believing it -Whats a good time to aim for on average Just looking for anything that can save me some time/increase gp p/h, hopefully there's some experienced kilners in H&A
  20. Yeah I blame a mix of langer stopping posting, suomi being undeniably first to 5b, all the top players who used to post disappearing and 200m's becoming easier/less impressive than they used to
  21. Since this update every time I finish fight kiln my camera is zoomed all the way in when i leave, but on graphics settings it says its still zoomed out, no way to fix this except closing and reloading the client, is this just me or is anything similar happening to anyone else? I like the idea of being able to zoom but the way they implemented it isn't so good, having to go to graphics options to use it is annoying and I'd like to be able to zoom out more than zoom in, they showed it's possible when they released QBD, dissapointing execution of something that could have been a really useful update imo.
  22. caves are so easy these days, only drank brew for overload damage before jad
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