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  1. I think the only new building upgrades will be the upstairs of the buildings which have empty/inaccessible upstairs rooms
  2. Leaked image http://puu.sh/449ue.jpg
  3. I hadn't heard about a construction nerf but it could be rs3 making interfaces take 1 or 2 ticks longer to open. Since cycle times are so low in con an increase of 1 tick could cause a sizable decrease to xp rate.
  4. The new interface system and the new combat system are the biggest changes. To get a basic understanding of them press F7 and look through all of the information there. Visit the combat academy north of lumbridge castle for a tutorial on the new system. We now have a place called the grand exchange which is in northwest Varrock, people can place offers to buy and sell items, it is very convenient. It is similar to the auction house in world of warcraft if you have ever used that. You can see the price of any item here http://services.rune...rs/frontpage.ws a veracs set is worth 1.5mil which would not get you far in any money-losing skills except firemaking. The new skills we have are slayer, hunter, summoning and dungeoneering, and soon a new skill called divination. All of those except dungeoneering are members skills but as a non member you can train them to level 20.
  5. Killing the queen black dragon is now an option for black dragon tasks. Smokey9112 logged the drops from 1001 qbd kills
  6. Rudder is unimportant if you have a job or have to go to school for most of the day. Since people are posting here what they sell items at; I accidentally made death lotus chaps and they sold for 3.4m after about an hour.
  7. Speaking of which, what happened to dapledo? I don't know what he changed his name to or if he unsubscribed at the point where ftp were taken off the hiscores
  8. That sounds very fun to calculate if the hotness and coldness get's a value given to it
  9. I agree with what Suomi said about zezima, I think it explains why he is famous "He was the best when this game was the best"
  10. Hire & fire in search of crew with the good traits. Oh I just wait til the right man for me comes along and then I make him my own.
  11. Jake only gained 5 centimeters of fishing in the last week, he's going at quite a relaxed pace.
  12. Considering that I'm probably never going to be able to afford a true T90 weapon, having a weaker item that's still high-tier (to a point) and comes from skills rather than bossing sounds very appealing. Well if they don't come with the ports update you can rest assured that ahrims is just as good for non bossing reasons unless you're attacking something weak to melee.
  13. I had no idea how much I wanted this until I read this post. People rarely need to tank in Eoc. T80 wand damage is the same as T1 wand damage and T90 accuracy is not much better than T80 unless bossing. I think Q was being sarcastic. Your post reminds me of people being happy with their iPhone 4 until the iPhone 5 is out.
  14. There is literally no place in the game where nex "power" armor isn't sufficient in defense to matter in comparison to ports "tank" armor. Battosai is right. Unless they make it so amazing in a new way like passive damage reduction it's not going to be useful and that would require an overhaul of all tank gear, which is far less likely than getting an option to make ports power armor in the next update so I'm hoping for that. Cannoning black demons lol
  15. Did anyone do the oxhead x3 with matching flavours challenge yet?
  16. You were saying that drygores replace these. I believe the loss in accuracy from virtus to ahrims is lower than the loss in accuracy from virtus to drygore in a situation when accuracy bonus is important. And if you think that drygores would still be better dps then you phrased your point badly because you were comparing prices.Masters wand is not really inaccurate for slayer.
  17. Who uses T80 wand and book when you can use ahrims or a master wand- masters wand gives crit bonus.
  18. Haha I tried to but it didn't work :( would have been cool if my port was haunted by a ghost ship.
  19. This is odd. When I sent out a voyage it got replaced by an empty voyage http://puu.sh/3QZe3.jpg
  20. That's a good idea. Jagex make a niche use for different chaotics.
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